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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, January 01, 1942, Image 1

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“He who seeks security through surrender of liberty loses both.” — Geo. Washington. itb® ttlie t 0 ' ije riif 0^ W. lesf'* THE ECHO Quality of Product is Essential to Continuing Success Do I push or do I ride and drag my feet? Volume No. 3 PISGAH FOREST, N. C January,, 1942 Number 10 SAVINGS PLAN IS INSTALLED enrollment FOR CIVILIAN DEFENSE GEITING STARTED Employees Are Urged To Do Their Share lies' touc^ oU to"*, Vo«l* frei vbis^ S'4 d Citizens of Transylvania County are '^ged to enroll for civilian defense In an emergency such as exists ^^ay, it is necessary to organize the civilians for defense duty so that in of emergency we will not be un- J’’epared. There are many jobs to be in safeguarding our security in ||Qies of war. Many of our employees had training in the field where ^eir services can be utilized in this J^ergency. They are urged to volun- their services along whatever they are best qualified. Enrollment blanks are available at Personnel Office for those \vho willing to volunteer their services, are confident that every employee ^ iiot only willing but anxious to lend ^atever aid he can injthis emergen- It is hoped that they will enroll hundred per cent. % ^rning To Employees Doubling l/p Will Help Save Tires ae. i * J f cm C b ^ If tn the 0PM Office in Washin?- has ordered that all automobile ot || be rationed it might be wise for (1 ^0 think about the safety of the iaV6 j, 6s that are now on our automobiles, ines gii| ^ as a precaution to our employees Police department suggests that jjt drivers park as close to the lights parking lots as possible. This h's prevent the unscrupulous ' “borrowing” your tires. Also be * about parking on dark and ^ated streets, tb efforts should be made by em- loveJ^^Vees to double up and save tires ow ^jjjL^^ch as possible. Check with your ^^bors and try to work out a trans- whereby four or five sP° Pie may use the same car. jene aftef ;kSO»^^ ed to ta lc air*^ PRESIDENT’S BALL ‘e annual President’s Ball will be at the Brevard Country Club Friday, January 30th. Music will ^^^rnished by the Buccaneers Or- ■^tra from Asheville. Ecusta peo- i^.^ho are interested should place ^ ^reservations with Miss Roberta at eks, s expe^ and a the oined nt tbf^j he aiJ* ore May I** h. cashier of the cafeteria. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Believing that our employees would like to have an opportunity to help our Government in its Defense Program, and by so doing, set aside a certain portion of their earnings as a savings account, our Company has decided upon a plan of voluntary systematic sav ings available to all employees who care to participate. Your money, in addition to providing a sound in vestment guaranteed by our Government, will be put to work at once in the National Defense Program to pro tect the safety and the freedom of the United States of The Plan is a simple one, whereby the Company will buy for each employee who so desires, United States Defense Savings Bonds, Series E, $25.00 denom inations, as rapidly as his or her savings accumulate through monthly deductions from his or her earnings. Participation in the Plan will be wholly voluntary. I hope that all of you will wholeheartedly take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to help our Government by making such sound investment, all of us put our shoulders to the wheel and push Ecusta “over the top”. I thank you. HARRY H. STRAUS, President. MAKE 1942 YOUR SAFEST YEAR Looking back over our safety record for 1941, we find that thpre is ereit room for improvement during the coming year. To beein^ith far too many injuries resulted from inattention Lh Sfrnractices. Numerous infections and in some cases, loss of time from work were the result of employees attempting to removTIplinters and of minor injuries not being given immed- iatfSSeX With competent nurses on duty every hour of *"^‘'?^ed“^t"Lpe"etvo^ o^/eraSig IT K?s"T^ s;r£".. ■»»«if,-. i the medical to earn your livelihood and the least keeping you facilities, you can do is to year as a member of the Ecusta In rounding out my tirst year pleasure of Family, I wish to say tha cooperative than I have working with anyone ^^“fSs organization to be. found the entire L-iness and the many suggestions Safety Is Everybody s BusmM^^ eliminating that have been received dunng the p hazards and making our plant a sal P appreciated. Your of you a Happy, Healthy, Prosp Newbury. ECUSTAHrGHLIGHTSOF l»il Sf Raymond Bennett Ked Vice-president of Engineer’s * Club ^ The Superintendents. Ecusta^is host to pennant fdp Mill w ns first place bowling trophy. ^e^ S;«orms given to e«P W Champagne wins baseball tiue tion Director. nTidGr way. Vocational framing g ^, victories. Robert and Charlie employees. ^ ^ Ecusta Library opened to employees made m the The grand showing tnai. Hospital Drive. j^to new quarters. Handbooklet Department mov The Christmas Bonus. Authorization Cards Can Be Obtained In Mr. Wells’ Office Wonderful Opportunity To Join In The Defense Program Employees of Ecusta Paper Corpor ation, Champagne Paper Corporation and Endless Belt Corporation are now able to join in the defense program by purchasing Defense Bonds through the salary deduction plan. This plan is outlined in the following para graphs: I. Intoduction A. To povide a means by which employees may set aside regularly, a part of their earnings for the pur chase of United States Defense Sav ings Bonds, there has been estab lished, and will be administered under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, a monthly payroll deduction plan. B. The Defense Savings Bonds to be purchased under this Plan are the Series E Bonds of $25.00' denomina tions. The cost of each bond is $18.75 and it matures in 10 years. The Bonds are issued by, and are direct obliga tions of, the United States Govern ment. They are not transferable, are non-negotiable, and have no collateral or loan value. C. Investment yield equals 2.9% compounded semi-annually when Bond is held to maturity. Bonds may be cashed at any time after 60 days from date of issue during the first year at the redemtion value (which is cost price) fixed by the Treasury Depart ment. After they have been held more than one year the surrender value is greater than cost and in creases every half year. D. Registration — Defense Savings Bonds can be registered only as fol lows: 1. In the name of one person. 2. In the name of two persons as co-owners. Continued on pase 4 HRE PROTECTION OFFERED BY POUa Register Your Tires At Oncol In order to protect Ecusta employ ees as much as possible against hav ing their tires stolen, the Ecusta Po lice Department is asking that each of us submit to them the size, the make, and the serial number of each tire that we have on our car. The quicker these numbers are filed with the Police Department, the quicker they will be able to help us in our troubles. Buy DEFENSE bonds STAMPS I

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