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The Charlotte Jewish news. (Charlotte, N.C.) 19??-current, September 01, 1979, Image 2

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Page 2—THE NEWS—September 1979 THE CHARLOTTE JEWISH NEWS Published monthly by: Charlotte Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center Marvin Bienstock, Director Charlotte Hebrew Academy Rabbi Sanford Tucker, Director Editor: Ann Langman Co-editor: Rita Mond International News: Marta Garelik Staff: Martha Brenner Muriel Levitt Saul Brenner Fran Burg Photographer: Sam Wallace Copy deadline the 8th of each month P.O. Box #220188 Charlotte, N.C. 28222 Editorial 5740 - Time for Renewal As the New Year approaches we are filled with gratitude for what the past year has brought for Israel and world-wide Jewry: a long awaited and long prayed for peace. At home, in Charlotte, we too have taken steps towards a hiore unified and harmonious communi- ty. On Flosh Hashonah we are traditionally called upon to engage in a time of self-examination; to determine for ourselves what our com mitments will be and what goals call for our renewed energies. Israel of course must be one of these goals, but also we must commit ourselves to giving more of our time and energy to our community here. ITie time is now; Jewish tradition is reaching out and helping one another. Our community is growing and along with growth come new needs. The state of Israel has paid a high price for peace, which can be reckoned with both financially and in terms of the margin of securi ty she has lost. As we embark upon this season of renewal and rededication, let us remember to view the new peace only as a begin ning. Let us remember that permanent peace can be achieved only through our continued awareness of the obstacles, through our moral and financial support and through our vigilence. The survival of the Jewish people throughout the generations has been dependent on our link with Jewish tradition; a tradition that has produced unity out of dispersion. May the sounds of the shofar awaken our hearts and our minds to the task of preserving and strengthening Jewish life and identity for ourselves, our families, Israel and our community. Our enhancement and deepening of the quality of life everywhere, and especially at home, links us inex tricably to Jews all over the world and to the preservation of peace and security. Free will is granted to everyone and man is the master of his destiny and molder of his life. He may favor the course of good and receive merits for it, or on the other hand follow the course of evil. Every man has the power of becoming as righteous as Moses or as wicked as Jeroboam. You who are asleep, wake up. You who are entranced, arise. Search your doings and repent. - Maimonides Dry Bones AM€R(0^ 0\N(.RIG(^ MouAAenr. WEStDddT M0V£M £VMCH? Community Leaders Wish You, Poaaibilities Tradition has it that Rosh' Hashonah marks the birthdate of the world. What a dramatic way of mak ing us aware that every year —* indeed, every day — we open our eyes to new possibilities. With us, holiness, spirituality are not pious phrases to be dusted off for special occasions. Holiness is concrete; spirituality is specific, as applied to our personal and' communal lives., Item: We do God’s work in strengthening Jewish life in our own community, enhancing educational opportunities for ourselves and our children, emphasizing the centrality of worship, pointing always to the covenant with God in which we are bound. In this connection, the “cam pus” concept of our institutions now being discussed represents an exciting panorama of possibilities. Item: The State of Israel must have our full measure of sup port, both financial and political. Our neighbors should be made to understand better that, for us, Israel is not merely another country, or only the Land of the Bible, or the Promis ed I^nd. It represents the living answer to the Holocaust. It is an imperfect human society in which, we pray, there may be ul- timately carried out the prophetic ideals of our faith. Item: We are loyal and con cerned citizens of this, our belov ed United States. It is our Jewish responsibility to labor unceasingly to increase justice, equity, understanding among the varying ethnic and religious groups of Americans, and to help bring to our foreign policy informed, moral concern. From the families of Beth El and from my family go our heartfelt greetings and wishes for a sweet and fulfilling New Year to you and your dear ones. Shalom, Rabbi Harold I. Krantzler Temple Beth Shalom Enthusiasm Shalom! As the newest of Charlotte’s rabbis, I am both excited and thrilled to be here. I find your community- vibrant and progressive. As I look to the future, I am enthused about your “Jewish campus” project and will follow its growth carefully. The New Year gives us an op portunity to reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. I hope that each of you uses this most sacred time of year for the personal retrospect it deserves. I look forward to joining in your community and making myself available for your per sonal and religious needs. Jessica and I join in wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life. L’Shana Tova, Rabbi Douglas Weber Temple ^th Shalom Sharif^ The Adventure Mine is a very transient profession. We who direct JCCa and Federations tend to stay about 3 to 4 years in one place and then move on, which has been my pattern. This is not a farewell speech. Gail and I have just bought a house off Rama Rd. and this ar ticle is my way of explaining why we are sinking our roots here. I heard a comment four years ago: “Charlotte has a very seductive lifestyle.” It’s true, and I feel it most when I travel to large metropolitan areas I used to love so dearly. Within hours I miss the friendliness of Charlotte, the willingness to be helpful, the sense of being cared about as a person. I’ve joined that group who like to visit “there” but love to live “here.” Charlotte is a city with all the ’ good qualities of a small town. I feel that most of all within our Jewish community. We may talk to each other about things we disagree on — but we talk to each other. When I go off to professional conferences and tell others how Rabbi Rocklin, Rabbi Krantzler,\Rabbi Tucker, and I like working together and like each other I am bouhted by my colleagues as lucky. When I tell them that the, presidents of the major institutions meet monthly to share problems and concerns and that it takes less than two hours for all the organizations to clear dates for a year, they look incredulous. When I tell them about the “community concept’’, they are beside themselves with envy. Of course it isn’t all roses. There are days I can’t wait to see end and mornings that come much too soon after another midnight meeting. But those moments fade with the joyful comments of pleased parents of day campers and the statistics which show JCC membership up by 100 families in the last two years. We are building something very special here — a model of the Jewish community for the future. Our building materials are our organizations, in stitutions and our people. Our tools are thoughtfulness, care for,others, concern, willingness to give and to do. Our mutually desired product is a community in which each organization can stand with pride and security. I am honored and proud to be able to share this continuing adventure with you. 5740 ;— a year of promise and hope for all of us who count Charlotte as our home. Shalom, Marvin Bienstock Executive Director, Federation and JCC Retrospect and Conviction I’m sitting in my office in amazement. The number ten flashes before my eyes. I have been a part of Charlotte for ten years. I remember those begin nings. Avi, Tamar and Shira were respectively four, three, and two years old. My life has greatly changed. Thankfully to God, Diane is a part of my life. I remember standing on the pulpit ten years ago, conducting Rosh Hashona service. I was secretly praying it would be a good beginning.' I was hoping the congrregation would respond favorably to me. I wanted to join this family. ' t r look back in retrospect.- . There have been many sad moments — friends who are no longer here. I’ve been a part of your life in the sorrowful and the joyous, the Bar Mitzvahs, the weddings, the Brisses, the baby namings, face conver sations, the controversies, the agreements. All in all. I’m saftisfied and content. We are a family./; It’s a good season of the year. ;We alU'have’* much to be thankful. Our lives are indeed blessed:' . ' I’m thankful'to God that I work in a community where Rabbi Krantzler and Rabbi Tucker are my colleagues. I’m blessed ^th Cantor Frank Birn- baum and Marvin Bienstock. ITiis will be a good year. Soon we’ll hear the Shofar. Soon we’ll hear the call of God. Soon we’ll join together to find Him. May God bless yoti’ as we usher in 5740, with a year of renewed dedication to each other, a con viction "that being a Jew is a great privilege and responsibili ty, and that our individual hap pinesses are contingent on how well we relate to each other. Majr God inscribe you in the Book of life; Rabbi Richard K. Rocklin • Temple Israel ; New Life... Rosh Hashona is called in our . tradition the birthday of the world. On Rosh Hashona we pray that each of us be given new opportunities. It is as though a new life and world of possibilities opens for each of us 'tat this'time^pf tha»^eaT.^ * Over the course of the 12 months of a year we do many things. Some of them represent our best efforts and some of them we would with the oppor tunity to change. Rosh Hashona beckons us to give birth to new personal opportunities and possibilities. It is at the begin ning of the high holy days that our fraility as human beings is coupled with our never ex hausted potential for growth and change. Each of us is capable of new beginnings and rebirth in our lives. We at the Academy wish to all members of the Charlotte Jewish community never end ing possibilities for growth and rebirth. May this be so in all your personal contacts with friends gmd family. And with yourself. Shana Tova, Rabbi Sanford Tucker & the Hebrew Academy The Jewish Calendar ij CANDLE LIGHTING . TIMES Sept., 1979 7th 6:26 EST Nth 6:16 EST 2Ist Rosh Hashona Eve 6:06 EST 28th 5:57 £:ST Holidays Sept. 21st - Rosh Hashona Eve 22nd - Rosh Hashona - First Day 23rd - Rosh Hashona - Second Day 30th - Yom Kippur Eve - Kol Nidre Oct. 1st - Yom Kippur 5th • Eve of Feast of Tabernacles 5:47 6th - First Day of Succoth 5:46

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