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The Charlotte Jewish news. (Charlotte, N.C.) 19??-current, May 01, 1983, Image 3

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Foctts On Israel Page fTHE NEWS-May. 1983 Pentagon — Up in Arms By Kenny Gross From recent statements made and letters leaked (from senior Marine officers in Lebanon) it would seem that some of the occupants of the Pentagon are more than somewhat upset at Israel’s army and leadership. This reaction, of course, pleases the Secretary of Defense, who takes a particular delight in besmirching Israel and who waits impatiently for an opportunity to put those pushy leaders into their rightful place at the back of the line. Remember how much trouble they stir red up with the Saudi AWAC’s deal and who knows what will happen when the Jordan arms pro mises are brought up for Congress confirmation. Likewise the media, especially the T.V. net works, lose no opportunity of striking back at the feisty Menachem Begin, who sur vives and thrives, despite their best undermining ef forts. In his testimony recently given to a Senate Committee, Thomas A. Dine, Executive Director of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), included the following: “A realistic American policy is one that works with Israel, not against her. The administration must stop conducting Guerilla Warfare against Israel on the front pages of our daily newspapers. The United States must strive to restore the mutuality of the relation ship and correct the harm that has been done by past pressures, not sink deeper into the quagmire.” I am sorry Mr. Dine omit ted reference to prime time T.V. news network broad casts. I am constantly struck by the unusual failure of the interviewers to quote Israeli sources in regard to the pat tern of repeated confronta tion with Marines in Lebanon. Why only one side —the complaining generals? Perhaps the truth of the lack of liaison, in a cheek by jowl physical situa tion, would demolish these complaints; especially as this deliberate non communication with the Israel forces, on the part of the Marines, would be shown up in an absurd light from a daily practical point of view. The strategy of the Ad ministration is to pressurize Jews in the United States (by this continuous trade) in order for them, in their turn, to pressure Israel to agree with the Reagan Peace Plan, pull out of Lebanon and stop building on the “West Bank,” for this would suit the State Department’s book right now, and not because it would be best for Israel. Why can’t the stubborn Israelis understand that the Administration knows what’s good for them? The old argument of substituting United States guarantees as against Israel occupation and control! This will never be acceptable to any government in Israel, in the light of past experience (1956 and 1%7) and because of the realities of the situa tion in the Middle East- 5000 miles away from Washington D.C.—the first war Israel loses would be its last. The Administration’s bit terness was highlighted by the “Captain Johnson” inci dent, when a Marine officer who was of the opinion that 3 Israeli tanks were heading towards Marine territory, decided to show those Israelis who were in com mand and to stop their pro gress by brandishing a pistol. This was right up the Pentagon’s alley. A deluge of headline articles appeared. I summarize a few: CORBB CHbKS Reach out and touch the wonderful rich treasures of Judaism. Hear recorded messages of Jewish history, law, customs and upcoming Jewish holidays. * Sl'NDAV IS JEVVISH STORY TIMfc * I HERF WILL Bt A NEW MFSSAGf KOR YOU EVERY TWO DAYS * THE NtMBEK 70 (All IS 704-365-1616 CALI ANYTIME EXCEPT SHABBOS A JEWISH HOLIDAYS liMjh IX 4 prOHXi Ol I uha^tKh «t> N«Hth ( 4M»ltn4 Itk U ^ (Ni >.'n Feb. 3: Washington Post - “Marine Raises Gun to Stop Advance of 3 Israeli Tanks. ’ ’ Part of content: Military command in Tel Aviv said the tanks were patroling 600 yards inside the Israeli zone. Feb. 3: Washington Post - “Incident Most Serious Bet ween Two Forces” - Part of content: Col. Stokes, a U.S. Commander of the Marine contingent, “I’ve got some pretty cocky Marines here who think that no matter where they go, nobody really is going to be shooting at them and the shooting is going to stop.” He indicated that some Marines were restless to go to areas where fighting con tinues in this war-torn na tion. The attitude he said was “come on Colonel, let me get out and go stop this crap.” Feb. 4: Washington Post - “U.S. Rhetoric Cools On In cident In Mideast” Part of content: The Reagan Administration yesterday cooled its rhetoric as influential lawmakers expressed deep concern and raised the possibility of an on-the-spot Congressional investigation in Beirut. Alan Romberg, State Dept, spokesman: “We thought the situation was clear (operational areas for U.S. and Israeli forces) ob viously it wasn't.” Feb. 4: Philadelphia Enquirer (Associated Press) - “Close Encounter” Part of content: Col. Rafi, the Israel tank Commander, said the Marine officer had panicked and that he had been “rather amused” when he pulled out a pistol after an altercation he invited the of ficer to “Bring me your superior officer so that we can talk” as they were in disagreement about whose territory they were in. He refused. The Marine had “grabbed my arm and told me: Stop him, stop him” (A second Israeli tank). He was very panicky. He gave the Marine a little push to free his arm. Feb. 5: The Sun - “Pact Allows Israelis To Patrol Conflict Site” Part of content: The State Dept, yesterday acknowledg ed that under an agreement reached with Israel, Israeli forces will operate without challenge in the area where a U.S. - Israel armed confron tation took place. Feb. 5: Washington Post - “Israelis Say They Were Right In Confrontation” Part of content: Defense Secretary Weinberger was blamed for “blowing this completely out of propor tion” and for suggesting a commendation for the Marine Captain. We find this surprising that a soldier who draws a gun on an ally should be commended with a medal. Asked for the reason for the confrontation: ‘‘Maybe they (the Americans) didn’t know the facts or maybe they have other reasons.” Feb. 7: Los Angeles Times - “Beirut Incident Refuses to Die. Israelis Won’t Seek Apology.” Part of content: Israeli military sources confirmed a frontpage story in Tel Aviv newspaper “Haaretz” that the commander of the Israel patrol. Col. Rafi, asserted that the Marine officer “smelled of alcohol” during the mid-morning confronta tion. He was not accused of being drunk but that it is clear he was drinking while on duty. At last a clearer picture! Howard W. Squadron, President of the American Jewish Congress, had this comment on Weinberger’s congressional testimony: (Washington Post) “The anti-Israel theatrics of our Secretary of Defense over a minor incident in Lebanon is dismaying “Rushing to a Senate (sic) Committee to escalate an in significant happening on the ground into an international incident of major importance makes us question his sense of proportion as well as his motives. “There is every reason to believe that the Secretary’s account of the affair was in accurate and distorted....this behavior is inexcusable.” Looking back at the series of daily distortions • we wonder “what ails Secretary Weinberger and the Pen tagon?” The answer lies in the Mideast position. Begin has come out of the commis sion strong and firm. Saudi Arabia is not the force they had assessed. Recent OPEC meetings have shown this clearly. They will not be able to buy Arafat nor Jordan’s Hussein: Jordan’s arms pro mises (by Weinberger) are soon to be brought to Con gress. Who will sponsor and who will pay? Reagan’s Peace Plan is drifting. Scapegoat Sharon is gone. They cannot fault Moshe Arens. They even give him faint praise. The former Bechtel Boys are in problems! feenspon Associates# Inc. 125 Cottage Place 376-7434 Now offering Individual Retirement Accounts for in- dh/iduals and for companies who provide payroll deduction plans. STAN GREENSPON SCOTT SWIMMER HARRY SWIMMER DAVID SWIMMER 1 cjl51SlSl5l5l515lSlSlSl51SlSl5l51515l5l51SlSlSlSl5lS1515l5l5M31SlS15lSl^ Imperial printimq products I Specialists In Raised Printing Stationery — Business Cards Wedding — Bar Mitzvah Invitations Business & Social Announcements | 4731 Sweden Road p Charlotte. 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