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The collegiate. online resource (None) 1927-current, November 19, 1954, Image 1

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The CoLLEiaATE VOL. XXV ■ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN rOLLEGE. NOVK.MBKK 1!>. 1954 HOMECOMING NL MHKK Z 1954 Who s Who In American Colleges A Ceremony Is Set To Crown Queen Thf qucfn of on campus wtU tx* crowniKi tonight <«t 8 45 in the AUantU' Chrisiun Collfgr gymna.vium OurinK half-timt* of the ba>ketUiU game, the caiKli* dates. urcompanje<l by their es- c*»rtK. will urvemble on the c<nirt for the r?Temony Wednesday nv^rmng was lh‘- lovelv liidu-s when they v'hupel I At 4 IW. piMStianie of thei'^*^* adsance U> L. .u i ^ P»ok»es> Id H*>ul K«.n »h..v adorned'* Campus Gets Set For Homecoming A ituint pep rally o?: the infir* mary j»Me »tat!<*d the kick off fiT Homecoming. Thur.Nday night .it 9 30 p m the ovei the a(i()rimching tjingled with the Lynchburg IhirnetK niounte<1 high when the I'heer U'.idctk tinik t»ver Homecoming activities get under way with a puiade Frida> afl» r- tMKin Tlie parade will fortn at 3 30 Ion Hallruad Street From the jki- rade M(e at 3 the name of the Homt coming gui*<*n will Im- unnoun- clock thr piiH*e>Nloi*. Nu>h Str«‘«*t, .»nd untr« «• Uien b.«ck to thi- colle;: thi* st.*H«’ >n 1‘Vening gowns | Quern \nnuun«rd Harper Hall p;*rlor was the I Marcning in thr parade will K- ■.tagr for the next exhibition of j Jhr collrgi- baiKl. .srvt ial visiting th<‘ girl*^ Here they apjMared in Nmall groups on l*liursday ni^ht I'ictured left to right: .lo \nn Mm)re. Suzanne (till, Lamm. James liemby, Joan Kell> . and Klena Lauler. Tegity Ward. I‘egg> \Uh6ll%, Kenneth Small And Caminos Appointed To Plan ACC’s “New Look” The campus buildmg progrun. has been placed in the hands of G. Milton Small, A. I. A. Raleigh architeci, and Professor H. Cam inos. head o^ the School of Ar- chilt-cture of North Carolina Statt College. The appointments were made by the Board of Trusteec of Atlantic Christian College and the Building Committee, compos- td of President Travis A. White. Russell Arnold. James M. Moudy. Milton Adams, and Charles Cobb. During the past summer in joint meetings of the Board and the Committee it was decided that a new type of architecture would be de.sirable in the future construc tion of buildings on the campus. Considerations In order to obtain the most func tional and usable space per con- -truction dollar, many conijidera- tions were made. The members of the committee felt that contemp orary structures which reflected the spirit of our time would serve IS best background against which to educate young people. A number of well-known archi tectural firms were considered and ‘.he advice of the members of School of Design at N. C. State College was sought. At the second meeting tow aid *iie latter part of the summer, in. lormation about the various firms vas brought before the Board. At thi^ meeting it was recommended ’hat the college employ a partner ship composed of Mr. Small and Mr. Caminos. . The recommendation includea •n over-all campus plan which would project the needs of th(‘ Tables Are Here Thirty-four ihining new tabk will hencefortli grat « the fk*rt Har dy Dining Hall and 204 new chalrf are now on order. The order for both tab)* and chair:- wi ;- placed with the S(juthern De.-ik Company in Hickory. I'he ft rmit t -top tableh are 30 x 72 inches. The style of the chairs has not yet ^*en definitely derided upon Two types are now under deration. The choice will be madt betwt>en high-backed chairs and low-backed ones that are flush with the table top. Money for the purchase of th»s new furniture ha» been provided by the bo<jk store earnings during the last few years. IN MF.'VIORIA.M Thr entire campus is taddrn- ed by thr death of (iraham Liles, Atlanllr ('hh»lian Col- Icgf student. Elks Give Flags The Klks Lodgf ■>( Wilson has presented tjj the Atlantic Chris tian Collti.- band two nans, the UniU'd StaU-J flag and the col lege standard in blue and white The flaKs were displayed from the stage of Howard Chapel Nov- e m b e r* 10. at the regular the niorninK mbiy of the stu dent b<xiy .At that time Dr Mil lard Burt. dirii.ti>r of the band, made an announcement of the Hif. to the colle ji- - . Formal pri: .-ntation made ollege. It was voted unanimous^ thj. band concert on th'-- '> put these two gentlemen ^;npu.‘: the same aftermxjn. Mr. cntract. j c Joyner. Grand Kxalted Kul- er, and Mr. K Carl Quinn. Uad- ing Knight, presented the flags U) Dr Burt, v/ho ;*ccii>ted them ii- behalf ol the band awl the c 'l- lige .Mr. Small Mr. Small, who was born in Oklahoma, received the hightit ^’rade ever obtained by any per- on on that state's examination for tate license in archetecture. Hav-i fliis>, measuring 4 by S'-i ■ng much experience as j (eet. arc i<juipped to .‘-rve both n large construction projects f°''|f„r parade and for display, ither architectural firms, he work-1 yyjjcn they irf in parade the ■d for Perkins and Will, nationally j Qub will furnish Uie col- <nown school building designers. guard. Henceforth provision ha:, '/as he who designed the Nuclearmade for the color guard to Reactor Building, which is on tlic ytcjmpuny each app<'arantfe of th.^^ ' ampus of North Carolina State I band College. , _ I Mr. Caminos i Qfiirlpnts Go ToDuKC .\Ir. Caminos received his earl.' I _ . • raining in Argentina. After recei\-1 p FT A Convention •Hg a traveling scholarship to the! — Vnited States, he returned to Ar-| , AUantic Christian ientina. where he won a scholai* P Pn. hip to England and another one *o the United States. He decidc*d o accept the position of Head of Eight Students Elected To Who’s Who Eight .'rnmr.v — Jf>an Kelly, Jo- Ann Moore P» ggy W ird. J imes Hernby Kennetii Lamm. Peggy Nicholl* S.iranne Gill, arnl KIcna Lawler were ruiminatt^d f^r Who’» Who in Amrrlean Colleges and rnlver^llle«*. The announce ment was made by Dean Jame Moudy in a special chapel cere mony this month. All are out- stimding members uf the senior cla.^'. Peggy NicholU i.s an major and is president of Phi Si;i ma Tau Sorority. She is particular ly outstanding m Student Cliristian work, and is a member of the Women’s Ensemble Peggy Ward is studying English and music She haj» served as class marshal fc»r two year> .md i.s or- ;;.inist for chapel JoAnn Moore is planning u> en ter commercial art next year. Here at AC she ly majoring In art and Enf•^^h L*«t year sh.* w.* Pine Knot edit<)r and is viry in the Stage and S'Tipt Club. Jo^n Kelly president of Di*Ua Sigma Si^ronty and past president of the Science Club. She is major* ini= in bs'and hopes to do grad uate* work in field Jim Hemby, an English and rt • lifion major, is presid«-nt of the Student Coop«-ralive Associatior* this y< ar ai»d is also outstandinK in Stag<- and Script I^st year he served ,i> editor of th»‘ ( ()I,LK<.I- A'l K. W'lnnrr of the Hoiary Cup for th<* out^tamhng -.cholastic average Ttiday the lK*.»uUes will rule in the Horneconifiig<*, which IS scheduU*d for 3 3U p.m. Judges for this contest h.i\e b«-«-n select««d from various pn»fessi<mal men here in town. Ttie queens arnl the organi/n- tioii.s s|i<*nsonng them an* a> fol lows ; Sigma Tau Chi - Callie Proctor l*hi Sigma Tau — Shirley Parker Delta Sigma -- Catherine Cottle Phi Kappy Alpha - Sylvia Alls- brook Sigma Aljiha Jean Vaughn Phi Delta Ciamma Judy Lane Freshman class - Ellie Huth ILir- reU Sophomore class - Joan Edwards Junior class Cynthia Hradley Senior class — Deloros Weaver Collegiate Stuff — Nancy Jucka<m Stage St Script Club - Evelyn Yi* onoulis Business Club — Jean Craft WAA — Dot Anderson Harper Hall — Madeline Albritton Caldwell Hall Carolyn O Bryant A Club — Mary Kllen Corbett Science Club - Joan Kelly AC Students Elected To District Offices Continued on Page Eight Two Atlantic Christian College .students were elc<ud to district offices at the annual convention of the Northeastern district of the Kuture Teachers Associa tion. Novemb<-r 5. Elaine (Joflwin. president of the AC chapter, was elect<*d district presid«-nt. and Ei ■ netine Mozingo, secretary, at the Greenville rneetmg. Dwight Smith of East Carolina, host for the e- vent. was elected vic«-pre:.idint. h’ranci's !*(><•, also of E('(*. j)re- /Idj'd. J<j«n Kelly, vice.president this year, led the devotion. Tlie principal talk wa*. given bv Miss Kate Park Kitchens of H<Kky Modnt. Students from AC att4*nding th«' •onvention w< tr I^i>rothy Mo/ingo. wh<j preM*nt<‘<i the nominees; for (»ffices. Italph Kennedy. Jackie Vicke. Vermin Bryan. Elaine (iod- win. J<*an Kelly. H<-tty Hritt Per kins. Kalph (Jray. arul Ernestine Nt/>zmgo Dr Hurt atteiKl«t] ah sptjn.sor of the AC chaini-r. j iMinds an<l elrvell fl(»at> jept(‘'>fiil i iiig the different club', on the ca- pus One of the flo.its will carry the Hotnrcoming Queen and the other candidate.s .siMtnsoiisl b> tjie v.tiious campiis <ug.ini/ation.' 'fhe basketball g.itne with the Lynchburg Hornets i> s«-t for 8 00 P M . Knday night At the halftime the Homecoming Qu* » n will bu cn»wrn*<l by .in A(’(' alunmus. Joo liolhday. who is now pnmMp*»V Ne«*dham Hroughton S('h<Hil, Haleigh Kegistr.iU<m for Homecoming will begin at 10 30 Saturday morn ing in front of the Ii4-rt Hardy Dining Hall rrograni At 11 00 in the Howar<l eha|H‘l a College Pii»gram will Iw pn sent- t*d Pr>*siding will Ik* J<m' Holliday, acting president of th«- Alumni As- so<*iation Preliminary ti> the pro gram the band will give a cou- cert Then welc«»meH will be ex tj'fKled by James Hemby as presi dent of the student bi>dy .ind by Dr. Tift.'is A White as president of the College Mr Holliday will make t^ie response At thl.H time Uie winners of the room insp<>ctioti cont<*st will b« announced and awatds made Numl>ers by the mixed ensembie will conclude the pr«)gram. l/unrhron Luncheon will U* serve<l .it 12 00 Saturday to the students and at I 00 o’clock t4» the alumni Tht; alumni business setislon follows in the lii rt Hardy Dining Hall, Head ing the busint'SK fse'^sion will l>v the acting president. Mr. Holliday. Other officer.', of Uie Alumnt As- s(K'iation are Miss Tassie Langle> s<<'ret«ry. Mr. (ie<irg«‘ Wtxidall, treasurer, and Mrs>eth liug- hey and Mr. Burney H McCottei. alumni repres« ntiitives to the col lege B<jard of Trust«*es. Tours of the campus .md all thi resid('iic«- halls will 1m- conducted foll(jwing th«- business ,i<^n. At this time everyone is invited to visit the dormitories and frateimty houses. wh»*re fija^n house will held Climax The annual Hom<‘<>>ming Hail will climax the Saturday festivities. The dance is set for 8 00 PM in the dining r<»om, and it is to be in formal Musie for the evening will be furnish«*d by th«- < i)lleg«- dance barwl. the Dreamers l*he Homecomuig werki i»d \^ill Im >-onchtd(*d oy ( ht»r« h v**ivicet (‘ontinued «>n Page K;;tjr at the state convenUon of Fu ture Teachers of America at E^ke, Vwember 6, were Elaine C^win Joan Kelly, Dfirothy and trn<., tine Mozingo, and Dr. Millard Burt. •he School of Architecture at N. State College with the intentions ’f becoming a United States citi-1 jj-neral =c:5ions were held 'en. His reputation rests mainly Fneine-ring BuiH!-- ir. ■.n work which he did when he wa. ir. the Engint.ring Continued on Page Four ■intin^ ,Pd 'jn Page Pictured left lo right: Shirley Slmmon«». Joan Kdwardn, Mary l,ee Hrinkley, and Jo \nn ( rumpkr.

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