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The Bennett banner : bulletin of Bennett College for Women. online resource (None) 193?-current, November 15, 1996, Image 2

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2 • BENNETT BANNER • NOVEMBER 15, 1996 • OPINION • OPINION ‘ OPINION • OPINION • OPINION • Paquita Herring Hairstyle bans are discriminatory What would you do if the Bennett College administration instituted a rule that students are not permitted to wear their hair parted on the left side, in braids, comrows, or frenchroll? According to a recent article published in the News & Record, students attending a junior high school in south suburban Chicago have been told what hairstyles are acceptable for school. And one student, an African-American female was given the choice of going home or sitting in the library alone all day because her frenchroll was parted on the right. Officials told her that she looked like a gang member. Braids, beads, comrows, hair coloring, dreadlocks, and ponytails for boys have also been banned for the same reason. This ban does not make sense. We have a constitutional right to bear arms, but some are not permitted to wear braids. A hairstyle says a lot about a person’s heritage. Braids and comrows are apart of the history of African-American people. Comrows and braids were worn by Egyptians many years ago and dreadlocks are a part of the Rastafarian religious beliefs. Many native American men still wear ponytails, and let's not forget about of the founders of these United States (including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson...). Some people wear a hairstyle because it fits the texture of their hair More often than not some choose a styles as a time saving measure; braided hair can last weeks or months. There are different reasons for the various styles worn today. Gang membership may be one for a small select group, but it is not the sole influence for the majority. JJie opinion eccpfteoded in t/UACofumniatfUU of UiecudAa>c onddoeAoot necedimit^teftedtAeopinion of. tfieentvte 53enneit 53annex ataff.. Student Opinion Poll: THK PEIVXETT BA^TjR The Newspaper produced by the Phenomenal Women of Bennett College EDITORIAL STAFF Paquita Herring—EDITOR Keita White FEATURES EDITOR REPORTERS Tamu Johnson HERSTORY Kisha Dodson SPORTS Donna Satterfield GENERAL ASSIGNMENT Jobina Brown SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER Camisha Gentry PHOTOGRAPHER Some photographs are courtesy of Gene Keenum in the Admissions Office and the Public Affairs and l\/larketing Office. FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Lona D. Cobb The Bennett Banner is a laboratory newspaper published twice a month during the academic year, except during months with College recognized holidays or College vacations. The newspaper is produced by and for students attending Bennett College. The newspaper office is located in Shell Hall C-2. What are you thankful for? The Thanksgiving Day holiday will soon be upon us. Some Belles share their thoughts of giving thanks. Photo by Camisha Gentry f.-yt,/" T ii- } I m A’SHAUNA TYLER JUNIOR MAJOR: MASS COMM HOMESTATE:FLORIDA I have so much to be thankful for. 1 did not expect ot attend school this semester. I had financial problems and almost gave up on Bennett. I really did not know how much students and teachers in my department cared about me. I am especially blessed to have a friend like Bianca Williams, who called me and asked me to see if something could be worked out. Dr. Brogdon-Wyatt and Mrs. Carrino [in the Mass Communications, Speech and Theatre Department] also cared enough to pull strings to get me back in school. If it were not for these individuals, I do riot think that I would have come back. I thank God every night and day for allowing me the opportunity to continue my education. MARYAM HAKEEM SOPHOMORE MAJOR: BIOLOGY HOME STATE: NEW YORK First I am thankful for life. I mean this is not only in the sense of being physically alive. In other words, the exception of not being amongst the mentally dead and knowing myself and my place in this universe. I will never be categorized as the mentally dead. I am also thankful for my loving family members. My opportunity to attend college at the age of 15 and to carry through with big plans is a blessing in itself. I am thankful that I am myself and that I can help and encourage others to be themselves. 1 am also thankful for my reward which is positive growth and development in all aspects of my life. JESSICA COVINGTON FRESHWOMAN MAJOR: NURSING HOME STATE: MICHIGAN I am thankful that on this 28th day of November, 20 years ago my mother gave birth to me. I am also thanlrful that 1 am allowed the chance to get an education from an higher learning institution. My thankfulness includes not being pregnant, dead, or on welfare. I am thankful for all my true Bennett sisters . who are always there when I need them and my family who keeps encouraging me when I feel discouraged. I am thankful that 1 can go into a store and buy what / want without [experiencing] prejudice, discrimination or bigotry. JJie Oiennett 3iannm wetcamea all tetttno. that at,e ty-p.ed, dau6-te- Afxaced, and not tongeK than 250 utmdA. (Mltel- tefiA to. the. eiUtoK tmial Be. aigned,andmuat include the. auifioK^a. name, ad- dxcAA and daytime te£e- pAone niunBen,. .Njo. iettefu. utill &e pu&- (iahed in ^Lhe Siannex uuiA- aut the authox^ A name. Clnce ou&mUted, a teUex beeame^ tfie. mle pAopexUf of Jjhe. Siennetl Sianneft and wiil not £e letwuted. 3jhe3iennetlSkumen. te- oexveA the right to. edit. £ette^. nui^ 6ie hand de- Civexed to. the Siannex of fice. in Shell. Mall C~2 ax mailed to. £ettex to the &di- toft, 5Jve diennett fBann&i, CampuA ^ 25, Siennett College GmcndSoxc., JV,C 27401.

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