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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, February 01, 1942, Image 1

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“Those that can give up essential liberty to ob tain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.” —Benjamin Franklin. THE ECHO Quality of Product is Essential to Continuing Success “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” —Thomas Paine. Volume No. 3 PISGAH FOREST, N. C. February, 1942 Number 11 ECUSTA BAND IS ORGANIZED RDUCnON PUN IS ON WEEEY BASIS Of Bonds Has Increased Tremendously Because of numerous requests, de- jMions for the defense bonds are to made each week for all those on J^eekly payrolls and each month for .•■ose on monthly payrolls. Fifty cents the minimum amount to be deduct- by the week but greater amounts be deducted, this in multiples of r^such as $1.25, $1.50, etc. Minimum ''Auctions from those on monthly ^yrolls is $2.50 or any multiple of foremen will be provided with en- cards for each dept, and when aese are filled out properly, they may ® turned back to the foremen or ^«t to Mr. J. 0. Wells. .^oney set aside for employee credit ^ be refunded at any time before bond is purchased. After the ''Qd is purchased and held for 60 ^ys, the employee may cash it at the >st Office for the amount paid. Bond deductions are not contribu- Every employee who takes ad- ?^tage of this plan is saving money. ‘Very dollar invested is worth a re- of one dollar and thirty-three and •le-third cents. At the same time, ''^^sta employees can feel that they '*‘6 doing their share for the defense America. 4:30 O’clock In The Library Since the Ecusta library has become better known to Ecusta em ployees, there has been a great increase i^ the amount of readers. Every afternoon some new reader makes his or her appearance. The Library is now loaning books on the average of 45 books a day. Above is a typical scene at the Library durmg each afternoon. tSS WILLIAMS HAS ADDmONAL DUTIES Ubrary To Become More Centralized- ^ecently Miss Justine was made ^*^pany Librarian. In addition to duties as Librarian for the Rec- ^tion Library, she will take care of ijo|.,®ring and cataloging all business ...R technical publication purchased Subscribed to by the Company. Certain business publications of ^'eral or administrative interest will shelved on the third floor of the % Office Building and will be un- ^ the care of Miss Kathleen Ricker. ^*s section of the library to be Wn as the Business Library. Tech- publications and reference will be located in the new Lab- pft^tory Building (upon its -‘omple- and will be under the supervis- ,s of Mr. Sam Gordon. This section be known as the Technical Lib- AVpt Army Army Army Army [. —t-v where certain materials .ijt be retained as reference books, f ^J^ess and technical publications, as books in the Recreation d"’ will be put into circulation, ue Echo will attempt to list some new books and periodipals re- from time to time. They will A^^isted under the above sectional indicating the place where such to ^^^ials may be obtained or referred 100 MEN LEAVE ECUSTA Approximately 100 men have left Ecusta to serve in the United States Army, Navy, and Air Corps. Out of this number practically every depart ment in the entire plant has one or more representatives in one of the fields of service. Below is a list of men who have either volunteered or have been drafted since the first training began. Name and Position Branch of Service Allen, Joseph E., Beaterman U. S. Navy Arthur, John E„ Slitter Service U. S. Army Asheworth, Walter C., Mill Office Clerk ^ Army Air Corps Batson, Homer L., Backtender U. S. .^my Batson, Hubert E., Inspector ^rmy Beatty, Lee F., Asst. Filter Plant Oper. Army Air Corps Beddingfield, Ray J., First Helper - U. S. Army BeU, Henry C., Cleaner Crew u. Bishop, John E., Slitter Operator u* ^ Black, Gordon R., Machinist ^ Blackwell, Jack A., Printing-Service u. Bolt, Robert R., Landscape Foreman — — Bowman, Ned, Machine Tender Ji* Bryson, Ottis J., Qleaner Crew ^ g Navy Cagle, Clarence E., Canteen Operator — ' r Carpenter, J. Spurgeon, Office Clerk ^ ^ ^ Carter, Roy E., Gumming Operator ' ' ^ Conley, Edward, Pointing Opei^^^^^^^^ g' Cooke, V. Raymond, Jr., Mill Office Clerk Corps. Cook, Charles C„ Jr., Quality Supervisor Daly William, Office Clerk ' Army Drake, E. Vincent, Bartender U.’ S.’ Army English, Ernest B., Shipp ^ g ]^[arines Ensley, ^ummine Operator'" Army Air Corps. Erwin, Harold L., Gumming p g Evans, Floyd, __ U. S. Navy Evans, Vance, U. S. Navy Fowler, Earl, Printing g U. S. Army Fullbright, Earle, Asst. Quality Supe ^ g Galloway, Howard, Third Hand — g Garren, Earl, Inspector ^ g j^nny Garren, Jones, """ ___ U. S. Army Gash, Lantle W., Pre Washer Helper ^ g Gordon, Albert F., Army Air Corps. Gottlieb, Robert J., Pilot Plant Operat _u. S. Navy Green, C. Russell, Cafeteria Bus J3oy . —^ " g Hall, Burwell F., Filter Plant Operator U. S. Army Hamlin, John, Printing operator --------- 11”” U. S. Navy Harvey, William H., Jr., _ U. S. Marines Hedge, Charles Richard, Printing-Seryic ^ g Hill, John O’Donald, Canteen Operator U. S. Army Hogsed, Jack, Yard Crew u. S. Marines Holliday, Fulton, First Helper VJJ U. S. Army Houk, Cameron A., Slitter Service Army Air Corps. Hunt, Ruel S., Filter Plant Operator — - -g. S. Army Hutchinson, Fred J., Gumming Operator U. S. Army Johnson, Joe Roy, Blender Helper (Conlinued on P*8® First Rehearsal Held Friday Night Feb. 6th Mr. Harry H. Straus To Back Venture One Hundred Percent There has been considerable dis cussion during the past few months concerning the organization of an Ecusta Band. Many employees who heard of the likelihood of such organ ization came to the Recreation De partment to voice opinions, give sug gestions, and help in the general round-up of interested employees. The result of this procedure was so encouraging that we are now in the process of organizing an Ecusta band. We had our first meeting Tuesday evening, February second at 7:00. Fourteen prospective band members were present and discussion took place as to convenient rehearsal hours, free hours for special instruction classes, instruments and players available and the possibilities of work ing in untrained members who are interested in learning to play.’Because of conflict with the vocational train ing classes, rehearsals, for the present will be called for Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:00 in the cafe teria. Mr. John Eversman, well-known violinist and Director of Music in the Asheville School for Boys, wiU direct the organization and give in struction to those members who wish personal attention, the cost to be carried in full by Ecusta Paper Cor poration. It is our hope that within three month’s time an organization of some merit may evolve from an earnest en deavor to give Ecusta an organiza tion of which to be proud. If at the end of this time our hopes are ful filled, we may feel free to state that ample funds will be allowed the or ganization with which to make great er strides as time progresses. Some individuals who are interest ed in learning to play are, as yet, without instruments but as time goes on we hope to have instruments in addition to those already in use. If you are interested in becoming a band member, attend our rehearsals. We will help in every way possible. Further details concerning this or ganization may be obtained through the Recreation Office. Taxpayers Assisted In Making Reports For the convenience of those who are required by law to file Federal Income Tax Returns, a Deputy Col lector of Internal Revenue will be at Room 9, Post Office Building, Bre vard, N. C. on February 27th, March 2nd, 9th and 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on March 7th and 14th from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, to assist taxpayers in preparing their re turns. No charge will be made for this service. The matter of filing your Income Tax Returns should be given immediate attention in order to avoid penalty and interest. You are required to file a return if your gross income is $750 or over and you are single (or married and not living with husband or wife), or if you are married and living with husband or wife and your gross in come is $1,500 or over.

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