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The Charlotte Jewish news. (Charlotte, N.C.) 19??-current, December 01, 1988, Image 2

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Page 2-THE NEWS-December, 1988 THE CHARLOTTE JEWISH NEWS Published monthly by: Charlotte Jewish Federation Michael L. Minkin, Director Foundation of Charlotte Jewish Community & Jewish Community Center Barry Hantman, Director Lubavitch of N.C Rabbi Yossi Groner, Director Editor Rita Mond Advertising Blanche Yarus Copy deadline the 10th of each month P.O. Box 13369, Charlotte, N.C. 28211 The appcarancc •! advertising in Tlic Newi does not constitute ■ kaslinitli endorsement. Editorials Wc Depend Upon Our Advertisers; They Depend on You! Many times I have been asked the question: “Who pays for The Charlotte Jewish News since there are no paid subscriptions?” Though our sponsoring agencies, The Federation, The Jewish Community Center, The Foundation and The Lubavitch, have allocated some funds for the paper’s operating expenses, most of the costs are defrayed by our advertisements. Our local businesses and professionals use its pages to reach customers and clients. They recognize the importance of reach ing our readership and, therefore. The Charlotte Jewish News asks its readers to patronize these advertisers. Tell them you saw their ad in The CJN! We thgink our advertisers for their continued loyal ty and support. They, in turn, thank all of you for your patronage. A happy holiday to one and all! — Rita Mond Israel’s Elections: A Challenge to World Jewry By Marc H. Tanenbaum (JTA) Israel’s elections in early November burst with paradoxes and challenges. The week before the election, pollsters and pundits portrayed the race between Labor and Likud as “a dead heat.” Then radical Palestinizm and Arab terrorist groups carried out a series of violent attacks, brutally kill ing Israeli civilians as well as Israeli soldiers. The psychological effect of that calculated violence was to turn marginal Israeli voters who supported Labor’s peace and security policies into supporters of Likud and other nationalist parties, whose priorities are security first, then peace. Clearly, these radical Arabs sought to derail any prospects for peace negotiations by undermining Shimon Peres’ peace initiatives, thereby expecting a collision course with Likud. Now, thanks in part to these Arab interventions, Israel may end up forming a hard-line, right-wing, religious-nationalist government. It may well be that a strong, stable government under Yitzhak Shemfiir could well have the power to negotiate some form of peace with Palestinians, much as anti-Communist President Richard Nixon opened negotiations with Red China. But the over-arching parallel challenge for Israel and world Jewry will be the predominance of ultra- Orthodox psu-ties in the new government. If wisdom does not prevail, theocratic policies could seriously alienate American £md world Jewry, and that, too, could weaken Israel’s capacity to mzike peace with the Arabs. • Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum is director of interna- tional relations for the American Jewish Committee. Remarks on the 50th Anniversary Celebration Of the Charlotte Jewish Federation By Marvin Bienstock Past Exec. Drtr. CJF Several years ago, following a mission to Israel, I was priv ileged to accompany Herman, Anita and Phillip Blumenthal on a trip to Egypt. When we flew north from Abu Simbel to Cairo, I was struck by the view of the Nile River. And, when I was thinking about what to say tonight, that im age came back to me. Judaism is like an endless river. Our communities are established along its banks and nurtured by its waters. As individuals, we ride its current and disembark at a communi ty to plant seeds and, hopeful ly, to leave behind a legacy Please accept my specisd thanks for helping us to pro mote the B’nai B’rith Women Residential Treatment Cen ters in Israel through £ui arti cle in The Charlotte Jewish News about Dr. Yecheskiel Cohen’s visit in Charlotte. It is gratifying to know of your in terest in the unique drug-free treatment that Dr. Cohen, Director of the Treatment Centers, has developed and his Allow me to express my sincere thanks to you for your excellent work of art in put ting together the center spread on Lubavitch Pre school and Day School. I ap preciate your time, energy and effort expended in this won derful project. I have received many posi tive comments about the cen ter spread, which only attests to the appreciation of your readers. when the time comes for us to move on. The Charlotte Jewish com munity has been truly en riched by the river of Judaism. Those who first landed here and in neighboring communi ties in the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought with them their proud Jewish heri tage, traditions and values. The roots they planted grew deep and strong and, by the time they were called to move on, their wonderful legacy was their children. Those of you who are their sons and daugh ters absorbed your parents’ values and commitments. You continued their task of estab lishing a standard of quality for Jewish life. Your names. outstanding success in restor ing the lives of emotionally disturbed children who could not be helped elsewhere. You have our deep gratitude and appreciation for helping to bring this most worthwhile project to the attention of the community in Charlotte. — Hyla S. Lipsky President B’nai B’rith Women You deserve much credit for bringing such a wonderful newspaper each month to our community. — Rabbi Yoseph Y. Groner Director, Lubavitch of N.C. We encourage our readers’ view points. Letters should be submitted typewritten and double-spaced and ^gned. Please include your address and phone number. We reserve the right to edit. names we honor and pay tri bute to this evening, became synonymous with leadership and acceptance of commund responsibility. Fifty years ago, some of you came as new arri vals like the Blumenthals from Savannah and the Speizmans from Pennsylvania and you learned that you were welcome and that you were expected to participate in a temple, to become involved in the organ izations, and to help those of our people around the world who needed euid deserved your help. You accepted these re sponsibilities and these stand ards. In the decades which fol lowed, you joined in passing them along to the balance of you here tonight who arrived from other communities along the endless river — communi ties in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Cuba, Europe and so many more. By the time the flowing tide carried me here in 1975, your combination of natives and newcomers had accomplished countless miracles not the least of which was having the 400 members of the Amity Club donate their private swim and tennis facilities to create a Jewish Community Center open to the entire Charlotte community. Long before the term “long range planning” became the rage in business, as leaders of this Jewish community you were actively anticipating smd planning for its future. No sooner was the JCC open and participants filling its classes and programs than you set the dream of Shalom Park in mo tion and you pursued it until it becamo a reality. On the day Shalom Park opened, the next generation, your children, marched from Temple Israel to Temple Beth El V’Shalom to the Park. There they came pouring down the entrance road, a liv ing river of Judaism, bearing with them a lighted torch. And, I saw some of you lift your children so they could light a menorah and symbol ically pass that flame on to generations yet to come. And, come they will — from your children’s children and from new sojourners to this community along the river of Judaism’s watery way. A year and a half ago those same waters carried me a short way downstream. I, in turn, carried away with me the lessons and the learning from 12 years of association with you. I left with the sure know ledge that the quality of Jew ish life you and I worked so hard to preserve and enhance wiU flourish. Its roots are firm ly embedded and its care takers, each of you, are dedicated to the task. -l¥/tdf/sH aHora ora Fray/ach ? * A HA5SIPIC PANCf Letters to the Editor Thank You for Your Help In Appreciation of Lubavitch School Coverage Happy ^ "_Xhanukah ^ Special Deadline for Jan. issue is Dec. 5

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