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Page 11-THE NEWS-March, 1987 LUBAVITCH OF N. C. Thoughts From The Lubavitcher Rebbe Puriiti and the Jewish Woman By Rabbi Yossi Groner The prime zirchitect behind the miracle of Purim, when the Jews in the 127 countries under King Achasverosh’s dominion were saved from Haman’s evil designs, was Esther. Risking her life for her people, she braved the king’s anger and entreated him to have pity on her people. As the Megillah (scroll of Esther) records, she was eminently successful. Esther’s preeminent role is recognized in the very name of Me^lah. It is not called the “Scroll of Mordechai” or the “Scroll of Mordechai and Esther.” It is called simply “Scroll of Esther.” A question arises to this kind of recognition. The fact that Esther was the one who actually moved the king to grant relief to the Jews is in disputable. Yet Mordechai also played a role in the salva tion. Indeed the Megillah testifies that he was the domi- nent force behind Esther, not only in her life in general, but also in the efforts to avert the danger from Jewry. Should not the Megillah be named after both participants in the salvation — Esther and Mordechai? Mordechai, according to a Chassidic philosophy, repre sents Torah, as our sages say that Mordechai in his genera tion was equal to Moshe in his generation. Esther repre sented the Jewish people, this is why she was also called Haddash-Myrtle which repre sents the Jewish people. Torah, in its own right, stands on a higher level than the Jewish people. However, once their qualities have been revealed through the medium of Torah, the Jew’s innate superiority blazes forth, and then reaches higher than the Torah. In slightly different words: Jewry, the Baal Shem Tov said, may be compared to a land full of precious things. Every Jew is possessed of the most lofty qualities and vir tues; by some the treasures are buried deep within them, and much work is needed to bring them to light — just as one must dig deep to obtain the precious metals and gems in the earth. The same is true of Mor dechai and Esther as in dividuals. Mordechai, it is true, had to persuade Esther to do her part in removing the decree against the Jews. But Mordechai did not need to ef fect any basic change in Esther, to make a new Esther. All he had to do, was to reveal her innate qualities, to allow her real self come to fore, and from there she went on her mission with her own strength, impelled by her own convic tion. It was Esther who told Mor dechai, “Go, gather all the Jews to be found in Shushan, and fast for me.” And it was Esther who convinced the Sages to include the Megillah as one of the sacred writings. Because the miracle came about through Esther, through her own self and qualities, and those qualities were infinitely superior to Mordechai’s, the Megillah is named solely after her. The purpose of reading the Me^^ today, is to learn how one should act today. The lesson we leam from the above is the greatness of a Jewish woman. Every woman is the main stay of her home, who sets the tone and spirit of the entire household. In particular, it is the woman who bears the responsibility of rearing the children in the traditions of Torah and Judaism, ensuring that in every aspect of life they live as Torah Jews. In fact when the Megillah refers to the Torah, it uses the word “Orah” the feminine tense of “Or” which means light. The feminine part of the Torah refers to the oral part of Torah. And it was through the steadfast commitment of the Jews even to this part of Torah, that they were saved in the miraculous manner through Queen Esther. 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His recently released albums, featuring folk music and Jewish country western songs, are best sellers in the United States and Israel. Moshe has performed in every major city in the United States and Canada, attracting large audiences of young and old. Moshe Yess This event is in conjunction with a special Maimonides celebration hosted by Luba- vitch of North Carolina, and will be held Sunday, March 29, 7:30 p.m. at Shalom Park in Gorelick Hall. The program will feature middle eastern foods like Falafel and Israeli delicacies, honoring the region in which Maimonides lived. This winter marks the third conclusion of the study of Mai monides’ great work “Mishna Torah.” This study began three years ago at the in itiative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe as a tribute to the Ram- bam (Maimonides) on the occa sion of 850 years of his birth day. Jewish communities the world over are celebrating this special anniversary of this great Jewish leader. Tickets are $7.50 for adults and $3.50 for children. The price includes entertainment and as much food as you can eat. For more information, please call Lubavitch of North Carolina, 366-3984. Preschoolers Learn About Winter Holidays Students at the Lubavitch pre-school were busy studying about winter and its holidays. Tu B’shvat of course has a special place in the heart of young children since they share many similarities with young saplings. The Torah teaches that a person is like a tree in the field, and both the child and the tree must have delicate and special care in order to be raised properly. The children learned how to plant trees and even created their own forest as part of a Tu B’shvat arts and crafts pro ject. They also made holiday fruit baskets and discovered the special fruits which are the pride of the land of Israel. Winter brought a surprise snow storm to Charlotte which kept the children from school. However, the children used the opportunity to leam about the clothes we wear in winter. Fern Sanderson did a cut-out project with the children. Using old magazines the children searched for photos of people dressed in winter garments and cut the photos out and made a winter display in the classroom. They also had a summer cut-out project so they could learn the dif ference between winter and summer attire. Another winter holiday is the tenth of Teveth, although it is a sad one it is nevertheless a holiday of hope when we pray for the rebuilding of the holy Temple. The children are building their own Beth Hamikdash through all the good things they are doing. Chemie Weiss who teaches Judaica is helping the children with this project, she says there are more bricks going up everyday. Chanie also teaches the children about the Parshat Hashovuoah — the portion of the Torah which is connected to the week. The children learned about the multi-color coat that Yossef received from his father Y akov. The children made their own multi-color coat as an arts and crafts pro ject. Every week the students have a new project which they learn from the Torah portion of the week. Now the school is in the midst of preparing a special Purim performance to be held at the Chabad House during the week before Purim. Money For Tomorrow — It’s Our Business Call on me Paul S. Kronsburg EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF NY Suite 415 2100 Rexford Rd. Bus; 365-3523 Res: 535-5775 Please Support Our Advertisers. wmrn tOOIMMTiaUL Todd’s Flowers and Plants Serving Charlotte for over 47 years We have a wide selection of spring plants, including azaleas, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Spring flowers fronn Holland can be attractively designed in arrangements just for you. We offer city-wide delivery and worldwide wire service. SouthPark Mall 364-5697 Eastland Mall 535-2S05 Carmal Commons 542-8769 1800 E. Indapandanca Blvd. 332-6167 Indapandanca Cantar (101 N. Tryon) 37f-0131 TODD'S FLOWERS

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