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Mel-Rose-Glen : the voice of Melrose and Glenn Mills. volume (None) 1944-19??, December 01, 1946, Image 1

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MEL - ROSE - GLEN THE VOICE OF MELROSE AND GLENN MILLS Volume 3 MELROSE HOSIERY HILLS (Seamless mnd Full Fashion Plants) HIGH POINT, N. C. December Issue GLENN HOSIERY MILLS (Infante* and Misses’ Goods) No. 4 Third Annual Xmas Parly Sal. December 21sl. Plans are taking shape for the Christmas party. The general pat tern of former years will be fol lowed. The exchange of gifts and departmental tables have grown into a tradition. Already some groups are asking questions about this phase of the party. Committees To Meet Each department in each plant is urged to choose two or more representatives to meet In the con ference room at the English street plant Wednesday afternoon Decem ber 4 at 3:30. The general com mittee will be organized out of this group with chairmen and sub-com mittees. Also out of this group plant committees will be set-up. Bring all ideas for decorations, stunts, and what-have-you to this December 4th meeting. Colored committee will meet Thursday December 5. There will be lots of work to be done and numerous ideas to con sider. The Place Every effort is being made to get the flooring and heating equip ment ready in the new addition of the full fashioned plant so that the party can be held in our own build ing. This will be the only announce ment about committees. Will all interested groups act at once to see that there is a good strong repiresentative group from all plants, all departments and all shifts in the December 4 meeting. At least two representatives should be sent from each depart ment. It is anticipated that there will be at least 17 committees at work. Y BONUS The annual bonus checks jwill be distributed in each i/c uiaiiiuuicu in cav.iij iof the three mills on Fri-| I day, December 6. The com-1 I pany hereby designates the | I week of December 23-27 asj Ithe vacation period. (Seei I printed company policy on! (vacation and bonus). | SANTAOAUr Nominations are in order for Santa Claus at the party. Inter ested boosters are free to prepare posters and conduct campaign for their candidates, beginning now. The week of December 2 will be open for announcing of candi dates. During the week of Decem ber 9 balloting will take placs for Santa Claus and on a tear off slip with the ballot requests can be made for tickets to the party. EXCHANGE OF GIFTS Exchange of gifts will take place at the party. Everyone is urged to cooperate by taking Christmas spirit and atmos phere to the party and not “take the edge off” of the cele bration by bringing these things into the mill. Gifts will be assembled in each department in a shipping box, sealed and delivered to the building on Kivett drive to be opened by a committee from '"h department. Tt^0 Singing risl’ierme.n Why Are You So Tired.^ Editor’s note: This is an article from YOUR LIFE purchased and used by permission. It is copyrighted and is not to be lifted from Mel- Rose-Glen. By JOHN E. GIBSON All of us are tired some of the time, some of us are tired most of the time, and a few of us are tired all of the time. Scientists who have devoted years to the study of fatigue in its various forms, believe it is responsible for more unhappiness, more strife, more failures in business and domestic life, than any other single factor. Leading authorities are convinced, however, that this would not be so if people really understood fatigue—and had a working knowledge of “what makes it tick.” The following questions and answers represent the most interesting and significant facts that science has learned about fatigue. How many kinds of fatigue are there? Three kinds: (1) physical fatigue, caused simply by muscular activity, and from which we recuper ate the quickest: (2) mental fatigue, caused by brain work, and which requires a somewhat longer recuperation period. (It is extremely sel dom that energies expended in mental or physical effort are not quickly and completely restored by a nominal amount of rest and relaxation); (3) nervous fatigue, the most common cause of tiredness, is not caused by work and cannot be biinished simply by rest. It caused by worry, frustation, anxiety, boredom, and kindred emotional attitudes. Be cause these emotional states can deplete our energies faster than rest can replenish them, they are responsible for the feeling of “perpetual tiredness.” This type of fatigue can be banished only when the cause is eliminated. Can more work reduce nervous fatigue ? It certainly can. Give a person so much work to do that he hasn’t time to worry, and he’ll feel less fatigue. Can mental and physical overwork cause a nervous breakdown ? Absolutely not. Leading medical authorities agree that nervous break downs are never caused by overwork. Factors which bring about nervous exhaustion are anxiety, worry, fear, frustration and various mental and emotional conflicts. Overwork, rather than being a cause of nervous breakdown, in many instances actually prevents it—by permitting the individual less time to fret and worry. Nerve specialists find that many of their patients cease worrying only when completely absorbed by their work or avocation. Is mental work more fatiguing than physical work? Yes. Tests show that the average mental worker accumulates more fatigue at the end of the day than the physical worker. Furthermore, when fatigue is caused by mental effort, a longer time is required for recuperation. Hence—as proven by tests made at Colgate university—you need more sleep if you work with your brain that if you work with your muscles. Does everything we do require energy—even sleeping? Yes. Tables of energy expenditure show that a person weighing 154 pounds uses 65 calories per hour when asleep, 77 calories per hour while lying down, 100 calories while sitting at rest, 105 calories when reading, 145 calories while typewriting or washing dishes, 200 calories while walking, 300 calories when running or engaged in strenuous exercise. Do some people actually “make you tired”? Definitely. When an other person’s presence arouses unpleasant emotions, this in turn pro duces actual nervous fatigue—which incidentally, takes longer to re cuperate from than any other type of fatigue. Scientific tests show that an hour with an unpleasant person can create as much fatigue as an entire day’s work. r Does the temperature halve any bearing on how easily we tire? Yes. Tests have proven that the least fatigue temperature is 68 degrees Fahr enheit. When the temperature goes higher or lower, increasing amounts of energy are required to maintain the constant body temperature of 98.6 degrees. When the thermometer climbs above 68 degrees extra en ergy is required to operate the body’s intricate cooling system, and when the temperature takes drop, energy must be diverted to generate heat. Laboratory tests show, for example, that up to 50 per cent more energy is expended when the temperature is 90 degrees. Similar condi- (Continued on Page Two) REMINDER All employees who are now wearing 5, 10, and 15 year pins and who are to get 10, 15 i.nd 20 pins at the Christmas party will please turn in pins they are now wearing at once so that check can be made on all pins ready for dis tribution December 21. CREDIT UNION TO PAY OFF The Melrose-Glenn Credit Union wants to pay dividends immedi ately after January 1. All borrow ers are strongly urged to bring payments up-to-date. Members should deposit all shares possible so that the annual report will make a good showing. In November board meeting it was revealed that there will be approximately $1500 in undivided earnings to distribute to share holding members. The assets of the association are now approximately $14,000. There arc a few delinquent accounts that need attention and cooperation of borrowers. LIFE ON THE PROUCTION LINE (The following is taken from Charley Jones’ Famous “LAUGH BOOK,” it is copyright material and used'with the special permissi- ion of Charley Jones.) Printed by Request 7:30—Card punched — just as whistle blows. 7:35—Makes rounds of gum ma chines—no gum—loses two cents. 7:45—Makes rounds looking for tools that the night shift left lying around. 8:00—Finds pliers and screwdriv er—grinds off names and puts them in a tool box. 8:30—Goes to tool crib. Tells at tendant new story. 8:45—Drills $40 hole in panel. Rivet too flat. Starts to drill slips. Starts over and drills out. 9:15—Coffee and rolls, discusses politics and general topics. 10:00—Stops for smoke. 10:10—Needs a drink—lines up at fountain. 10:30—Looks for a place to hide scrap parts. 10:45—Can’t find any place. ( Continued on Page 5) Shuldown All three mills will be shut down for the week of Christmas. Work will cease Friday, December 20 at end of third shift and resume Monday, December 30, at beginning- of first shift.

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