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The clarion : the Brevard College weekly. online resource (None) 1935-current, October 03, 2008, Image 4

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Page 4 Lifestyles The Clarion October 3, 2008 The Pupil's ABOVE ground? The PupilUnderground Issue # 4 The Pupil's Underground, a zine that was the cause of quite a bit of ruckus on the BC campus last semester has now apparently come to the surface. The zine was banned from being distributed on campus last year because it was not an official campus publication. The First Amendment was questioned, news vans swarmed the campus, and the rest was history. Now apparently the zine is an official publication, with meetings every first Sunday of the month at 8:00 p.m. at King's Creek. The Chicago Cubs and Jack Johnson circa 1998 by Joseph Chilton Editor-in-Chief If you are a Cubs fan who grew up in the Windy City; if you ate your tirst hot dog at Wrigley Field; if you carry a .38 Smith and Wesson in your belt at all times just in case you catch a glimpse of Steve Bartman on the street, then you need not pay attention to this warning. If you are an adopted Cubs fun, however, one who every once in a while catches the Cubbies on WGN and does a wicked impersonation of Will Ferell impersonating Harry Carey, then take heed- it is in yourbest interest to root against the Cubs this postseason. The reason why the Cubs are likeable is because they haven’t won anything in a century, and everybody likes an underdog. When they are no longer the underdog, however, their appeal will be gone. Think Indie music. Think about those people who had The Shins posters all over their walls until Garden State came out and “New Slang” was suddenly on the iPod of every teenage girl in the country. All of a sudden The Shins had sold out. They became the butt of jokes in SethRogen movies, and now the only remnant of their once underground coolness are bits of tape on dorm room walls where their posters used to be. They became mainstream, and their luster was marred. That is how it will be with The Cubs. Imagine the scene two months from now if the Cubs win the World Series. Yankees hats will be replaced by Cubs caps as the headwear of choice for rappers in videos and school kids on the playground. And you, cheerer-on-of-underdogs, will have to find a new team. So swallow your pride, take one for the team, and root against the Cubs. It is imperative, unless you want to search the Major Leagues for a new lovable loser. And you don’t want to do that. You can either root against the Cubs for a few weeks, or be forced to root for the Royals for the rest of your life. It’s a pretty easy decision.

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