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The Charlotte Jewish news. (Charlotte, N.C.) 19??-current, August 01, 1979, Image 6

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ICC CHILDREN’S MONDAY 3K)0-4KK) COURSE CLAY PLAY GRADE K- 2nd INSTRUCTOR Cathy Siderman 4.-00-5.-00 BEGINNING ART - CHILD’S PLAY K- 1st Cathy Siderman TUESDAY 10:00-11.00 am M& M’s 3 & 4 yr olds Pam White 3.00-400 UTTLE CHEF COOKING K-2nd Peggy Gartner 3.00-4:00 MAGIC MOVEMENTS 10 Sessions 4 & 5 yr olds New Reflections Staff 330-4:30 ICE SKATING - BEGINNER 4, 5 & 6 yr olds Ice Capades Staff 400-5.00 MAGIC MOVEMENTS 10 Sessions 6, 7 & 8 jrr olds New Reflections Staff 4:00-5:00 ICE SKATING - BEGINNER 7 - 12 yr olds Ice Capades Staff 400-500 ICE SKATING - BASIC II K & up Ice Capades Staff 4:00-5:00 TENNIS - BEGINNER 8 Sessions 3rd - 5th Cathy Gleaves 4:00-5:00 BEGINNING DRAWING & SKETCHING 3rd - 5th Judy Klein 400-500 ART ONE 2nd - 4th Cathy Siderman 4:00-5:00 PUPPETRY 3rd - 5th Bobby Lyle 5:00-600 WEAVING WONDERS 3rd - 5th Cathy Siderman 5.00-600 TENNIS - BEGINNER 8 Sessions 6th & up Cathy Gleaves WEDNESDAY 2:30-3:30 RAINBOW CRAFTS FOR TYKES 4 yrs only Cathy Siderman 4.00-5.00 PHOTOGRAPHY 3rd - 5th Fred Fiss 4.00-500 BATIKING 6th - 8th Judy Klein 4:00-5.00 CLAY SCULPTURE 3rd - 5th Cathy Siderman 500-6.00 PHOTOGRAPHY 6th - 8th Fred Fiss 500-600 BATIKING 3rd - 5th Judy Klein 500-600 CLAY EXPLORATION 6th - 8th Cathy Siderman 6:30-8:30 Sept 12-Oct 17 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT I 6 Sessions 12 jrrs & up Hazel Gurdus 630-8:30 Oct 24-Dec 5 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT I 6 Sessions 12 yrs & up Hazel Gurdus 700-9.00 JUNIOR ASSEMBLY 3rd Wed. Elach Month 6th - 7th Ann Colvin THURSDAY 3.00-4.00 PUPPETRY K-2nd Bobby Lyle FRIDAY 4.00-500 BASIC MODERN DANCE 10 Sessions 6 - 12 3rrs old New Reflections Staff 400-5.00 TENNIS - INTERMEDIATE 8 Sessions 3rd - 5th Cathy Greaves 500^.00* TENNIS - INTERMEDIATE 8 Sessions 6th & up Cathy Greaves COURSE DESCRIPTION Beginning exploration in clay —> ideal for the development of motor skills & S-^limensional perceptions. MSF* $12M/$18NM Assortment of *crafts projects teaches color, shape, dimension & increased motor skills; stimulates ideas & initiates projects at home, "'candles, clay, weaving paper, drawing & painting. MS^ $12M/$18NM Creative expression through movement & music. $12M/$18NM Bake cookies, kugels, desserts & special holiday treats for entire family. MSF* $12M/$18NM No previous training. Child will identify as a moving, feeling, thinl^g, & sharing individual, developing non-verbal com munication through spontaneous creation of movement forms. $25M/$35NM “Off the ice” exercises, balancing, learning to fall & get up, forward & backward skating & basic stops. FVee skate before & after class until 5;00 pm. $^M/$45NM, Includes skates. See Magic Movements description above. $25M/$35NM See Ice Skating - Beginner description above. $30M/$45NM, In cludes skates. Preliminary tricks, arabesque, lunge, gliding, leaning, & spins. L^am forward and backward crossovers. Children may free skate before & after class until 5.-00 pm. $30M/$45NM, Includes skates. ^sic instruction — scoring, play procedures, learning a few drills, little play, strict fundamentals. $8M/$12NM Beginning instruction on basic drawing & sketching using various media; charcoal, water colors, india ink and more. MSF* $12M/$18NM Craft projects that can easily be done at home — candles, clay, weaving paper, etc., presented and encouraged to be developed at home. $12M/$18NM Sculpt and design puppets; also lighting, scenery, stagre craft. Create and produce puppet play. MSF* $12M/$18NM Everyone will make a frame loom and do at least one weaving on it. Stitchery wall hangings, twig loom weaving and possibly rug making. MSF* $12M/$18NM Basic instruction — scoririg, play procedure, learning a few drills, little play, strict fundamentals. $8M/$12NM Will deal with color explorations in nature, home environments and as a visual stimulus, color games. MSF^ $12M/$18NM Basics of Photography and make a camera that really works out of a box. Results — professional looking pictures! MSF* $12M/$18NM Process of Batiking taught; finished products such as wall hangings, pictures, etc. MSF* $12M/$18NM Emphasis placed on encouraging each child to use creative energy and expression through clay. Guidance will be in aesthetics & the technical properties of clay. MSF* $12M/$18NM See class description of Photography above. $12M/$18NM See the class description of Batiking above. $12M/$18NM Chared wholly to each child as a growing artist. Personal expres sion stressed. Technical skills strengthened; sculptural, en vironmental and fimctional work will be completed. MSF* $12M/$18NM Designed for personal self-improvement. Includes make-up application, wardrobe & poise review. $12M/$18NM See class description for Personal Development 1 above. $12M/$18NM JCC Members only. This organization will provide dance in struction, social etiquette & supervised entertainment for 6th & 7th graders. $45 Members Only Create a monster, witch or other character—make puppets out of leftovers — socks, spools, foam heads & perform with them. MSF* $12M/$18NM One year of previous training necessary. Focus on continuation of development of movement vocabulary. Elmphasis on coordina- tion, spatial orientation & movonent qualities, with individual & group improvisadonal explorations. $25M/$35NM Singles — Doubles play — Drills for skills — Fitnew — Rules — Percentage playing. $8M/$12NM See class description for Intermediate Tennis above. *5KX) on Sept. 14, 28; Oct 19, 26; Nov. 2. 4.-00 as of Nov. 9, 16, 30.

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