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The gas-light. online resource (None) 1964-19??, March 23, 1976, Image 1

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Volume 10 Number 6 liBtt Dallas North Carolina Tuesday, March 23, 1976 Meet. ... Helen Marvin, Candidate For N.C. Senate HELEN RHYNE MARVIN “I am happy to announce my candidacy for the North Carolina Senate in the up coming election. I want to point out that I am not running against any incumbent. I am running for one of the three seats in the delegation representing Rutherford, Cleveland, Lincoln, and Gaston Counties,” said Helen Rhyne Marvin, a professor of Political Science and American History for 11 years at Gaston College. She made this announcement at the Democratic Headquarters in the new Eastridge Mall in Gastonia. For many years as a teacher of government, Mrs. Marvin has encouraged her students to take an active interest in public affairs and to accept en thusiastically and con scientiously the obligations of responsible citizenship, and even run for public office if qualified. Mrs. Marvin feels now is the time to practice what she has been preaching. She believes that citizens everywhere have lost con fidence in public institutions and public officials and thus have become apathetic about politics and feel alienated from our political process. Mrs. Marvin said, “Unfortunately there are valid reasons for this disillusionment. However, we who believe in the American system of constitutional democracy and free enterprise cannot just sit idlely by and permit our political system to disintegrate.” Other excerpts from Mrs. Marvin’s announcement speech were ... “I am totally committed to the allocation of sufficient tax dollars to provide quality education for our young people and continuing educational opportunities for all our citizens. “I am equally determined that the individual tax load be held to a minimum and that the taxpayer receive the best value for each dollar spent. “This government must be both efficient and responsive to the needs of the people. To assure this we must select public officials of unquestioned honesty and integrity and committed to the principle of open decision making and accountability to the voters. “We must face up to the fact that there are many problems which cannot be solved by adding another government program or committmg huge sums of money.” Mrs. Marvin then concluded her announcement speech. “To these ends I pledge myself.” Presently, Mrs. Marvin is serving as the head of the department of Social Science at Gaston College. Her experience and work with the Democratic Party includes serving as President of the Gaston County Democratic Women. Mrs. Marvin was educated in the Gastonia City Schools, received her B.A. Degree from Furman University and her M.A. Degree in Political Science from Louisiana State University. Mr. Fenwick Huss, New Administrative Council Has Approved Economics Instructor Enforcement Of Traffic Regulations »tT__ il _1 ^ — — ... T My-al li r-i 1 r-v ‘In the classroom, I have found them inquisitive. Already, I’ve had some to come by the office for extra help, which is a good sign for me that they are concerned about their progress in the course,” said Fenwick Huss, a new instructor at Gaston beginning during the Spring Quarter. Huss who is 25 and single has been at Gaston for three weeks now. He attended Tryon High School which has since then been con solidated with Bessemer City and Cherryville High Schools. He then traveled to Chapel Hill where he did his undergraduate work and then on to the University of Connecticut where he received a Master of Arts in Economics. While in Chapel Hill, Huss was involved in a club called AIESEC, a French title meaning Association International Etudiant in Economics and Commercials. This is an international organization which places foreign students in different business for internship. During the summer of ’74, Huss participated in a study tour organized by Guilford College called Seminars Abroad. In Am sterdam, the mayor held a seminar on city planning, city politics, etc ... While in Russia, Huss had dinner in the home of a member of the Communist party. He feels Russia has a class structure, but that the Russians don’t want the American people to believe this. In West Berlin, he attended a seminar on East-West Relationships with students and instructors from the local schools. While at Gaston, Huss has had the opportunity to sit in on an Administrative Council Meeting. Mr. Huss said, “The atmosphere was cordial and relaxed among administrators. I noted no hesitancy on the part of the group to voice their opinions which is important for the effective administration of the school,” Huss went on to say, “I’m having difficulty in getting supplies but progress is being made. I now have a bookshelf and the key is on the way.” He is favorably impressed with the teachers at Gaston, “They all seem to be sincere and dedicated,” stated Huss. At the present time, Huss is finishing up two classes for the Winter Quarter at Cleveland Technical Institute in Shelby where he is teaching Income Tax Accounting and Money and Banking. Huss is teaching one class at Gaston, Accounting 201 in room C-118 at 12:00. He is also teaching two classes at the Lincoln Center in Lincolnton, including Accounting 202 and Economics 202 Anyone, other than a visitor, who comes on this campus for any reason is required to have a parking sticker,” stated Mr. Russell Keck, Chairman of the Traffic Committee. Traffic Regulations were approved for enforcement by the Administrative Council on Tuesday, March 16, but will not be effective until they are passed by the Board of Trustees. Some of the regulations include: 1) the Dean of Students will have the authority to suspend or revoke for a period of time not in excess of 12 months the parking privileges of a student who has committed three or more of fenses within a period of 12 months; also the Dean of In- struction will have the authority to suspend or revoke for a period of time not in excess of 12 months the parking permits issued to staff and faculty members who commit three or more offenses within a period of 12 months; after parking privileges have been suspended or revoked, cars found parked on the campus will be towed away; 2) No student may register a vehicle not owned by himself, his spouse, a parent, or his guardian, or assigned him by his employer. Falsification of registration information may result in the denial to park a car on the Gaston College campus; 3) Failure to properly register a vehicle may result in it being towed awa^.L.jj...PgJ!K!nS..fe£?A SGA Elections April 22 The Student Government Association announces that elections will be held on April 22 to elect executive officers and two sophomore senators for the next academic year. According to the constitution, the candidates for President and Vice-President must run as team, and candidates for Secretary and Treasurer run individually. The above officers will receive scholarships of $100 ■per quarter to cover the ex penses of books and tuition. Two sophomore senators will also be elected individually. Filing deadline for petitions to run for the above offices is April 8, and petitions may be picked up and returned at Room 106 in the Administration Building at the office of the Dean of Students. All persons interested in the SGA can get additional information at Room 106 in the Administration Building or Room 108 in the Classroom Building, the SGA office. are as follows: $2.00 per academic year or any portion thereof, beginning with the fall quarter, $2.00 for one additional vehicle, $1.00 for replacing lost or defaced permits; 5) Parking is permitted only in designated areas, except that vehicles of the College, its agents, or public utility companies are permitted to park in other than designated parking areas as the main tenance of streets, grounds, and utility lines require; 6) Parking is prohibited anywhere on campus for the purpose of displaying a vehicle for sale, washing, greasing, or repairing a vehicle; 7) Loading and unloading areas, visitors’ area, and Rhodes Drive are strictly enforced as tow-away zones; and 8) All persons receiving citations for violations of these regulations have the right to appeal provided they submit, in writing such appeal to the Dean of Students within 48 hours, exclusive of Saturdays, Sun days and College holidays. Student appeals will be referred to the student court and then to the College Traffic Com mittee, Faculty, staff, and administrator appeals will be referred directly to the College Traffic Committee, and visitor appeals shall be handled by the (See REGULATIONS P. 3)

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