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3 • BENNETT BANNER • MARCH 8. 2000 > OPINION » OPINION * OPINION * OPINION » OPINION * Banner Mailbag letters to the editor Student concerned about administraton, staff salaries As a student at Bennett College, I am forced to believe that becoming a phenomoial woman means excelling in the academic arena. I realize that becoming a phenomenal leader is related to how many changes you make. As I was thumbing through the “University Faculty Voice,” a periodical for the nation’s historically Black Colleges and Universities, I read an article about the salaries of administra tors and staff at our institutions. Bennett College was among the list of participants in the survey. 1997-1998 Bennett College Administration Salaries Dr. Gloria Scott $ 90,500 President Dr. Donna Oliver $ 75,000 Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Charlotte Alston $75,000 Provost Ms. Jean Humphrey, $70,000 Vice President Sponsored Programs Ms. Sandra Blue-Harris, $95,000 Vice President for Capital Campaigns Ms. Jeannie Wheeler, $72,000 College Secretary Revenue $17,734,038 Expenses $18,194,401.00 Deficit $ 460,363,00 It is appalling to see “Dear Old Bennett” had a deficit of about $500,000. 1 investigated colleges and universitlies with similar student populations and faculty ratios. Those included Wilberforce University and Chaflin College who had excess funds of $300,000 and $4,000,000 respectively. There are concerns that students have about where their mcmey is going, what grants are used for, and why so many fixtures are needed on the campus. Why are administration and staff receiving such healthy salaries at such a small institution? Students past and present have been stressed with the fiscal affairs and residence life of the college. I would love to freely give to Bennett College, but not until I’m given an answer and a change. Krishel A. Panion Sophomore Pre-Med major Miami, Fla. Respect goes with the responsibility of protesting What a blessing it is to be a student at Bennett College! What a blessing to be surrounded by so many phenomenal women... phenomenal students, phenom enal professors, and yes, even phenomenal administrators. In the wake of the recent demonstrations, I have been moved to speak on a number of issues sitting heavy on my heart: Respect for our elders, respect for our schools, and respect fw ourselves. First, let us remember that despite whatever we as students may feel as a result of some adverse conditions at Bennett, we must respect our administra tion for who and what they are: Our elders, and phenomenal Black women. I do not doubt that they are imperfect, as we all are. But we must appreciate the unique privilege we have as Bennett Belles. Where else can we look up to an administration filled with Black Women? I was alarmed and hurt to hear the ugly tones, cruel words, and see unpleasant attitude during our meeting with the board of trustees. Whatever our hard ships, we must handle them with grace and dignity. In a show of respect for our school, we must be careful of the portrayal we present of Bennett College to White media. Rules regarding the College’s deaUng with the press, I believe, are for our protection. Many contingents are simply waiting for fuel to fire their crusade against the Historically Black College. There is more to Bennett than broken showers. This is all some see. Additionally, we must consider just how many times we received positive press for the College. When is that last time we have made the front page of the local newspaper on a positive note? Finally, respect for ourselves must be addressed. This being a closed campus, no one has the opportunity to throw trash on campus but us, for the most part We must respect that when we took on the responsibility to stage a protest, we took on the responsibility to help pay the new $1.9 million debt necessary to address our pressing (and some trivial) complaints. We must recognize the maturity we must display when our tuition expenses increase. I believe in demonstrating our respect for our elders, our College, and ourselves we can preserve the legacy of our institution and move toward positive change. Lovingly, Shellie R. Morrison Junior, Sociology major Philadelphia, Pa. The Bennett Banner becomes the property of welcomes all letters that are The Bennett Banner and typed, doubled spaced, and will not be returned. The don't contain more than 175 Banner editor reserves the words. right to edit all letters. All letters to the editor Letters may be hand must be signed and must delivered in person to the include the Banner author's •••••••• • letter policy • ^ address, * Ir J • 5/jg// ^-2 9 daytime Letters to telephone number. No the Editor letters will be published in The Bennett Banner the Banner without the Campus Box 25 author's name. Bennett College Once a letter has been Greensboro, NC accepted by the editor, it 27401 Belle says recent protest an unforgettable experience They say “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” I agree. I have been to some great day-after-Christmas sales. They said, “Sometimes you have to make everything a resource.” I know that’s right because I have gotten my share of hookups with other people’s mall employee discounts (when I’ve never even worked at that particular mall.) They also said, “Don’t be moved.” I said I know that’s right because if I don’ feel like partying this weekend I won’t, (but there is always next week end.) I know I sound extremely clueless and I was, and I’m sure I still am in some areas. However, I have every right to be. Like many of you, I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from and I didn’t have to worry about the bills because my parents handled all that and more. I worried about things that don’t matter now, but were very important then, like what I was wearing to the football game on Friday. Things have changed. I’m saying all this to show how amazing it is that a two-day protest can change your outiook on life. Feb. 18, for the first time during my college days, I was a part of something that really mattered and effected more than just my friends and me. My Bennett sisters and I sat on the President’s lawn, shared our things, and told our real life experiences while passing out hot chocolate, filed chicken, etc. We sat in the cold for a few hours but were not moved. We did the same thing was warmer on Saturday - thank God! We did this because it was right and that’s what makes it so great I did not start this whole [protest], but I am proud to be a part of it Those of you who were unable to attend for whatever reason.. Just know that you have not lived until you have protested with fed up Bennett Belles. This was an experience I’ll never forget Frances Dreama Adamson Sophomore, Accounting Major Conway, S.C.

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