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Black ink : Black Student Movement, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. online resource ([Chapel Hill, N.C.]) 1969-current, February 18, 1992, Image 16

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February 18, 1992 Features Wonderboy! I wonder if Mike Tyson really hit them skins? You know, every time I turn on the television 1 see Mike Tyson. Either he’s beat up somebody or he’s slapped somebody’s skins. Well, today is no different Now Mr. Tyson is being charged with raping an 18-year-old girl.... excuse me— an 18-year-old WOMAN who, 1 might add, was capable of making rational decisions butchose to otherwise, but.... we’ll discuss that later. I have problems with this whole situation. Let me begin by addressing that stupid a-- Mike Tyson. Mike called me via my Wonder- Beeper. (I haven’t got my own Bat- Phonelike Batman. You see, he’s a white boy so you know they are going to look out for him. But me being a black man, I got to use this beeper and go the nearest pay phone.) Anyway, Mike called me and the following transpired: “Hello, Mike... yeah, this is Wonderboy. You called me?” “Yeah, whass’up Wundavoy . Hey man, I am in some serious truwle," Mike said. “Mike, what have you done now?” I asked. “Man, I ain’t did nuttin’. This Ms. B lack America lady said I raped her.” “Mike, what would make her come to such a conclusion?” “Well, after the booty contest, we went to my hotel room...” “Did you have intercourse with her,” I quickly interrupted. “Have what?" Mike asked “Did you bone her? Did you knock them boots?” I explained. ‘X)ohhh! You want to know if I got them guts,” Mike expressed. HMMM ... Did Mike Do It? “For lack of a better word, Mike... yeah,” 1 responded. “Well, yeah... I did get them guts but I didn’t rape her. You see she came on to me. She was funnelling wi\h my generals. And me being a man, I had to drop a load in her. She was screamin’ but not ‘cause I was rapin’ her. She was yelling ‘cause it was hurlin’ her. They don’t call me Iron Mike for nullin’,” Mike laughed. “Mike you laugh now but there will really be a reason to call you Iron Mike when they put your ugly a— behind bars for about 63 years. What in the hell is wrong with you, man,” I said in anger, realizing that another brother was going to be incarcerated. I continued, “Mike sometimes you act just like a savage.... hey that’s it” “What!” Mike asked eagerly. “You know that white boy Jeffrey Dahmer?” “Yeah. Ain’t he the one killed them people ‘cause they ate up his cereal?” “Hell no, Mike. Dahmer was a serial killer. He murdered a lot of folks and dismembered them and stuff,” I explained to my pea brained pal. “Anyway, he pleaded insanity. Now my advice to you is to do the same thing.” “Hey lhatjust might work. What do I need to do to pull this off,” Mike asked. “Just be yourself Mike. Just be yourself.” Despite my advice, they found Mike guilty. I was crushed My biggest concern was the question of whether this woman was telling the truth or not. Perhaps she did want to sleep with the former champ in hopes of getting a little “financial- aid” for coUege. Maybe Mike was too much for her to handle. I don’t know! What I find most disturbing is the fact that she knew what kind of guy Tyson was. I’m sure she knew of his past womanizing endeavors. Even if she didn’t, it has been noted that he was backstage, feeling over all the contestants. This lady was 18 years old which makes her an adult So, for her to leave with a man of Tyson’s character and go to his hotel room at 2 o’clock in the morning tells you that she ain’t nothing but a high- priced-ho’. This leads me to a drastic realization. If a girl says that a guy raped her, it’s her word against his and guess whose has more bearing! Speaking of rape, I wonder what y’all brothers and sisters know about the term itself. Now, there are a couple of meanings lo this word. In one sense I can rape you in that I can take something that belongs to you. For example, take a girl with a hair-weave. If I run behind her and pull itout of her head, I have “raped” her—1 have taken something that belonged to her. (Really, this probably isn’t rape because it wasn’t her hair in the first place, but you get the idea of this meaning.) The other meaning of rape centers around the fact that if, for example, I’m on that homy tip, I can rape you. This means I want to hit them skins whether you like it or not With this there are two types of rape. There is date rape which may happen with someone you may or may not know. The usual scenario arises when a guy takes a girl out to dinner. The guy’s mentality says, if he pays for the meal, he expects to get paid himself. The other type of sexual rape is statutory rape which is to have sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of consent which varies state to state from ages 10 to 18. Now, Webster’s dictionary defines rape as “theactof physically forcing a woman to have intercourse”. SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some real problems with the fact that it’s always a matter of “forcing a woman to have sex”. This seems to exclude gays and lesbians who could also be attacked by their partners. Most importantly, this definition excludes the fellas. (Guys you know I couldn’t sell y’all out). My problem can be easily summed up with these examples: •Q: Who do you call when Marsha Warfield has sex with Bo Jackson? A: You call the National Enquirer because this is definitely a hot story. *Q: Who do you call when Marsha Warfield has sex with Sherman Hemsley (aJc.a. George Jefferson)? A; You call the funeral home and make arrangements. Don’t you realize that big b—ch will kill little Sherman! I’m sure all the fellas have seen few big babes who they know would take them through it. Do you remember that song by Hi-Five called “Just Can’t Handle It?” Do you also remember the verse that goes, “I was 16, she was 25?” Now, if that ain’t a mismateh, I don’t know what is! But seriously folks, rape is a very important concern in today’s society and we are confronted with it routinely on the campus. Let’s respect each other and look out for one another. Fellas don’t force yourself on a girl. If she wants you to get the skins , she’ll let you know. At the same time, ladies, if you decide to let a fellow get mellow, don’t cry rape just because you didn ’ t get what you wan ted out of it. Often times females put themselves in the awkward situations that result inrape. Don’t let it happen to you! There are some things we can do to help some of the problems v, campus rape. Fellas if you see a honey walk ig at night by herself, offer her sor:.- assistance. (Butplease fellas, do t expect to get the skins just because you walked her home.) And girls, don’ty’all try to abo>. the fellas generosity. If the guy you asked to escort you home ' is something to do, you still ha _ another option. Check with the safe escort service. They’re even supposed to be using golf carts to transport you to your homes quickly and safely. Most of you sisters out tticrr probably won’t take advantage of these golf carts. After all, they won’t be a Mercedes. Peace y’all Wonderboy’s alter-ego is mild mannered John McCann, a sophomore from Raleigh VtlTED CULTURES OF UNC PRESENTS THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL WEEt aai*-2i) united in spirit COME AND EXPERIENCE THE WORLD WRE AT UNC INIERNATIONAL nsnVAL EMY: KXMLMK XMM^fNTTERIAINMENT... Diverse culture * ZdTN ^ LONGACnvmS; THE. FEB 10; CLEG PARKER DANCE B«ENBLE PERFORMNQ ARTS SERES «M, MEMORIAL HMJ. 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