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[The echo]. volume ([Pisgah Forest, N.C.) 1940-19??, February 01, 1942, Image 2

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Page 2 THE ECHO February, THE ECHO Organ of Employees at Ecusta Paper Corporation Champagne Paper Corporation and Endless Belt Company Published Monthly at PISGAH FOREST, N. C. Printed by Champagne Job Printing Department. Watch Your Equipment Recently we noticed a poster around the plant stating “We must get along with the tools and material available in these trying times.” To go a bit further, it is' our thought, The tools we have, must be used carefully and thoughtfully. Think for a moment before forcing that drill or tap. Be cautious, use light pres sure at first, then when you are sure, work as fast as the material permits. Familiarize yourself with the correct drills and taps to use. It is one of the most important things which go to make up a good mechanic. The speed of machinery, using drills, reamers and other steel cutting tools is equal ly important. Keeping your tools close at hand and within easy reach when you are using them is being careful with them. They cannot be mislaid. Unless you are fond of doing things the hard way, it is much easier to use a portable Electric Drill, rather than losing it and drilling the hole by hand. Or using a cutter at a speed too high for the metal which, is being cut. In such cases where an End Mill or Metal Cutting Saw is broken and no tool replacement can be purchased, the breaker can either chew it down to size with his teeth or go back to the hacksaw and file. Seriously however, the machine tool situation is critical. By taking excep tional good care of the material we have, we enable some other manufac turer of more vital defense armament to do his job, which is nothing more than guaranteeing a Free, Liberty Loving, United States. —Dick Landeck The Book Corner Library Books On Review “With This Ring” by Mignon Eber hart, is very exciting and interesting. It is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. — Nell Lance, Hand Book let. Grace Livingston Hill’s book, “Mari gold”, is a very interesting book for it seems so true to life and holds the readers attention by not beating around the bush,—^Agnes Whiteside, Finishing Dept. I like “Tomorrow’s Promise” by Temple Bailey, because it is very in teresting and is a love story and 1 think most of us like that type. —■ Carolyn Garren, Machine Booklet. At first, reading “Berlin Diary” so soon after our entrance into the war, gives one a disturbing feeling, but it is so enlightening on the course of events in Europe during the past two years, and the psychology and morale of the peoples involved, that it is prac tically a “must” for anyone following the whys and wherefores of our own entanglement. — Kathleen Ricker, Office. Appreciation We wish to express our thanks for the generous way our President, Mr. Harry Straus has helped us by in creasing our salaries in proportion to the rise in cost of living expenses. This is the latest evidence of his gen uine interest in the welfare and hap piness o£ those who work for him. —Office Employees. A Woman’s World Jack D. Morgan IF MOST OF. WE MEW SrfWlD WTOTaEAWW/,! MO 'THE t&OK OVBR, iT MtffftrLpOK SCW)E73if//V6 CIKB TfilS AT ECOsr^ RIGHT OVfiR HERE, MBS. OK, MR.RUODES you oum men, cf voo KneO/ HOW rO OPBRffit A /ttACMINB yoO V/OULDNT HAVe TO CALL us ,/ MECWAN(CS, so o^r&n// AND T CAN RE -MEMBER 'ilfieU GtRlS ^V/0R6 DR6SSC5; A VARD CREW __ SCENE __ a Xoa&H vfii I CAN MAROty ^A»T Tt> GET ro T(4AT T/'AVg . clock: )E. Jwsr / REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR Out of a calm and peaceful sky On a Holy Sabbath day There struck with might the devil’s hand. In its usual cowardly way. The L. Y. B.’s from their sultry place Dropped bombs on a land of peace, Ran daggers through the souls of men Yet it there will not cease. For this land of so many blessings Raised arms to defend their own. And each must do his tiny part That stab in the back to atone. We must sacrifice our loves and lives That freedoAi might be again. That turmoil in the world shall cease And peace forever reign. Let us pledge our lives together One for all and all for one. Let’s cause a total and final eclipse In the “Land of the Rising Sun”! —Mary Rickman. Handbooklet Dept. To Entertain With Dance Big Attendance Expected The Handbooklet Department will entertain with a Party-Dance on Fri day, February 13, at the Brevard Coun try Club. Festivities will begin at 9:30 o’clock. Pete Eberle will act as Toastmaster for the evening. Music is under the auspices of “Speedy” Jones. Several guests have been invited from among the Ecusta employees, and a swell time is in store for everyone. VOCATIONAL CLASSROOM EPISODE Dr. Ward Harrison: “NoW you see what I was trying to show is correct, but I know it is not.” FCmyiCTORY % BUY UNITED STATES DEFENSE BONDS STAMPS “TAKING UNNECESSARY CHANCES” __0n numerous occasions recently^ have witnessed some very unsafe practices by the employees in the d®' partment where I work day in 3®“ day out. If it were possible for me to talK out loud, I would caution these eiU' ployees about taking these unneces sary chances that so often endang®'^ not only thier own livelihood, but the livelihood of their fellow workers. Lady Luck has been very kind ^ our department lately and we had no serious injuries. However, cannot expect Lady Luck to be us always, and oftentimes that o® thing is the difference between a or and a major injury. We must all realize that lost is gone forever and that we never be in too big a hurry to thii'' and act safely. To be an asset to y®!? department, you must be fit to do your work at all times- Tp loss of time shows up greatly in pay checks and none of us have nioD®^ to burn or can afford to lose which rightly is ours. The practice of Safety, whether ® or off the job, assures us that o earning power will not be decrease: It is the direct responsibility j every person employed here to exte® every effort possible in the pr®'^® tion of injuries. Let’s not have any°^ say that we are not doing our part Qalling The Roll Once upon a time a wicked nn:?! KING dreamed that he was BA' all of the other nationalities fro®^Jj* country. His kingdom was dividef^^ ® two counties, HENDERSON ^ JACKSON. The KING had BB^^g, KERLEE hair and was very handso^^. He planned to CROSS the river J ^ DAN. Before he had gone ^ PHARR he discovered that the was RUFF, but when he had y the deep WATERS he gave his some BARLEY and hunted WOOD to build a fire. He saw a y® maiden, singing as though she very BLYTHE. She directed hii^ ward WHITMIRE street. He weoj a GRAY CASSELL on that street blit to sell CLARKE’S chewing gum, - big WOLFE frightened him away fore he had taken MANEY a step the entrance. He was so frightened. „ looked like a WILDE man. All sudden he became very hungry he hurriedly ate more than a KLE of HOLLINGSWORTH’S and LANCE’S peanuts, but ibef^^ he had to take a CARTER’S wished he hadn’t DUNNE this bef^ he had to liver pill. Among the King’s friends MASON, a TAYLOR, a and a TANNER. The Taylor liv^® McCALL, S. C., and his hobby kill DRAKES. The Shepherd ijj travelling over BROOKS, ^ and RHODES. The King, in of?; le oji h (}fei letters to these friends, WRIGHT PAGE after PAGE formation about the old SILVE^^, j;K had collected. Later the King BIRMINGHAM to seek a job on ' W. P. A. After receiving a blac^ 4^^ from the foreman, he found hii*' L in a hospital WARD. A When the King gladly awok^ A|, realized that he wasn’t a King but he was a young girl who had f spending a very restless night her first day of work in the ^ I Booklet Department. Sue Gray BUY A BONP,.

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