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The clarion : the Brevard College weekly. online resource (None) 1935-current, February 27, 2009, Image 7

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February 27, 2009 | The Clarion Arts & Life Page 7 Art opening Dadaistically fantastic by Casey Asbill-Beck Staff Writer Post Neo Neo Dadaism: is it art? Well, what is Dada? Dada is a state of mind and Post Neo Neo Dada was the place to be on Tuesday evening (if none of that made sense it is ok you had to be at the art show). The Post Neo Neo Dada Exhibition’s grand opening and closing was all in one techno and Jell-0 filled artsy evening. Upon entering the Sims Art Building, one only had to follow the sounds of the trance and club techno playing throughout Spiers Gallery. Once in the doorway, fashionably dressed artists, mind-bogghng creations, and strobe light flashes from cameras could be experienced. This event displayed over seventeen participating artist’s work and was sponsored by the "Art History 353: A Survey of Modem Art" class. The Clarion was fortunate enough to be allowed to interview these classy artists and photograph this unique spectacle. “Foundations”, a submission by artist Laura Barr, was a thought provoking and political piece involving cracked and bat tered wood pallets. When asked about her inspirations Laura explained “I was inspired by supporting paUets that came with the concrete mixer the art department received and noticed these “weakef’ ob jects holding up a “stronger” and heavier object.” Emily Wooton’s “Why Would Jesus Weep?” displayed a rather sad portrait of Jesus who seemed to look upon a char acteristic and deteriorated chair placed in the midst of children’s play food toys. “WWJW” is about American Consumer ism, the values of the fast food economy, and an apotheosis of rehgious oversight,” explains Wooton. She then introduced me to fan favorite Maranda Ash who was working extra hard this evening. Ash not only displayed her art collabora tions and pieces but also doubled as photog rapher for the evening’s festivities. “Depth Perceptions” was a moving piece done by the great mind of Maranda Ashe with Emily Wooton’s assistance. “Depth Perceptions” is not an easy creation do describe in mere words, one must observe and ex perience it. Ma randa explains herartperfectly- “itjust is.” Upon viewing “Depth Percep tions,” Jackson Dowd, an infa mous Brevard CoUege alumni, said he “saw into his own soul and realized he was a bucket waiting to be fiUed.” After much stalking. The Clarion was able to find the almost too famous Zachary Porch who graciously gave us an exclusive ten-minute interview! Zach’s submissions were an interesting mixture of old material and strategic placement. Take the “Artist’s Electric Chair” for example. It is simply an uncomfortable art studio chair placed in the middle of the room, brilliant! What inspired this genius, well when asked about the inspiration that sparked his art he replied, “my inspiration... the art.... well is that really important?” I then inquired about his other Dadaism art and Zach began too explain “as a critique there... (his phone rings)...” I took this opportunity to check my time, five minutes had elapses, and upon pointing this out to Zach, who is stiU on the phone, he yelled “hold the fuck up my agent’s on the phone!” That was the end of the interview. The last interview of the evening was held with the mysterious and provocative Kristen Veeneman. I found her displaying her art, “Gross Domestic Product.” Not a single detail was missed in her artwork, everything from r the grocery bags assembled together on the waU in “Gross Domestic Product” to her title card driven into the wall with a large nafl, she means business. I asked about her practices when thinking up art, she rephed “I like to do a lot of thinking in the... well photo courtesy W. Asbill-Beck Senior Kristin Veeneman displays her piece “Gross Domestic Product” at the Post Neo Neo Dada art show while being interviewed by the Clarion’s Casey Asbill-Beck yeah, and Gross Domestic Product shows that. It is an apotheosis of consumerism.” To learn more about Kristin’s artsiness I asked about her selection of clothing for the evening, which consisted of an elegant black dress, some rocking boots, and a sexy pair of red sunglasses. “Well I kflled a rabbit for the boots and I stole the glasses from an old lady who cut me off,” explained Kristin. Finally, came the grand closing of this art shindig. The participants and artist grabbed their creations, changed clothes, and dis persed to their appropriate classes for the rest of the evening to ponder and work their magic in different media’s and prepare for future exhibitions, or critiques. Also, be sure to check out the Sue Grier GaUery opening today at 5:30 p.m. Short on Funds? Reload your Dfcdhn I fig fiadance Acuuitt luddyOltht; $rev3Td CoilBS^Oining Service Olfks ■n AG Mycf? Dtnma rrare inTi^.

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