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The Badin bulletin. online resource (None) 1918-1920, July 01, 1919, Image 3

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BADIN BULLETIN Vol. I JULY, 1919 No. 10 OUR HONOR ROLL in being rapidly discharged from the military service of our j We ™Portant fields of the trades, industries, and professions So we nrpq’p^f returning to take their places etn readers will help us to make and keep .orUct ,rco“p“u. I,"; wf JoSr' ^ by oS,.r busLssef "" keep the first place, however, for our honored dead. GOLD STARS ON OUR SERVICE FLAG are now EDWARD L. SLEDGE ROBERT FLEMING WILLIAM SHANKLE THOMAS LLEWELLYN A(j C. M Davis, Henry Davis, W. H. Dermid, J. F. Dick, J. C. DuBose, McN. Efird, Clyde Frazier, Walter Friar, R. T. Gibson, Chas. Giersch, R. F. Gill, J. H. Ginn. Coat PHARMACY: Earl Ferree BADIN SUPPLY COMPANY: EMPLOYED BY THE TALLASSEE POWER COMPANY: R. B. bI ■ .•'kwelder, F. B c. J. s '’*". G. C. C. G. John C J. R. C„;;vhou.e, A. L Greene, J. P. Jones, Coit Hambry, Frank C. Jones, Robt. Hardon, Norman Kendall, J. S. Haughton, Thos. H. King, C. R. Helms, W. T. Lemons Henderson, Jas. R. Leonard, Joe Hollifield, Dan Lilly, W. T. Huggins, T. R. Lowder, E. H. Humbarrier, Irvin McCall, B. F. Hyatt, F. H. McDonald, J. R. Ivey, Hazel MacGehee, Virgil Johnson, Archie Mallory, Guy PAUL REINER; Robt. Elwanger Marvin Snuggs Milton, C. Y. Mitchell Mitchell, Jno. C. Moore, A. G. Moose, B. N. Morgan, Val. Morris, Lacy Nelson, Roy Newkirk, Nelson Ritchie, W. S. Robinson, Z. B. Ross, T. R. Scarboro, John Small Smythe, I. F. Sullivan, W. H. Taylor, Joe Thompson, H. B. Thompson. Robt. Vann, James Weatherspoon, C. B. Williams. P. L. Wimberly, Claude THE HIX COMPANY; Harlo Hix J- H-nng AH' ^ OF GENERAL INTEREST S®If-Pi"eservation *‘®tounding how easily we allow Vs,. to drift into the matter-of-fact life qy . -- v..^ tiiMvcci'Ui-lU *>i(j ij J“'ly protection of our li ^ fl4ce_ “re living in a safe do much on our neighbor fc'* Prev danger V Of accident to us. In fact, 3irig •'“''e reached a stage, after ^in J "“r own salvation, that a V contempt has been born *Urr dangers that >0^*'^ attend court IL Ml] railroad accident, *t|j ’'"'“’■'“bly hear one side or ''Id th relied on so person, to look out; protect him H,' '‘t Iqjj iid 80 and so. th news- Of J, * accident which caused the ® McLean boy, in Washing ton. Young McLean, as you no doubt know, was one of the wealthiest persons in America; had been brought up to depend on someone at all times being on the alert for his own safety. When he was picked up, after the accident, his first question (as reported by the newspapers) was “What has happened? Why was it done?” The poor little fellow had all his life had someone stop or caution him before placing himself in danger, and this day, when beyond the immediate protection of his guar dian, he ran headlong across the street, looking neither to right nor left, feeling no doubt, as he had been previously, that he was being protected by someone. The purpose of this little illustration is to call to your attention the necessity of at all times realizing that you more than anyone else are required to look out for your own safety. Ever be on the alert for pending dangers. When you use an emery wheel, be careful of (Continued on page 5) July Fourth Celebrat ion Water Sports, Lake Side, 10 A. M. 100-yard Canoe Race, 2 men in each canoe—first prize, $3.50 box cigars, donated by New York Cafe; second prize’ two pairs silk sox, donated by B. T.’ Garrison. 60-yard Swimming Race, boys under 16—first prize, fifteen admissions to picture show, donated by Badin Amuse ment Company; second prize, ten admis sions to picture show, donated by Badin .■\musement Company. Greased Pole—one prize, 5.00 in cash. 60-yard Swimming Race, free for all first prize, $7.50 Vest-Pocket Camera, donated by R. M. Trexler; second prize, $3.00 box cigars, donated by Hix Com pany; third prize, $2.00 in trade, donated by P. J. Reiner. Tilting Contest—first prize, two $3.00 boxes of cigars; second prize, two 1-lb. boxes candy.

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