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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, April 01, 1941, Image 1

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nua ■^ess comes in cans, "e in can’ts. he! 'enis ;s. THE ECHO Quality of Product is Essential to Continuing Success It is well to know. It is better to try. No. 2 it’s s J» PISGAH FOREST, N. C. April, 1941 Number 2 hnder assumes sJIES AI ECHSTA ^ k Alexander, well known e and coach, assumed his e S', April 1st as Athletic Eucsta. His career tilete and coach is well to all sports fans in ^tl) Carolina and the entire /lA* TT cesj; a native of West- i/oi> 5-^^ and after from Asheville ; fechool, entered Duke ty.ersity m 1932. Reserved ^^our years under Wallace of the Duke MiiiK his capacity called signals j,ie huddle and was consid- a the finest college -jders m the south. He will ^t Duke . football hero, but perhaps ,rl remembered at Caro- y tor it was in 1935 that > ina s powerful gridiron through the oi'Uco !*. and untied; S, the roses of Pasal ’rf ’ hey traveled over to - take Duke's meas- ; “'I'y obstruction of a I ( u'T the Rose Bowl it- *t was Jack Alexand- is'e and P'ays for le, 50,000 wit- ni'terl » twice ttf Carolina’s goal 25-0 upset that %'isand5*"*f r hearts of > and i support- lot n '^®P"''ed the Tar Heel rH' (Continued on Page Four) Since locating at Pisgah For est, Champagne Paper Corpor ation has had a very outstand ing record in accident preven tion. Recently the company was awarded a certificate of merit for conspicuous achievement in accident prevention by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Com pany. This certificatje was awarded in view of the fact that, from December 22, 1939 to August 5, 1940, the plant of Champagne was operated with out a single lost time accident. This period of time represents a total of 227,760 man hours. From August 5, 1940 to April 18, 1941, 300,000 hours have been worked by the 'employees of Champagne with only one lo_st time accident, making a total of more than 577,000 man hours with only one accident occuring in which a workmian lost time. This enviable record is one of which Champagne employ ees can justly be proud, for without the cooperation of each individual man, such a record would not have been possible. Of course, there have been a number of minor accidents which invariably oc cur in a factory, but all of these were given first aid in the plant infirmary and resulted in no s'erious consequences. CHAMPAGNE EMPLOYEES HAVE MADE EXCELLENT SAFETY RECORD Meetings of the Champagne Safety Committee have been held at regular intervals, a r*e- sult of which every man and woman working in the ^ plant have become safety rnjinded. All possible hazards in the plant have been removed or made safer by the placing of guards on moving parts of the machinery. The congenial feeling which exists among the employees and their employer has aided in helping each individual realize that his carefulness is absolutely necessary for the greatest efficiency regfarding accident prevention. With the coming of Mr. New berry as safety director for Champagne and Ecusta, Cham pagne workers are determined that, not only shall the present high record in lost time acci dents be maintained, but that every day minor accidents be reduced to a minimum. The printers, gummers, and booklet makers in Champagne Paper Corporation under the sup^ervision of Mr. Walter Straus have set a high standard in accident prevention which gives the other concerns locat ed at Pisgah Forest something to strive to attain. Important Notice The shift schedule at Ecusta is so arranged that once each month the employees have the benefit of several days off. Many take advantage of this period to take trips away from Brevard. This fact is causing some complication in the case of men to whom the Draft Board sends questionnaires, classification card's, or notices to report for examination. The local Draft Board has requested that we urge all em ployees who are subject to the draft to contact the draft office before leaving town for a sev eral days period, and find out whether there is any communi cation which might be mailed to them during the time they are to be away. This proced ure will prevent many compli- Suggestion Box Employees are urged to use the suggestion boxes which have been placed in convenient places. Your ideas are consid ered valuable and you are urg ed to make any suggestions which you think would make any improvement at the plant. Your idea may seem insignifi cant, but it might prove to be the starting point for a valu able improvement. The management states; “We have recently installed a suggestion box by each time clock. We want to assure all of you that your suggestions are not only welcome but are solicited, and that each and every suggestion will receive the attention it deserves.’' cations, and perhaps penalties, in connection with the selective service program. SEVERAL EMPLOYEES IN TRAINING UMPS As the Selective Military Service program goes forward, Ecusta continues to furnish men for training. A total of thirteen are now in the various training camps over the nation, and a number of others will be leaving during April. The first men to leave us were David Pickier and Edgar Allen, who several months ago joined the Navy and are now “old sea men.” Pickier is located in Panama while Allen is in Nor folk, Va. Next to leave was J. D. Poland, the first draftee from Transylvania County, who left in January. During the same month E. E. Vassey, Jr., Howard Galloway, and Clifton “Coot” Moore volun teered for service in the Air Corps. During the mdnth of Febru ary five more left to take their places in the ranks. John Ham lin, who had previously served in the Army and held the rank of Sergeant, was suddenly called. Sergeant Hamlin had been employed as a printer in Champagne Paper Corporation since June, 1939. When he left he did not know just where he would be located. All he knew was that he had orders to report to Atlanta, Ga. So far he has failed to write and tell us where he is stationed. Burwell Hall, Jr., who held the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Mar*ines, was likewise suddenly called to report for duty. Burwell had been em ployed as a filter plant operat or since August, 1939. The last time we heard from him, he was in Philadelphia. The February draft call took Jack Hogsed, Walter McNeely, and Ed Runnion. Jack was a member of Tony’s crew; Wal ter was employed' in the beater room; and Ed, who will be re membered as our “blabbing” baseball catcher, was employ ed in the finishing department. Hall Owen, who worked in the chemical laboratory, held a number which was near the top. He preferred the Air ((Umtiiiual on Pane Font') MISS jusune wiuiams, womenir wpadtvTf act in the hand f lit)rarian and will be on P M A. , M., until 5:00 will 1 books. The books wppk w ^ period of one niiiroe if the reader re- s more time, books may be re- an additional week, we have in our files a request list so in the event that you do not if 1 reading interests on our shelves We shouid appreciate your suggestions for iuture book orders. Among the mar\y famous authors ' on Page 4 J t-n 1 _ , -— nodep. Idep. 2dep. ^ no dep. 1 dep. 2 dep $ 750 $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. $1000 1 $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. 800 3. 0. 0. 0. 1100 1 3- 0. 0. 0. 900 11. 0. 0. 0. 1200 1 6. 0. 0. 0. 1000 21. 0. 0. 0. 1300 1 9- 0. 0. 0. 1100 31. 0. 0. 0. 1400 I 12. 0. 0. 0. 1200 40. 0. 0. 0. 1500 1 15. 0. 0. 0. 1300 50. 0. 0. 0. 1600 ! 18. 0. 0. 0. . 1400 59. 0. 0. 0. 1700 1 21. 0. 0. 0. 1500 69. 0. 0. 0. 1800 1 24. 0. 0. 0. 1600 79. 6. 0. 0. 2COO 1 30. 0. 0. 0. 2000 117. 42. 6. 0. 2500 1 45. 15. 9. 3. 2500 165. 90. 50. 12. 3000 1 60. 30. 24. 18. 3000 221. 138. 98. 58. 3500 1 75. 45. 39. 33. 3500 284. 186. 146. 106. 4000 1 90. 60. 54. 48. Mr. A. J. Loeb, better known to Ecustans as “Art” Loeb, recently returned to Brevard. Mr. Loeb is Vice Pres, of the California Central Fibre Corporation and has been lo cated at El Centro, Calif., for the past year. On Nov. 12, Mr. Loeb was married to the former Miss Kathleen Vachreau of Wausau, Wis. The ceremony look place in Chicago and their honeymoon was spent in Florida. We extend our very best wishes to the bride an-- groom and hope that their stri- here wiU be an extended one. je. -ole

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