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The Charlotte Jewish news. (Charlotte, N.C.) 19??-current, September 01, 1995, Image 2

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Page 2 - The Charlotte Jewish News - September, 1995 Federation Connection perspectives Letters to by Harvey Cohen Prelude to a Book Review Rolfe Neill, publisher of The Charlotte Observer devoted his July 9, op-ed column to a book, “Zebulon Vance and 'The Scattered Nation Richard Klein’s review of that book, edited by Maurice Weinstein, appears on page 6 of this issue. Until recently, the only contact I ever had with Maurice was late last year. I called to ask his permis sion to reprint an article he wrote about the role of Jewish newspapers in this country. Other than that soli tary contact, I didn’t know anything about Maurice except that he was an attorney. Then, in May of this year, I was asked to call him about the Zeb Vance book. We met at his home and as he welcomed me at the door, I was immediately taken by his cordial, but reserved yet friendly greeting. Once inside and seated in his living room, I couldn’t help looking at the “things” in the room. To me, they made a strong statement about the man. For one thing there were books, hundreds of them, neatly arranged and categorized on shelves. There were very interest- Hello, l\1y Name’s Bond! I talked with James Bond last week on the telephone. Not the movie James Bond.but a living counterpart. Here’s what happened. I was sitting in my office won dering how I was ever going to get this issue of the newspaper ready on time, when the phone rang, I picked it up, said “Hello” and the voice on the other end of the line said, “Hi, my name’s Joe Kenny and I ran across something I think you’d be interested in for the readers of your paper.” Turns out Joe Kenny is a retired FBI Special Agent as well as being a former Military Intelli gence Officer. What he ran across while doing some consulting work for one of the Baltic countries a few months ago, is that Lithuania had its own “Schindler” figure, but with a twist. His name was Chiyuni Sugichara and if that doesn’t ex actly sound Lithuanian, you’re ex actly right. He was a Japanese diplomat stationed at the Japanese counslate in the city of Kaunas. He’s crecUted with issuing 6,400 transit visas to Polish and Lithuaninan Jews in 1940, thereby saving their lives. Even after the Soviets closed the consulate. Sugichara continued to issue visas from his apartment against the explicit orders of his superiors. A monument resembling a hu man shape holding up a crescent, was unveiled in the city of Vilnius in June. He died in relative obscurity in his native country. Thanks for the story, Joe, as well as the others you sent along. I hope we stay in touch because, as Jimmy Durante, the comedian, was famous for saying, “I got a million of them,” I think that holds true for you, too. Thanks again Joe Kenny, or James Bond or whatever your name is. THE CHARLOTTE JEWISH NEWS 5007 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28226 366-5007 Fax 365-4507 Published by: Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte Adrienne Rosenberg - Acting Director Jewish Community Center Alan Feldman, Director Editor Harvey Cohen Advertising Coordinator Rita Mond Advertising Rep Lan^ Levy CJN Executh^e Board Co-Chairs - Bob Abel, Bob Davis, Rosalind Taranto Evelyn Berger, Leora Itzhaki, Ann Langman, Linda Levy, Dr. Selwyn Spangenthal MEMBER PubUslMd montMy axoapt for July Copy deadlln* th« 10th of MCh month pr*c«ding month of Issu* TW C//V 4ocs sot r—yoMi^gity for tbc ^aality or kaslinith of uv prodact or servicc adveitiaMl. No articlos or advcrtiacacato ■Mv rcpriatcd withoot cditor’a aathorizatioo. PohK«hiag of a |Mid political advertaacMcat doca aot coaathatc mm eedorsemeet of aay caadidate, |»olitic«l i^rty or poKtical poahiea by tiHa ocwapapcr, tiM Fcderatioa or aay eaiployeee. ing looking objects d’art and an tiques, even a cannon reputed to be from Admiral Nelson’s own ship. Some people have things to make a statement about their stature in life. Not Maurice! He truly loved what he had and enjoyed sharing the his tory of some'pieces with me with a fondness and affection, as if the pieces were alive and he was re living its history with the telling. He didn’t strike me as the kind of person you’d find at a Hornets bas ketball game screaming encour agement to the team. At the same time I sensed he was a very pas sionate man, passionate about Jews, the Jewish condition and all things Jewish. The book about Tjeb Vance, Maurice’s book, was his fi nal passion. On July 25, Maurice Weinstein died. Rolfe Neill wrote that “Maurice Weinstein and Zeb Vance are giv ing a speech still in need of hear ing.” Understandably, how pleasing it must have been fbr Maurice to read Neill’s column and to feel and be forever linked to one of his per sonal heroes, Zeb Vance. Read the review; read the book. the Editor Goodbye/Hello With the New Year upon us, I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye and hello as well. Despite the successes and ac complishments I’ve enjoyed as Ex ecutive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte, I want to say hello because, as most of you know. I’ve left that position. Sound confusing? I’ll explain. Topically, when a Federation executive leaves the Director’s post, they usually move on to the same position in a different city. I have chosen not to do that. My wife Susan, my children and I are stay ing in Charlotte not only because of what the city has to offer, but be cause of its people, Jewish people in particular. Therefore, now that I’ve stepped out from behind my desk at the Federation, it’s time for me to say “hello but in a new and dif ferent role. As a fledgling entreprenuer, I am pursuing several avenues of en- teiprise and although I have become associated with a New York based Jewish organization on a limited basis, it is only one of several things I will be doing. A variety of options keep cropping up, so I’m not sure what the future holds. One thing I am sure of is how grateful I am to everyone who advocated my efforts of the past few years. So, to those people, on behalf of me and my fam ily, I say Shalom. Thank you for what you’ve done for me person ally and for helping me grow since coming to Charlotte. Daniel Z. Lepow Federation often is equated with fundraising and campaign. Too many people in our community only associate Federation with their an nual pledges. Fund raising, however, is only a means by which Federation chan nels the financial resources of the community into those services criti cal to its growth and well being. This process by which our commu nity allocates the more than $1.3 million raised in this year’s cam paign is about to begin. After serious discussion, the Federation board has modified the allocation pro cess. As with last year’s process, several key deci sions will be made by the entire Board: after set ting the reserve for bad debt and deducting the cost of the campaign, the Board will de cide how much to allocate to UJA and how much to the partners in Shalom Park to subsidize park rents. This decision will be made at the September 27 meeting of the board. (The Board actually has addressed the latter issue and determined to allocate 10% of the campaign to help the JCC, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel and the Pre-School meet the cost of operating Shalom Park.) The balance of the $1.3 million campaign will go to the Allocation Committee, chaired this year by October Deadline September 10 Sara Schriebman. The Committee will allocate available funds to three panels covering two broad areas of programming - education and so cial services - and major Institu tions. Those panels then will hear presentations by the relevant agen cies seeking funds and make rec ommendations to the Board regarding the precise allocation to each agency. At its meeting on November 27, the Board will receive the recom mendations of the Allocation Com mittee and its pan els. Your thoughts on the allocation of our resources are always wel comed. Our Board meetings are open to the community, and your com ments are wel comed either at those meetings at which allocations are discussed, or in advance of them to any board member. Two key Federation Commit tees now have new leadership. The Charlotte Jewish News Committee will be co-chaired for the next year by Bob Abel, Bob Davis and Roz Taranto. While Roz and Bob Davis have been active on the Committee, Bob Abel is a new addition. It’s re ally amazing that Harvey Cohen, our editor, is able to produce so fine a paper with the limited time and resources available. Many thanks to Harvey and his very supportive committee. The Speizman Library Com mittee will be chaired this year by Bobby Damsky. Bobby has begun working with our librarian, Amalia Warshenbrodt, to prioritize the needs of the community for library services and determine how best to develop the potential of this fine facility. I trust everyone has a healthy and happy new year. Rich Osborne-Prestdent is Ti/HftBDMMIMiOUf?...

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