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S.T.C. college newsletter. online resource (None) 1941-1960, October 26, 1951, Image 1

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State Teachers College News Letter YqI )(]^| Elizabeth City, N. C., October 26, 1951 Number 1 rolLEGE WELCOMES CLASS OF^ President Challenges Freshmen Greetings — To the 1951 Freshmen entering tlie ever progressing Elizabeth City State Teachers College, we extend sincere greetings. You are now be ginning one of the most exciting and challenging adventures you will have. The most frequent mistake that most young people entering college make is in thinking that a college is a great machine grinding out diplo mas, changing personalities and offer ing white collar jobs. This is not true. College is only a tool which you may use to do something for yourself. It is the beginning of a school year, and a full year lies ahead. You hope to complete it successfully and gain the most education for the time and effort expended. Now is the time to start doing some things for yourself. Seriously, I suggest that you try to set up a clear purpose for seeking a college education. This pur[50S(' may not be easily discovered. It may be, however, the beginning point of creative educational experience; your purpose may never be fixed and sta tic; it will grow with new exper iences and insight. In seeking this college education, you should develop a plan for the year. Digging in and passing your courses is not enough. Securing an education is not that simple. Y'ou must be the dynamic element in your educational process and, therefore', the important one. To help you in this direction, you should learn all that you can about your own interests, abilities, apti tudes. and capacities. In further car- (Continued on Page 6) The Candlelighting Servicc Youth as Bearers of the Light” was the theme of the Candlelighting Serxice held for Freshmen in Moore Hall on S\mda\ evening, September 16 th. The Freshmen, who were introduc ed by President S. D. ^\Tlliams, en tered the auditorium carr\ing white caudles and assembled in front of the audieuce. ')'he Covmselor, \'elma W'all, who had taken her place on the stage was joined by six freshuien wlio kindled from her large candle • he flauK's of Awareness, Truth, Knowledge, Lo\e, Faith and Beant\'. During the jirograui, Margie Bvn- den sang "I W'ould Be Trui’Mattie ''leMillau, “M\- l'’aitli Looks Up I'o I hee; aud Robert Hailes' That Will Noi Let Me Cio". As the ser\'i(‘(' closed tlu' l''reshin('ii left the auditorium bearing ligliled caudles. IIk- sxuibols ('I ('iluealian cn- I'shleuint; llic \Mirld Mr. Morrison Gives Concert On Friday evening, October 12, Mr. Scott Morrison presented a concert in Moore Auditorium. He fascinated the audience with select ions on the Harpsicord, which is a forerunner of the piano. His inipeson- ations of Handel, Chopin, Listz, De bussy and Gershwin, whose music he played, were well accepted. In the course of his concert, he told the stories of the different composers and how the selections he played came to be composed. Each piece had a very interesting background. This is the first protgram of the Lyceum series to be given at State Teachers College. Intra-Mural Program In a recent assembly program Coach Williams advanced the following pro posals to stimulate interest in intra mural athletics: 1. Form an intra-mural council. 2. Organize competition among social clubs and organizations. 3. Give individual and group awards on a point basis. 4. Present an intra-mural award at the end of the year to the organ ization having the highest nvmiber of points. 5. Interest students that do not belong to any club. This program as outlined should meet many student needs. Following the tradition that all Freshmen be conducted through a series of Orientation activities, State Teachers College initiated its Fresh man program on September 8. Orien tation began with a warm welcome by Dean W. P. Jones and a tour of the campus with seniors as guides. On Saturday evening at 7:30 in Moore Hall, Deans Odessa H. Frazier and Ernest W. Chery were introduced. They spoke briefly on their duties. On Sunday morning at ten a devot ional period held in the aviditorium emphasized, through discussions by Miss Elliott, Mr. Lester and Mr. Mar tin, the religious life of the College. Promptly at eight o’clock Monday morning the entire class of Freshmen were assembled in the auditorium and divided into three groups, namely, A, B, and C. One group was given an English test, another group was shown through the library and still another group was taken to the infirmary. This rotation of activities extended eventually over a period of three days and took in Health and Athletic ac- tiviteies with Coach Housen; Choir tryouts with Miss Johnson and Miss Lambert; and talent tryouts with Miss Gamble, Mr. Postell and Mr. Womack. Out of these activities new members were discovered for the choir, band, basketball, football and baseball team, dramatic and dance group. Orientation week of the Freshmen class of 1951 was concluded by a solemn and picturesque candlc light servicc at six-thirty Sunday evening. This program was under the able leadership of Mrs. Odessa Frazier and Mrs. I'xlna MitcTxTI. Students Advised To Submit SSCQT Applications Now Applications for the December 13, 19.51 and the ,'Vpril 24, 1952 admin istrations of the ColU'ge Qualifica- lion T^'st are now available at Selec- tl\'(' S'r\icc Sx’stoui boards through out the eouTitr\'. Eligible students who intend to take this lest on (-itlier date should apply at ont'c to the nearest Selective S'r\ ice local board for an application and a bulletin of information. l"olloN\’ing instructions in tiu' bulle tin, the student should fill out his aiiplication and mail it iunnediatc’b in the euAclope jirovided. .Applica tions for (he ne(’mb('r 13 test nuist be postnuirked no lat('r than mid night, Noxeuiber 5, 19,51. .\eeordiiig to h'dneational T't'Sling Serxice, whicTi |ireparcs and adunn- islers till' Oillege Oualilication T’est for llu' Seleelive Service Sxstein, it will be urealK' to the sludeni s ;kI (( 'niiliiini'd on Elizabeth City State Teachers College 1951-52 Calendar 18—Last Day for Registration and Change of Courses 6—Faculty-Students Pre-Opening Conference 8—Registr ation of Freshmen and New Students 11—Registration Students in Attendance 1950-51 22—Thanksgiving Hohdays 30—Fall Quarter Ends 1—Winter Quarter Registration 3—Classes Begin 8—Last Day for Registration and Change of Cotirses 21—Christmas Holidays Begin 4:00 P. M. 1952 ,3—Christinas Holidays End 8:00 A. M. 14—Annual Dramatic Contest 1—Winter Quarter Ends ;3—Spring Quarter Registration 8 ]>ast Day for Registration and Change of Courses 9—Fotmder’s Dav 28—College Da\ 10—Easter Holidays Begin 4:00 P. M. 1.5—l]ast('r Hohdays End 8:00 P. M. 17—Annual Higlt School Day 1—Ma\- Da\ Festival Hoiuning Trustees S--Musical l'\'stival Ilononug Trustees 24—Aiinnal Alumni Da\ 25—Haccalaiu-cate S('nnoti 26—Awards Da\ 20—Senior Class Day 27—C>)inn)encenu'ut September September September September Noveiriber November December December December December January February March March Marcli March March April April April Ma\- Ma> Mav Mav Ma\^ Ma\ Miiv Future Teachers Hear Local Minister •"iTie Cireat I’.ssential," was the subie't (if an asscuibK siici'cTi gixcn by lie\('rend ,1. E. T'rotuiau of the Saint Stephen Bai^list Church in l'',li/.- abclh City, on W'ednesdax. Scptem- l)cr 17. TTic speaker began b\ relating a storx ol th(' IsratTiles aud Lgxj^tians, out of whose exp('ricnces grew faith, the C’Tcat F.sscntial. e arc liv ing in da\s of great liewildcruK'iit, h' said, and we need faith in oursclvc's and in C;od. h'aith is not a mere (Tectivc- in Ihc school of lib'; il is a re(|nirc- inrnl. lirscrciicl 'rrntman also poiiitpcl out that we ma>- obtain this great essential b\’ avoiding the old beaten paths, and living up to IIk' best lli.H is in IIS Dean Jones Welcomes Freshmen The Class of 1955 I happily and hop('fully wclconic to the College. I am happy that so many young peo ple have elected to secure a college education and have chosen this seat of learning. I am hoping that the n('xt four vears will sec them taking full advantage of cverv- opportunity that nui\' contribute to their uiaxi- nuuu )iossible dev cToiiuient w hile here. W'cndiTl P. Jones Dean ol (he Colleg’ Sujiport \ oiu' (:oM\iTTNriA' (iiiivS'r

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