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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, October 01, 1941, Image 1

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>S*SPITAL Bxtra ida,y b be; of 1 eacK )all^>lume No. 2 the,,^ THE ECHO Quality of Product is Essential to Continuing Success HOSPITAL EDITION PISGAH FOREST, N. C. October, 1941 Number 7 - W fineM le has USTA HOSPITAL DRIVE IS ON PLAN COPENIENT ,.|RiBirnoN that;,. [•qW* Y )OUt, of tl dsj Corporation, Paper Corporation tie ndless Belt Corporation 311 jj cooperate with their em- n, .IS in a drive to raise funds the new .Ss. Brevard. Sufecient +2 yet been raised pet the building which ein CS 7.,^®^®t^uction. The y c4vtdn 1 county, as well ?’ cooperating npxt 1 the necessary a+erf been worked employees can Ppg[Dute in small amounts qV- §^**104 time in making gl)j conation. Many would fJP give $5.00 or $10.00, but fhe'Sf; afford to part pet ^^^9^ money at one laV^vii IS believed every ’s ^'3 afford to give one ; ^ for 12 f J^^i^thereby be able ^®^^®tantial d.onation 1! ^^convenience of .mg a large gift at any one pa8«; OJ yjiti^nks have been prepared subscribe ^’iks hi • These tl>p will be given to the em Qjti ;es and they should be fill ' i to the fori ?ito the 'per^„«^| ‘hen be all') thp pI foi*ward- asii'e dediu^fn^ I?epartment .4f^uctions will be made 'nt«'week checks hcf' ddU? to ;e'JcL“tovi"/4 A •SWll'oS" )ital toward the . ^loyees ari Fund. All V' ® to fill out immediately and ? f ^^t deductions s£> be in ^?^^that the drive PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE - Industrial Workers LAST AND FINAL APPEAL TO ALL EM PLOYEES OF ECUSTA PAPER CORPORA TION, CHAMPAGNE PAPER CORPORA TION, ENDLESS BELT CORPORATION All of us agree that a modern and up-to-date hospital is very much needed in Brevard, Pisgah Forest and Transylvania County. Such a hospital is under construction at the present time in Brevard. Sufficient funds have not yet been raised to complete the building and furnish it with the necessary medical equipment and furniture. The people of Brevard have just completed, a drive and are still raising funds. While this is going on, upon my request, all those employed by Ecusta, Champagne and Endless^Belt have not been approached, as again we want to make this a “com pany” affair. 'Whatever you give this time, same as the last, Ecusta, Cham pagne and Endless Belt Corporations AVILL MATCH DOLLiAR FOR DOLLAR. A plan has been worked out whereby our employees can con tribute in small amounts over a period of time, which will make it easy for them to do their share and, at the ssutne time, render a very noble service to all the citizens of Transylvania County. It is my hope and ambition that, without exception, each and every employee of the companies, of which I have the honor to be President, will donate at least one hour’s pay per week, for a period of twelve weeks, to this fund. If this can be accomplish ed, the employees of our various corporations, jointly, should be able to accumulate an amount in the neighborhood of $10,000^ which the corporations are willing to match, so that from the three corporations we hope to be able to contribute to this hospital under construction a total of not less than $20,000. The benefits of a hospital will come to all of you. A hoyital is needed in times of distress, and while I hope that none of you will have to be patients in this hospital, it is necessary that the hospital be ready for you when the time comes. This does not only apply to those who live in Pisph Forest and Brevard, but to all employees—no matter where their homes happen to be—because in an emergency they will have to be brought to a hospital where m^em sery.ce and attention is immediately available. This you will find in e new ospi a under construction. We want to make this a whirl-wind campaign which ought to be completed in a week’s time, and I hope, as stated ® that all of you will, without exception, enter into the worK which we have undertaken. The buildings are well advanced in construction, and we want to bring them under cover before the cold weather sets in. Con- sf^nii>ntlv. we do not have much time to waste. In advance, I thank all of you for your whole-hearted coop eration in this noble enterprise. Sincerely yours, HARRY H. STRAUS, President. The empolyees of the vari ous industries in Transylvania county will be greatly benefit- ted by the new hospital which is being erected. Modern hos pital facilities will be available at home and it will not be neces sary to travel thirty or forty miles for these facilities. All of the employees and most of the families 01 the employees of the companies belong to the Hos pital Saving Association and have a form of insurance which will cover ordinary hospital bills. When the new hospital is completed it will mean modem hospital facilities will be avail able for those who need hos pitalization. Everyone will feel much more secure if he knows that he has hospitalization in surance and that a modern, well equipped hospital is avail able within a few minutes. Every employee should real ize the benefit of the hospital to them and their families and contribute toward this worthy cause. BREVARD CITIZEN DRIVE IS SUCCESS During the past few months, two teams of staunch Brevard supporters, captained by Jerry Jerome and Harry Sellers, have received subscriptions totaling $5,000. Several individuals were known to have given as much as $500.00. This group was led by such men as Mr. Frank D. Clement, Mr. Verne Clement, Dr. C. L. Newland, Mr. W. M. Schwarz and Mr. Walter V. Landeck. _ The subscription total was given a great boost when the old equipment was found to be worth over $2,000.00 in trade- in for new equipment. Several organizations within Brevard have obligated them selves to raise money for fur ther hospital equipment. Mr. Jerome and Mr. Sellers should be commended for their excellent work. Miss Justine Williams, Women's “ Director, will act in the librarian and will be on nand from 8:45 A. M., until 5:00 «r'ni u , books. The books ir tr ® period of one weeK. However, if the reader re quires more time, books may be re newed for an additional week. We have in our files a request list so in the event that you do not find your reading interests on our shelves we shouid appreciate your suggestions for f uture book orders. Among the mar*ty famous authors Contir 4 no dep. 1 dep. 2 dep. no dep. 1 dep. 2 dep $ 750 $ 0. 1 $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. $1000 $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. $ 0. 800 3. 1 0* 0. 0. 1100 3. 0. 0. 0. 900 11. 1 0. 0. 0. 1200 6. 0. 0. 0. 1000 21. I 0. 0. 0. 1300 9. 0. 0. 0. 1100 31. i 0. 0. 0. 1400 12. 0. 0. 0. 1200 40. I 0. 0. 0. 1500 15. 0. 0. 0. 1300 50. ! 0. 0. 0. 1600 18. 0. 0. 0. . 1400 59. 1 0. 0. 0. 1700 21. 0. 0. 0. 1500 69. i 0. 0. 0. 1800 24. 0. 0. 0. 1600 79. 1 6. 0. 0. 2C00 30. 0. 0. 0. 2000 117. 1 42. 6. 0. 2500 45. 15. 9. 3. 2500 165. i 90. 50. 12. 3000 60. 30. 24. 18. 3000 221. 1 138. 98. 58. 3500 75. 45. 39. 33. 3500 284. I 186. 146. 106. 4000 90. 60. 54. 48. Mr. A. J. Loeb, better known to Ecustans as “Art” Loeb, recently returned to Brevard. Mr. Loeb is Vjce Pres, of the California Central Fibre Corporation and has been lo cated at El Centro, Calif., for the past year. On Nov. 12, Mr. Loeb was married to the former Miss Kathleen Vachreau of Wausau, Wis. The ceremony took place in Chicago and their honeymoon was spent in Florida. We extend our very best wishes to the bride am. groom and hope that their stf.i- here will be an extended one. !e. -ole

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