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The Charlotte Jewish News - December 2001 - Page 2 CONTENTS On Thk Cover A Tribute to Al Rousso By Lloyd Scher Point of View On the Cover Federation News.' pp. 3-8 Library p. 10 On the Cover A Tribute to Herman Blumenthal Temple Betb El p. 12 Charlotte Jewish Preschool p. 13 On the Cover Dr. Sanford Benjamin to speak p. 14 Temple Israel p. 14 The Foundation of Shalom Park pp.15-18 Jewish Family Services p. 19 Women’s Page p. 20 P- 2 Lubavitch of North Carolina. p. 21 P- 2 Jewish Community Center ..pp. 22-23 Mazel Tov p. 24 P- 3 Charlotte Jewish Day School. p. 25 pp. 3-8 Dining Out ..pp. 26-29 ...p. 10 Youth Page p. 30 On The Cover ...p. 11 Chanukah ..pp. 31-33 ...p. 11 Opinion/Editorial p. 35 Point of View Each issue of the CJN features an article written by one of the rabbis active in the Charlotte community. This month: Rabbi Murray Ezring of Temple Israel “At Chanukah This Year, Don’t Let the Light of Israel Go Out” Im Yirtzeh Hashem. God will ing as this newspaper is being dis tributed I will be concluding my visit to Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. It is amazing to consider that in the matter of a few hours, we can fly from the United States of America to the State of Israel. This pilgrimage was a dream of our ancestors that was not only perilous but could consume months of their lives. Our connec tion to Israel is highlighted in our holidays. As Chanukah approaches, we celebrate the strength and dedica- SHALOM PARK AGENCIES DIRECT TELEPHONE LISTINGS Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte ...704-944-6757 * Jewish Community Center of Charlotte .• ...704-366-5007 The Foundation of Shalom Park ...704-366-5007 Charlotte Jewish Day School ...704-366-4558 Charlotte Jewish Preschool ...704-944-6777 Jewish Family Services ...704-364-6594 Charlotte Jewish News ...704-944-6765 Speizman Jewish Library ...704-944-6763 CAJE ...704-944-6780 Consolidated High School ...704-944-6782 BBYO Local Office ...704-944-6734 Temple Israel ...704-362-2796 Temple Israel Religious School at the JCC ...704-944-6785 Temple Beth El ...704-366-1948 Temple Beth El Religious School at the JCC ...704-944-6789 Please help us to help you! CALL THE AGENCY YOU NEED DIRECT! A Tribute to Al By Lloyd Scher My heart is heavy today for a great Charlottean passed away. Al Rousso was a mild mannered person who gave his love to the city of Charlotte and to everyone he touched. He loved working for the common citizen and took pains to see that their con cerns were met by government agencies. He led this city with pride and dignity for many years. It did not matter that you were a Republican or a Democrat, Al was your Pal. In 1993, he ran on that slogan, “Al is My Pal,” and the citizens elected him again to serve the community. I loved Al Rousso, and I hurt with his passing. I feel for his family, Doris, Steve, David, Harold and Paul and all of his grand children; they are a great tribute to him a great source of pride. I was honored to be treated like one of his sons. I can remember when I did something wrong; Al would call me to his office and have a “sit- down.” It was like a good Al Rousso (z’’l) old fashion woodshed except it was done with love and understanding. I always left a better person having learned from my mis take. Whenever I entered his store he would always greet me, “Hey! Mr. Commissioner, how are you today?” When I first moved to Charlotte in 1960, Al Rousso was the first person I ever talked too. He told me everything about being Jewish in Charlotte. What impressed me was the time he took with me as.a ten-year- old kid. He was so kind, friendly and caring little did I know that our lives would be so (Continued on page 34) The Charlotte Jewish News 5007 Providence Road - Charlotte, NC 28226 Office Hours Hours: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Phone (voice mail after office hours) Office 704-944-6765 FAX 704-365-4507 email: A Publication of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte Amy Krakovitz Montoni - Editor Advertising Coordinator/Sales Rep: Rita Mond, 704-366-6632 Advertising Sales Reps: Pam Grossman, 704-841-1544 and Debby Dulberg, 704-846-8901 CJN Executive Board Co-Chairs - Bob Abel - Bob Davis Members: Evelyn Berger, Ann Langman, Linda Levy The CJN does not assume responsibility for the quality or kasruth of any product or service advertised. Publishing of a paid political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate, political party or position by this newspaper, the Federation or any employees. Published monthly except July Copy deadline is the 1st of the month preceding month of issue Candle Lighting for December 2001 Friday, December 7 4:53 PM Friday, December 14 4:54 PM Friday, December 21 4:56 PM Friday, December 28 5:00 PM tion of the Maccabees, whose belief and commitment enabled them to overcome the overwhelm ing odds of the power of this elu sive Greek empire. Neither mili tary might, nor the allure of the decadent hedonistic culture, in which people put enjoyment above service, was able to draw the Maccabees away from Torah and the traditions of our people. In too many ways our struggle today is similar to that of our ancestors. Here in the United States, and throughout the Diaspora, we struggle to maintain an authentic Jewish lifestyle while the siren call of assimilation beckons. We have been successful in creating another generation of Jews who are educated and willing to main tain Jewish life in this country. The light of Torah, the light of the Jewish spirit which the Maccabees kept lit so long ago continues to bum brightly each and every day within our hearts and niinds. The second parallel to the Maccabean period that is a part of our modem day reality is the fact that the State of Israel is still under attack. At the end of 2001, more than 50 years after the creation of the modem State of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state is viewed as an outside incursion within an Arab world. Peace still eludes Israelis and Palestinians. While Israel continues to be the stronger party militarily, we must wonder how it is that her image in the media and the mind of the world has weakened so. Like the Maccabees of old, I believe that we as Jews must be strong in our support of the modern Jewish State. This does not mean that we believe that Israel is perfect, but as Jews and Americans, we can never forget the strength of Israeli democracy, the economic boon that the new Israel has brought to an area of desert wilderness and the hope that this Jewish state pro vides for the future. As Israel and her citizens continue to fight the kinds of battles that the Maccabees fought so long ago, may we exhibit each and every day our faith in the righteousness of Israel’s cause, and the beauty and necessity of a modem Jewish State. In the words of Peter Yarrow, “Don’t let the light go out. It’s lasted for so many years.” L’hitraot, Rabbi Murray Ezring I would like to make a contribution to demonstrate my support of The Charlotte Jewish News. Name Phone (... Address City State Enclosed in my check for $ ' $18.00 Basic Annual Subscription $25.00 Friend $50.00 Patron $100.00 Grand Patron Other ..Zip . Mail to: The Charlotte Jewish News Voluntary Subscription Appeal 5007 Providence Road Charlotte, Nc 28226

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