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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, January 01, 1942, Image 2

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Page 2 THE ECHO Organ of Employees at Ecusta Paper Corporation Champagne Paper Corporation and Endless Belt Company Published Monthly, at PISGAH FOREST, N. C. Printed by Champagne Job Printing Department. , LET’S DANCE During the past few weeks the sug gestion has come to us that there be dances held in the cafeteria. This sug gestion, as are all suggestions, have been seriously considered and the Recreation Department is happy to announce that it will be glad to co operate with any group or department that wishes to have a dance. Since the cafeteria can accommo date only a limited number, it is im possible to have a dance for all Ecusta employees at one time, therefore, it is suggested that the dances be held by different departments on separate occasions. In many cases it might re quire more than one dance to accom modate all employees in a depart ment. Now that the door is open for such entertainment, it is recommended by the Recreation Department that each department start their dance plans as soon as they wish. The Recreation Department is prepared to work with each department in helping make ar rangements for such occasions. ‘‘WISHING WELL” When you reach the end of the cafeteria line you will find there a “Wishing Well”, placed there for the purpose of building a fund in the drive against Infantile Paralysis. Every donation will be gratefully r«- ceived and even your smallest gift will be greatly appreciated. NEW LIBRARY IS MAKING PROGRESS Form Habit Of Reading One Book Each Week THE ECHO A Big Year For Ecusta! OURlMx ecdS'TA'S MOE A 4o5 PITAL POSSIBLE " BRtVAR Januar3^1^42 Of/ 30//^ t=ooD. iWtToo T/Reo A C/\fereR/A \VaS FOR ECUSTA WORKERS rELL0V7 R£soL^£o -TO smy iND (QIH mt (is A GRE mi 5AIL L-eo m — Jack ALEXAMoef^- BUY A DEFENSE BOND Inspection Dept. Makes Pledge for Coming Year The various shifts of the Inspection Dept, would like to take this oppor tunity to express to the management appreciation for the individual Christ mas gifts presented a short time ago The spirit which prompted such action will surely engender a like spirit and we pledge to the company our coop eration and loyalty in our common undertakings. We wish you a most prosperous and happy new year. SIGNED: The Entire Personnel of Inspection Dept., Shifts A. B. C. and D. CHRISTMAS WEDDING Miss Mary Louise Williams, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Williams, of Clopton, Ala., was married to Ralph Clayton Morris, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Morris, of Brevard, on Christmas day, December 25, in Greenville, S. C. The bride was attired in a soldier blue suit with brown accessories. Mr. Morris is employed by the Ecusta Paper corporation. Mrs. Morris is employed at the first aid depart ment of Ecusta. Mr. and Mrs. Morris are making their home in Brevard. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelson attend ed the wedding ceremony. SAFETY SAVES It is surprising the number of pe°' pie who feel that Safety is a secondary part of their job, a problem to taken into consideration after, in their opinion, the weightier matters, such as production, quality and cost, ha 'C been taken care of. However, Safety is so much a of production, cost and quality to separate it from them, to fail to appreciate the close relationship, to treat Safety as secondary, is to once affect the others adversely, caus ing production to decrease, costs increase, and quality to be lowere«- Whereas, to give Safety its rightfii place on our jobs is to immediate^ improve our prospects of accomplish' ing all the other desirable goals. Therefore, let’s all put Safety and reap the many benefifts we haV'- so long been missing. Ecusta Receives Nevrs From Ralph Waldrop Appreciates Courtesies Shovr** Him Since Leaving Us Camp Tyson Paris, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1941 The new library, having functioned for only one month, has made great strides. To date the library has cir culated over 500 books and as each day goes by, the number of readers is'increased. The Recreation Depart ment feels however, that the librai^ will not be a complete success until all employees become familiar with it and find it of value to them. We cannot over-emphasize the fact that the new Ecusta Library is your prop erty and the material placed therein is available for but one purpose, that of serving your reading desires. We are proud of our selection but hope to make the library service of still greater benefit to you through your suggestions. Either drop a letter in the suggestion box or come in and see the librarian in person. Two Inspection Men Leave For The Army Earle Fullbright, who has been em ployed in the Physical Testing Labo ratory since March, has volunteered in the army for aviation ground crew ^ work. Earl Garren, former Inspector on Shift “C” of the Inspection Depart ment, has enlisted in the Navy and left Ecusta on December 19. M i Cai Tl jQ t city 6Ver four Enki seve; ond Br Uori the ] ^alt Jverj 837 j & 4. & Chan ^cusi ^she ‘evi I Heed Jepsi DOING OUR PART As we stand today with our backs to Christmas and our faces toward the New Year we are confronted with the fact that 1942 finds us no longer a peaceful nation and we wonder what the coming months have in store for us. To begin with we realize fully that our country faces a stupendous task — a task which each liberty loving American must help perform by finding his place in that great machine which is to restore peace and happiness to a war-torn and ha rassed world. We may we^ll ask ourselves that all important question, how can I best serve my country? Again I would say that we should each strive to find the place for which we are best fitted. Some from among us have already taken their places “with the colors”. Others will be leaving soon to enter various branches of the military service. To these we give our assurance that we will do our utmost to stand behind them in whatever way we can be of the greatest service, and if necessary, I am positive that there is not one of us who would not gladly stand shoulder to shoulder with these men rather than have “Old Glory’’ re placed by the flag of “The Land of the Rising Sun”, or the “Swastika” of Hitler’s forces. Let us all try to keep cool heads, avoid hasty decisions, and think deeply and seriously in regard to the best way to serve our country in this great crisis. Man power is only one of our many urgent needs. Our armed forces must be supplied with all the necessities for winning this war, which means that our factories must produce as never before. If we are a part of this great industrial branch of service, let us resolve to do our highest type of work, not only as a part of a corporation but also because we are serving our country as well by doing our part to help preserve our way of life, (the Ameri can way), for ourselves and our posterity; which means that this blessed land of liberty shall be freed from the oppression of dictatorship and the “Stars and Stripes” shall float aloft for ever “o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Eugene King. Mr. J. O. Wells Ecusta Paper Corp. Pisgah Forest, N. C. Dear Mr. Wells: , ^ For some time I have been thin^f ^ 1 would get around to writing, } ^ have more or less put it off until was sent up here with the vieW ' mind that I would more or less ^ here for some time. All of my life I have heard ® “Sunny Tennessee” but some one been mistaken, for it has been and mud since I have been here- can’t very well say that I am fond of the place, but under the Hruc, s 'Ob] fade ! cumstances that have sent me y like it very well and maybe the I am here the more I will like However, no where will I find any of these United States as well to fancy as Transylvania county in ern N. C. This camp is still under consti^^j tion. There will probably be sev® thousand men here when all of ^ ^ I, Luc j Nei “fot i p 'IJne tere ^he !«1e lue : •ys a SI ®st, K' Mv. Jilad ^ot units have moved in. My principal ^ will be Chemical Warfare prop®^ " ® Officer. I will have other dutie? ^ signed but can’t give any detail ^ to what they will be. However, the war has broken out I am or less expecting to be ordered with troops. So that is somethin^ look forward to. I trust that everything is along fine at Ecusta. I certainly j being around there. The friends ^ were made there and their loya^ ^ something worth fighting for can’t be found just anywhere. jy the courtesies shown me are de^P' ^atl .®ek-€ ia. ,^ild “Its i tav( ''Uld ^ari t>ec ‘fy appreciated. liin to Give everyone my regards and ^ forget to send me a copy of the s. Sincerely yours, Ralph L. Waldrop, 1st Lt., C. W. S. tl Ca FOUND: One ring in Machine Room.,the Owner call Athletic Dept.

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