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The clarion : the Brevard College weekly. online resource (None) 1935-current, February 06, 2009, Image 3

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February 6,2009 | The Clarion j-, I ■ ■ I'm j-i Page 3 Faculty columns 'Eyewitness Gaza' coming to Porter Center tonight Photographer to share his experiences by Jubal Tiner Faculty Contributor Until recently we didn’t hear much about Gaza, a narrow sliver of land in Palestine- Israel that is home to 1.5 mil lion Palestinians—some 75 percent of them refugees since 1948 when the state of Israel was founded, and 1967, after the Six Day War With the carnage reported daily—rocket attacks by mili tants against Israeli civilians and Israel’s air, sea, and land attacks on Gaza, the region is now in the hearts of many. Skip Schiel, aphotojoumahst from Cambridge, Mass., will offer a multimedia presenta tion about Gaza, “Eyewitness Gaza,” at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 6 in MG 125. Mr Schiel has traveled and photographed in Israel-Pales- tine over a five-year period, usually three months each year. Using photographs and stories, he will present his experiences from his last journey to the land of troubles in January 2008. Schiel visited the apparent site of the 2003 killing of Ra chel Corrie, a young woman working with Palestinians in Rafah. He toured the area near the Egyptian border wall which in volatile land four days later Gazans breached in a nonviolent attempt to break the siege. While in Gaza Mr Schiel worked with the Ameri can Friends Service Committee youth program, teaching and photographing. His professional life has been in filmmaking and photog raphy, plus teaching of those topics. For 10 years he taught filmmaking at Boston College, and since 1990 he has taught photography through the Cam bridge Center for Adult Educa tion and Harvard University’s Landscape Institute. His photography ranges be tween landscape, abstract, experimental, portraiture, and socially engaged. Which means he tries to link much of his pho tography to social issues. These have included American Indi ans, African Americans, pov erty, enviroimiental issues, and since 2003 Israel-Palestine. His photos have appeared in the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and Pro gressive Magazine, and are in the collections of Harvard University. He has had exhibitions in numerous venues across the country. His primary faith communities are Quaker and Buddhist. Photos are on his website,, and his blog, Ask the School Nurse: Pain during sex could be from STl Dear Susan, Two weeks ago, I started having some weird pains during sex with my boyfriend. I didn’t really think anything about it but two days ago I started having a burning feeling when I pee. I am worried that I may have picked up something but we are only sleeping with each other and I am sure of this. What should I do ? Thank you for contacting me. First, it is important to see you in order to diagnose any medical condition, but let me give you some information in order for you to decide how best to take care of yourself From the little bit you have told me, two possibilities for your symptoms include a urinary tract infection and Chlamydia, which is an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infec tion). Urinary tract infections are caused by many different bacteria. Symptoms include pain in the bladder, burning on urination, and frequency of urination even when there is little urine in the bladder You may also have a change in the color and odor of urine. I can do a simple urine test here and have an antibiotic prescribed by our doctors if needed. Your symptoms including pain during sexual intercourse sound more like Chlamydia. The symptoms for women include vaginal discharge, pain or burning during urination, cloudy urine, lower abdominal pain, and abnormal vaginal bleeding with intercourse or between periods. Men’s symptoms include painful urination or itching sensation during urination, watery or shmy discharge from the penis, crusting at the tip of the penis, and pain or swelhng of the testicles/scrotum. Both men and women can also have conjunctivitis, which is a swell ing and redness of the mucus membranes inside the eyelids. The time between exposure to Chlamydia and the start of symptoms (the incubation pe riod) is usually 1-3 weeks after exposure to someone infected with Chlamydia. If this is Chlamydia, you are actually fortunate to have symptoms as this can be diag nosed by urinalysis and easily treated by antibiotics. Both you and your boyfriend will need to be treated at the same time in order to prevent re-infection. Left untreated, this bacteria can cause serious problems. Inboth men and women, sterility may result (inability to conceive or produce viable sperm). In women, pelvic inflamma tory disease (PID) may result causing a possible chronic abdominal pain and increased possibility of ectopic pregnan cy (implantation of the egg out side the uterus, usually in the faUopian tubes). 75 percent of women and 50 percent of men experience no symptoms with Chlamydia, so routine testing for STIs on a regular basis is highly recommended.. Since Chlamydia caimot be transmitted in any way other than sexually, it wiU be impor tant for you and your boyfriend to talk about this. Sexual relationships are com- phcated and emotional. Even when you believe that you and your boyfriend are having sexual relationships only with each other, you caimot know for certain what another person is doing. Using condoms all the time until you are in a long term committed relationship is vi tally important to your health. Women catch STIs more easily, so take care of yourself! Please come by the Chnic to talk to me. I am here to help and only want to be sure that you are being treated medi cally for any health problems. I have condoms available at the Chnic. Take care and I hope to see you soon. — Susan Martin, RN

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