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The clarion : the Brevard College weekly. online resource (None) 1935-current, March 12, 1971, Image 1

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CLARION THE VOICE Of BREVARD COLLEGE STUDENTS Volume XXXVIII BREVARD COLLEGE, BREVARD, N. C., MARCH 12, 1971 Number 20 Monday^s Convocation Starts Religious Emphasis Week The events scheduled for Re- Both encompass the need in ligious Emphasis Week began everyone for each other, most with a stimulating Convocation, often too hidden by compla- March 8, 1971. More individual cency to find worth. He spoke student participation has served of the literation found in being to expand the meaningfulness able to say it’s great to be alive, of Convocations this year, but and to be needed, and to sut last Monday’s was perfect. Its fer, and hurt when others hurt, success, however, was not mere- for then we are not alone. It ly due to the 45 minute length, is in the capacity to love that Rev. Reginald Smith, Jr. had one is able to find love, something to say, not at a whis- Mr. Smith continued by say- per or by quoting another’s ing that each one of us is worth method of appeal. He spoke out something to each other. But with a contemporary feeling to liberate this worth we can that grasped many of us as we not walk within the protection felt the truth in his words. of our own self shield. We Mr. Smith spoke of the must all step out, care, listeii Christian idea as being the reality of persons encountering each other in companionship. Interpreting within this frame work of words, we are trying to build a world with a way out from all that it creates and de- and risk being who we are. In conclusion, Mr. Smith ask ed Brevard Students to con sider these self questions: 1. Why am I as I am? 2. Where am I going as I am and why? 3. Am I willing to be need- RICHARD STEVENS JAMES PORTER VIRGINIA EDMONDSON Cowboy, Wildfire Play Four Hours Saturday night was similar to most Saturday nights, here at Brevard, with' hamburgers 9 9 and french fries being served for supper. However, a differ ent evening was in store for those who planned to attend the concert in which Wildfire and Cowboy played. The two bands represented two varieties of music. Wildfire, a near rep lica of Chicago, gave an excel lent account of rock-jazz mu sic. Cowboy played a folk-rock style which has not found its IS Etroys, love. Mr. Smith expressed the now ed? Christian form of love, the way 4. Am I able to admit that I many of us have tried to expand need each one of you desperate- the definition of love today, ly? Rescheduled ^^Rap Conference Is Held By Frank Owen situation on campus such as The rescheduled conference faculty evaluation, course stim- of February 24th was held ulation, and the students’ views Thursday March 4, in Dunham on the overall academic pro- Auditorium. In all, about 150 gram. The student questions popularity yet, but students and faculty members dealt with social freedom, stud- on strong with such were present for the first at- ent responsibility, and church gj.oups as The Band, and the tempt to close an ever widen- influence on campus. The ad- Gritty Dirt Band, ing communication gap on the ministrative team responded hours worth of music Brevard Campus. to these questions and inform- played, and although the President Robert A. Davis, ed all present of the forthcom- concert was not patronized as Dean Robert G. Ferree, and ing plans on campus. as was hoped, it did pro- Brunner Hunt, Business Man- overall purpose of this vide a most enjoyable evening ager of the College, were the assembly was good, for those who attended. Blank- administrative representatives; effect was not what ets, pillows, and coats covered Eston Roberts, Bobbie Jean ^^s hoped for. In the future, the Dunham Auditorium floor Nicholson, and David Holcombe assemblies of this type should as people sat in the most com- spoke on behalf of the College j.elate to one particular topic, fortable positions possible. Faculty; while Laura Speights, ^gve elaboration from the Due to the lack of student Bill McClain, and Howard Bui- ^jjree factions instead of try- body interest, the possibility ien represented the student to cover all topics in one of future concerts of this size viewpoint. meeting. is doubtful. The conference which last ed upwards of an hour was conducted on a question answer basis. Most of the ques tions involved the academic Confetti Makes Final Preparations Confetti the literary mag azine, is going into final prep aration before printing. It would be helpful to have all materials in before March 12. However), due to Spring Break, the deadline will be extended until March 31. After this date, no material can be accepted, because the distribution date is set for May 1. Money is in hand _ for the publication of Confetti; it has the staff to work on it. Now all that is holding up printing^ is the lack of sufficient material. Confetti will accept and wel come short stories, poems, es says, songs with vnritten music, and hiku. Edmonson, Porter, Stevens Are Featured In Sophomore Recital James Porter, Virginia Ed mondson, and Richard Stev ens were featured in the third formal music recital of the spring semester at Brevard College on March 11, 1971, at 8 p. m., in the auditorium of The Dunham Music Center. James Porter, pianist, is a pupil of Harvey H. Miller of the College Music Department. He is a native of Asheville, N. C. and plans, after graduation from Brevard College, to com plete his education at the Uni versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then teach piano. Virginia Edmondson, voice major, is a pupil of Mrs. Car olyn G. Cox. She is a resident of Snow Hill, N. C. and plans to pursue her career in music education as a choral director. Richard Stevens, a pupil of Joan Moser is studying clari net. He is unsure of his fu ture plans at the present. He is a resident of East Bend, N. c. Mr. Porter played selections from Scarlatti, Debussy and Grieg, while Miss Edmondson offered works from Mozart, Schumann, Strauss and was accompanied by a Woodwind Quintet. Mr. Stevens perform ed two solos; one i composi tion from the classical period, and the second was a contem porary French solo, accomp anied by Steve Arrington and a small Wind Ensemble, direct ed by Miss Joan Moser. Glee Club Plans Its Annual Tour The Brevard College Glee Club, along with the Chamber Singers, will go on its annual tour during Spring vacation. The 2000 mile tour will run from March 12 until March 21, visiting eight cities in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland^ Delaware, Massachusetts, and New York. President Davis States OH-Campus Policy When the Brevard College Social Behavior Code was adopted in the spring of 1969, an effort was made to provide in broad outline the behavior expectations of the college. It was assumed that clarification and interpretation of the code would be needed from time to time. Such a need has now Spring Vacation Begins Today Brevard College will tegin Spring Holidays today, Friday, March 12, at the close ,of classes. The vacation will run until Sunday, March 21, when students return to resume classes on Monday, March 22. arisen with respect to off- campus behavior of Brevard College students. For off - campus events spon sored by Brevard student or ganizations, the usual regula tions of the college are in ef fect as stated in the Handbook. With reference to individual and group behavior off-campus, additional comments are need ed. Although the college does not assume supervisory respon sibility for the off-campus be havior of individual students, the college is nevertheless pro foundly concerned that Brevard students conduct themselves ^ in a manner that is in keeping with Brevard's commitment to Christian values and moral behavior. While the college Cannot assume a supervisory role for off - campus activities that are not sponsored by col lege organizations, when such activities reflect unfavorably upon the college, or the stud ent body, steps will be taken to curtail or to correct such activities. When such activities involve questionable moral be havior, disciplinary steps will be taken. Because of the close rela tionship between the, college and the Brevard community, the administration is especial ly concerned for appropriate be havior within the town and county. Therefore, the col lege expects the same high lev el of behavior in the Brevard community as on campus. The Philosophy of Social Be havior states; “When in the opinion of the college the con duct of a student at any place is reprehensible or detrimental to the best interest of that student, his fellow students, members of the staff, or the college, appropriate disciplin ary action may be taken.” In determining what is ap propriate behavior, I would re fer you to the President’s mes sage found on page 12 of the Student Handbook. “As a church - related col lege, Brevard is concerned not only for academic excellence, but also for moral and spiritual excellence. Our expectations are for a style of life on campus that is unapologetically Christ ian.” These expectations also extend to off-campus behavior. I would call upon all students to conduct themselves both on and off campus in a manner that will bring credit and honor to our college, our student body, and to the homes from which you come.

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