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The Charlotte JEWISH Vol. 34, No. 8 Elul-Tishrei 5772/3 September 2012 An Affiliate of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte Joined In Education Sponsors Three-Days of Anti-Bullying Programs Lee Hirschy Director of the film **Bullyy ” to Keynote Event What do an eight-year-old girl, a 17-year-old boy and a 68-year- old grandmother have in eom- mon? They all ean be bullies and they all ean be bullied. Unlike the earieatures of 50 years ago, bullies don’t eonform to any partieular size or gender, nor do they limit their prowess to the playground. Buses, shopping malls, parties, and the internet all qualify. ir'£ ritre ra TA*i a srASit And although most people don’t need a formal definition, Allan L. Beane, Ph.D., and author of the “A Mini-guide for Parents,” defines bullying as “when a per- ON ‘3110iyVHO 802f #lll/\iy3d aivd 39visod s n aisidSdd son or group of people hurts, embarrasses, or frightens another person on purpose over and over again.” Aeeording to the Ameriean Soeiety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ASPCC), eaeh sehool day, nearly 160,000 students skip sehool for fear of physieal and verbal abuse from their peers. “Many more attend sehool in a ehronie state of anxiety and depression,” the website says, and “it’s reported that six out of 10 Ameriean youth witness bullying at least onee a day. Elka Bernstein, direetor of CJP is exeited to be eo-hosting this program, “Bullying has beeome an issue at younger and younger ages; we hope that by shining a light on this problem, we ean set new standards for ehildren in their interaetions with others.” Lee Hirseh, direetor of the erit- ieally aeelaimed “Bully,” will speak at Knight Theater Tuesday, January 15, using dozens of elips from the movie to take the audi- enee on his journey. On Wednesday, January 16, a day long symposium, “Stand up to Bullying” will feature several Lee Hirseh JOINED IN EDUCATION petsenbey eojAjes efiueqQ 9ZZ8Z ON ‘9HO|Jeqo 311# suns ‘Peoy eouepjAOJd Z009 Also Inside: The High Holy Days Five local rabbis present their view of our Days of Awe, See pages 31-35 Meet Our New Shlicha, Roni Amitai nationally reeog- nized speakers and workshops targeted to different age groups, as well as additional separate programs for teaeh- ers, parents, and administrators. Mariashi Groner, direetor of CJDS hopes that “parents and edueators will learn to identify the differenees between true bullying versus developmentally typieal ehild- hood interaetions and how to address eaeh ease.” JIE, a non-profit eollaborative effort of Charlotte Jewish Day Sehool, the Jewish Presehool on Sardis and Charlotte Jewish Presehool, ereates synergy between three institutions, their professionals and their volunteers and demonstrates that organiza tions with a eommon goal ean work eooperatively to bring greater opportunities to the eom- munity. For more information, eontaet JIE at or eall Gale Osborne at 704-366- 4558.^ About fifty years ago, a small 12-year old boy and his family, who had only just made aliya to Israel from the Soviet Union were taken to live in Kiryat Gat. Twenty years later, a young girl from Australia, who had only eome for a few weeks to volunteer in Kibbutz Hazerim, deeided to make aliya. That is the story of my parents who met in Israel as students and only 10 days after meet ing, deeided to marry. And so, my story begins - Roni Amitai, your new Israel emissary, the daughter of Janet and Zvika. Hello! My name is Roni Amitai, and I am the new shlieha, or eommunity emissary, for Charlotte. I was bom and grew up in Mevasseret Zion, a eommunity just outside of Jerasalem over looking the main road to Tel Aviv. I have two older brothers - Gilad and Matan - both of whom served in elite units of the IDF and who are now ereating their own fami lies. My father has an insuranee brokerage eompany and my moth er owns a Re/Max real-estate fran- ehise. However, if you ask them who they are and not what they do, my mother would answer that she has a degree in arehaeology and is a soeial aetivist and my father would say that he is a poet and a professional wine-lover. They have always been aetive in their town striving to make a eon- tribution to their eommunity as well as being aetive members of the synagogue for Progressive Judaism where I was ealled to the Torah. It was only natural that I too would look to make a personal eontribution and so I volunteered for Magen David Adorn for three years while in high sehool, after whieh I was reemited to the army as a non-eommissioned offieer in the Casualty Unit. My job was to be a liaison between the army and injured soldiers and bereaved families. As a natural eontinuation of my army serviee, my ehoiee for aeademie studies was Community Soeial Work and I am now proud to be a graduate of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My prae- tieal training brought me together with the disabled in the Gilo Roni Amitai neighborhood of Jerusalem to ere- ate and guide a leadership group of people with speeial needs. The group’s aim was to improve aeeessibility in their suburb both physieally and soeially. Together with a steering eom- mittee and volunteers within the epilepsy eommunity, I also worked in the Israel Epilepsy Assoeiation in eharge of advoeaey and promoting the National Awareness Week. At the loeal high sehool, I moderated workshops designed to prepare students to eope with their fortheoming army serviee and personal dilemmas. My real passion is working with people to help empower them. I believe that now is the time to begin to develop the spiri tual assets of the Jewish people and the State of Israel by finding the eonneetion between the two through eommunity work. Only by understanding our mutual story ean we preserve Jewish eulture in its various shades. I am looking forward to getting to know eaeh and every one of you and working together to ere- ate a speeial eonneetion. I know that the Charlotte Jewish eommu nity is a strong and prosperous eommunity, whieh eontributes to itself as well as to its surroundings and believes that the eonneetion to the State of Israel is the essential and eentral souree for the eontin- ued existenee of both. The shaliach program is funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte and is a pro gram of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI). The shlicha serves as an emissary from Israel, repre senting her country and educating our community on Israel and Zionism. If you are interested in asking Roni to join you for a pro gram in your community, please contact the Jewish Federation at 704-944-6757 or email shali- ^ lEWISH^ FEDFRATION*^ OF GFIEATEFI CHAHLOTTE

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