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February 13,1997 The Banner Features Page 5 The Internet gets kinky By Rafrica Adams staff Writer The Internet is a vast, seem ingly boundless source for all kinds of information. People look for jobs on the Internet. People do research on the Internet. People listen to music on the Internet. People shop, read news papers, books, and chat with other people across the globe, using the Internet. The Net’s user-friendliness and mass acces sibility have been major selling points. Aggressive advertising by online communities such as America Online, Prodigy, and CompuServe have made the Internet as much a part of many communities as the local book store. The Internet has nearly . everything the bookstore has, es pecially in the way of magazines and newspapers. Just look, they’re all on there— Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Time, Playboy... PlayboyP.V.W Yes, to the dismay of the Moral Majority, sex is a major source of entertainment on the Internet. However, unlike the local book store, the Internet makes such materials easily accessible to the public at large. For instance, there are certain laws that govern what can and cannot be seen on videotapes in this state. No such laws exist for the Internet. In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra, “Anything goes.” So just how accessible is this kind of “smut?” Let’s start from the most popular source for many, the World Wide Web (WWW). http: //WWW. amateurs .com What Webcrawleris to the World Wide Web, Amateurs is to the world of triple^X rated porno graphic material. Billed as the only all-XXX search engine on the web, An entire list of* in cludes everything from motorcycles to StarTrekto Kimberly from the Power Rangers. Amateurs has been accessed over 4.5 million times and has over 100,000 members worldwide. Al though the general Net-surfing public may preview the engine. Amateurs only grants full access to paying customers. Memberships range from a $9.95 monthly fee to a one-time $120 lifetime fee. Will the page itself be there for one’s lifetime? That’s a question for the person willing to pay that much for access to these materials. For those who prefer their action to be active, there is Hardchannels. This page gives access to all kinds of completely uncensored, full- motion videos and movies, as well as the general .gif and .jpeg fdes, for a paltry $10.00 a month, .com/ web.htm For those not willing to spend money on their porn. Free Pics is their savior. Here, numerous pic tures are available for immediate downloading by anybody who knows how to click on an “I certify that I am 21 or older” button. Pictures are divided into categories named “3-somes”, “Gay,” “Lesbians”, “Women,” and “Ouch!”. biz.html Clients bills itself as the “most intense hardcore site you will ever encounter.” Dubbed “Bizarre and Ultimate Perversion,” the title page alone is enough to give one pause to enter. Of course, there is a membership fee, but unlike other pages of its kind this one claims that the images are far too perverse to be previewed by the general public. “Only the sick and twisted need apply!!!” Most of the web sites dealing with this type of material go to extensive lengths to inform the innocent-at-heart that they have no business there and should move on before they take offense. Most others make sure to require membership, preferably by credit card, before giving full access to their services. However, there are always alternative sources, such as the Usenet newsgroups. Usenet:* If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this facet of Usenet is worth a million pictures. Those who are familiar with the newsgroups, or DOS for that matter, know that the at the end of a filename stands for “wild card”, which means that whatever program is in use will take the prefix (everything before the “*”) and search for everything avail able starting with that prefix. The prefix became necessary because there are almost 170 (168 to be exact) newsgroups that start with thisprefix. One may wonder what could possibly fit into that many categories. The answer is any and everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. The categories are, for the most part, self- explana tory in name. one of the most popu lar Usenet sex-related groups, short for “asphyxi ation,” as in auto-erotic, “I love love me...” alt. sex. bestiality, hams ter. duct- tape-??? An entire list of* that is far too long to list here includes everything from motor cycles to Star Trek to Kimberly from the Power Rangers. The age of driving to the local convenience store for a Hustler is over. In the post-modern age of technology, the only limit on the accessibility of sexual material is how much RAM a person’s com puter has. PHOTO BY ELISE FOX The otherworldly Akari light sculptures of Isamu Noguchi. Sculptures illuminate By Lara Barnett staff Writer The Asheville Art Museum will exhibit the work of Isamu Noguchi, one of the best known and most influential sculptors of the 20th century, between Feb ruary 6 and May 3. The exhibit is called “Quiet Light: Isamu Noguchi’s Akari Light Sculp tures”. This exhibit will feature Noguchi’s famous Akari Light Sculptures. The Japanese word Akari means “light as illumina tion.” An Akari serves a double role as sculptural form and a func tional object. According to a press release, Noguchi first designed these light sculptures in 1951 when the Mayor of Gifu, Japan asked him to make lamps using paper and bamboo materials to revive the paper lantern industry. The sculptor viewed the Akari as two separate sculptures, one when light reflected off its surface and one when light emerged from within. The Akari illuminate whole spaces and use light as art material. Akari light sculptures are not the only craft that Noguchi offered. He expanded his sculptures with landscape and interior design, the ater designs, furniture, and ceram ics projects. He combined artistic traditions from both aspects of his dual heri tage and in turn blended them with European modernism. Noguchi studied with Constantin Brancusi and designed many stage sets for Martha Graham, combin ing his sculpture forms with her choreography. The Asheville Art Museum will alsopresent workshops on Japanese lantern making and Ikebana flower arranging in conjunction with the exhibit. African American Heritage Month • "Race Relalions," Lecture by Lawrence Otis Graham, Attorney/ Author, 7 p.m., HC Lounge, Free • 2/13 • "The Empowerment of Women in the Pentecostal Tradition' by Cheryl Sanders, 2:00 p.m.. Laurel Forum (ext. 6671) • 2/7 • African American Students & Community Reception, 6 p.m., HC Lounge, free (ext. 6671) • 2/18 • Brown Bag Lunch with Dr. Don Locke, 12:15 p.m., HC 37, free (ext. 6671) • 2/20 athletics (ext. 6459) • Baseball vs. Wagner College, 1 p.m.. Greenwood Field • 2/15-2/16 • Women's Basketball vs. Charleston Southern, 6 p.m., JG • 2/20 • Men's Basketball vs. UNC - Greensboro, 8 p.m., JG • 2/20 career opportunities/iobs available • Universily Ambassadors - applications for 97-98 in Admissions office • thru 2/14 concerts/live entertainment • Mighty Purple, original unplugged music, 9 p.m., HC Lounge, Free to UNCA Students (sponsored by UP) (ext. 6244) *2/21 • Philadanco, modern dance, tickets on sale in HC 27, $4 UNCA Students (ext. 6584) - performance 8 p.m., Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack Place • 2/25 etc. • change Our World Week Continues: Housing Tour of Asheville (ext.6670) *2/13 • Bread for the World - display in HC • thru 2/14 • Chancellor's Open Hour, 2 p.m., PH 253 (ext. 6500) *2/19 • Opening Doors - "A Dialogue on Racism," 3-5 p.m., HC Lounge (Registration forms available) (ext. 6671) • 2/25 - 4/22 • Charlotte Hornets Tickets for Feb. games, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., HC 27 • Rockmont Trip: A day outing to improve leadership skills, team building, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., free, transportation (sponsored by Campus Mediators)(232-5120 - RSVP) *2/15 • Buses for public stop on campus - covered shelter across from Robinson Hall - schedule posted inside shelter • Spanish Table, for anyone wanting to listen to or practice speaking; noon, PDR • Wednesdays • Escort service from any area on campus - call Public Safety or use yellow box at Vance Hall (ext. 6710) exhibits • children's Art Exhibits, Ramsey Library/ Zageir Hall Education Lobby - Rotating Exhibit • Annual Art Alumni Exhibition, Univ. gallery, 1st floor, OH • thru 2/25 • Photographs by Ken Betsalel, YMI Cultural Ctr. • thru 3/2 films • "Bridges of Madison County," 9 p.m., HC Lounge *2/14 • "Partisans of Vilna," by visiting Filmmaker Aviva Kempner, 7:30 p.m., HLH, Free, (sponsored by UNCA Or. for Jewish Studies) (ext. 6999) •2/15 health & fitness center • Pool Schedule: ? Lap Swimming & Open Swimming available - check schedule by calling 232 - 5650 lectures • "Race Relations" by Lawrence Otis Graham, 7 p.m., HC lounge, free to UNCA students (ext. 6671) • 2/13 • "Life and Times of Hank Greenberg" by Aviva Kempner, Noon - 1:30 p.m.. Private Dining Room (spon. by Cir. for Jewish Studies) (ext. 6999) *2/16 • "Russia & the U.S.: Growing Cooperation?" by Dr. Thomas Showalter, 7:30 p.m., OCC, Free to UNCA Students (ext. 6140) • 2/19 organizations - special programs • Winter Botany by Dr. Russell, 11 a.m., RBH 225 (spon. by Ecology Club) •2/15 • Canned Food Drive by NCSL - boxes for non - perishable food items around campus • thru 2/14 • Professor of the Year Contest, 25 per vote - all money to charity, (DH & RL) (sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega & Theta Chi) • 2/17 - 2/21 outdoor activities/recreation • Wall Climbing at ClimbMax, Sign up HC 44, $2, 3 - 5:30 p.m. • 2/15; 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. • 2/20 • Ski Lift Tickets to Wolf Laurel - $12 with UNCA I.D., 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Mon. - Fri at HC Information Desk •available now • Night Skiing Trip to Wolf Laurel, sign ups in HC 44 (Leave HC at 3 p.m., return 12 mid.) $12 includes lift, equip., lesson, trans. (ext. 6244) • 2/16 • Equipment rental, HC Outdoor Education office (ext. 6001) New Hours: 11a.m. - 4 p.m. M - Fri/7 - 9 p.m. M - Tburs. theatre • "Angels in America" - tickets on sale starting 2/13-8 p.m., CBT (253 - 5778) • 2/19-2/23 volunteer opportunities • See Bulletin Board in HC Lobby FiirVdiirlnloriiiiilidii february 13 thru february 20 UNCA FYI is a service of the Student Activities and Student Affairs offices. FYI is published each Thursday, Deadline to submit information IS Friday at noon, for the fpllowing week's publication. Next deadline: Feb. 14 for the Feb.20 issue. Send a copy with basic information to The Banner, c/o Ad Manager CH 208 A.

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