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Mel-Rose-Glen : the voice of Melrose and Glenn Mills. volume (None) 1944-19??, December 01, 1946, Image 2

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Page Two MEL — ROSfi — ‘GLEN DECEMBER ISSUE MEL-ROSE-GLEN Voice of Melrose and Glenn Mills. Pablished Monthly by Melrose Hosiery Mills, Inc., Hiffh Point, N. C. A Co-operative Endeavor Sponsored by the Personnel Department in Participation with Employees of Melrose (Seamless and Full Fashioned) and Glenn Plants. JOSEPH DAVID BOYD, Director. EVA VENABLE, Secretary REPORTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS (Selected by workers to represent various departments). SEAMLESS PLANT: Office Mary Moore Knitting, No. 1, 1st -- Knitting No. 2—1st Helen Sheffield Knitting No. 1—2nd Thelma Edwards Knitting No. 1—3rd Almedia Dennis Looping Room No. 1— Lois Harrison Looping No. 2—1st - Nona Sechrest Looping No. 2 - Belle Poole Finishing Room 1-lst Ethel Leatherman Finishing Rm. No. 2 Lillian Anderson Betty Easter Boarding No. 1—1st Boarding No. 1—2nd, Edith Whitaker Boarding No. 2—lst,.._ Virginia Bizzell Boarding No. 2-2nd J. D. Crose Sewing No. 2—1st Ethel Millikan Sewing No. 2—2nd - Miscellaneous Agnes Butler GLENN PLANT Looping, Inspecting and Seaming Depts Maxine Hobby Finishing Rom, 1st Gladys Dawson Knitting Dept.—1st Edith Haltom Knitting Dept.—2nd, Pauline Leonard FULL FASHIONED PLANT. Finishing—1st — Altah VI ilson Knitting—1st Hoyle Morgan Knitting—2nd K athryn Snow Knitting—3rd Hoyle Morgan FROM TOMLINSON NEWS QUESTION: For several weeks I have observed the progress on our new chimney at Mill No. 10 and each day the elevator scaf fold has been moved higher. Now I’m wonder how the scaffold will be removed when the last brick has been placed? ANSWER: “You never can tell what a stack man is going to do next but they have ruled out sky hooks and parachutes as a means of getting the last man down to earth! The legal way to do it is something like this: The last op eration is to wash down the stack with muriatic acid to remove ex cess cement—the T-shaped scaf fold, called a ‘cat-head’, is swung over the side and a man in a bos’n’s chair does the washing from top to bottom and all over the outside surface. Then he goes back to the top on the cable and disassembles the cat-head. This is lowered, down inside the stack with the cable running over the iron cap at top. The last man could use the cable to descend but this might ruin the cable so, after lowering the scaf fold materials, he casts-off the ca ble and climbs down the outside iron run^s which are 7’ 6” apart. Since the man is only 5’ 10” high that calls for special technique: he uses two scaling ‘irons’, small wooden ladders about 8’ long, hook ing alternately first one and then the other over the iron rungs until he reaches terra firma—if I had to do that it would be too much terror and not enough firma!” FINLEY T. WHITE, Works Project Director. SOMEONE ONCE SAID “One careless moment could pay off in a lifetime of sorrow.” —Author Unknown About twice as many community advisory centers are needed—for veterans and others whose lives were uprooted by the war years— as are now in operation. Despite their talk about V-J day, fewer than half the country’s towns are providing adeq u a t e information and guidance assistance for their veterans. This is a growing prob lem, and cannot all be handled from Washington. EDITORIAL Mel-Rose-Glen is in the third year of publication. This is the twenty-eighth copy distributed. How are we doing? Immediately after Thanksgiving holidays a question naire on Mel-Rose-Glen will be put in your hands. Will you look for it, and give it full consideration? There have been many compliments on our plant paper. We want to keep it good and make it better. The questionnaire will call for easy checking of items. There will be space for ample comment, if you Will write a sentence or two. We are anxious to know what portions of the publica tion are most read. Are there features which you like? Are there some things that you would like to have considered in the paper? The general feature of Mel-Rose-Glen, and one of which we are proud, is that it obviously is a "workers’ sheet”. There are some matters of promotion and company policy that necessarily find place in the columns, but, on the whole, it is not a "front office” publication. This means, for all practical purposes, that we can make of the paper what we want. If it can be made better, it will be because we as a group have the ingenuity and the interest to give thought and planning to develop a constructive program. Mel-Rose-Glen is mailed every other issue to all cus tomers of the mills. Each month it is sent to a growing list of friends, competitors, trade journals etc. During the war months it was sent all around the world to Melrose and Glenn employees. It still goes to all men and women in government service. Look for the questionnaire and give it your best at tention! WHY ARE YOU SO TIRED? (Continued from Page One) tions were found to obtain when the temperature drops to 30 degrees. Scientific studies have definitely established that you’ll do the best work, and be the least fatigued by it, when the room temperature is kept close to the 68 degrees mark. What effect does noise have on fatigue? Studies conducted by Dr. Donald A. Laird, at Colgate university, have proven that you’ll be 19 per cent more fatigued at the end of each day if you work in a noisy office, then if you work in a quiet one. Nine hours work in calm sur roundings will actually tire you less than working eight hours in the midst of din and hubbub. Does music make work less fatiguing? Yes. This has been defi nitely established by scientific experiments. At De Pauw university, where 160 subjects were tested over a two-month period, it was found that the playing of music made their work considerably less tiring. Music combats physical fatigue by inducing a rhythm into the worker’s movements—and work performed rhythmically requires far less energy. It reduces nervous fatigue by chasing away boredom, which is a prin cipal cause of nervous tiredness. Tests show that frequent, short pe riods of music have the most markedly beneficial effect. Can you do more than twice as much work and be less tired, if you take short, freo.uent rest periods? Yes. In factories with brief and fre quent rest periods, subjects have done three times their ordinary work and been less fatigued. What is the first symptom of overtiredness? Irritability. A good way to nip overtiredness in the bud is to rest or relax the moment this symptom evidences itself. Are we inclined to make bad decisions when we’re tired? Yes. Never make an important decision when you’re tired. Fatigue seriously impairs our judgment, and warps our perspective. Do you actually have a different personality when you’re tired? Yes. Fatigue radically alters your personality, relegating your good qualities to the background, and turning the spotlight on your bad ones. You have less poise, tend to be on the defensive, and are infinitely more difficult to get along with. . What is “chronic fatigue” ? Chronic fatigue is a continual tiredness, accompanied by a persistent feeling of depression and frustration. If you..’re one of those people who are always tired, then you have chronic fatigue. It is felt most acutely during the early morning hours, and tends to diminish as the day progresses. It is nervous fatigue which has as sumed permanent form. Rest and sleep fail to relieve it, but physical exertion often (ioes. Dr. Frank N. Allen of Boston’s Lahey Clinic made an exhaustive study of 300 cases of chronic fatigue, found that less than 20 per cent had even the slightest physical disorder. The trouble with the rest was purely psychological. What will cure chronic fatigue? Dr. Walter Freeman, noted Wash ington, D. C., psychiatrist, who has long specialized in this malady, finds that rest is the worst thing in the world. His patients respond best to cold bathing, horseback riding, and long walks. “When their muscles are working,” Dr. Freeman explains, “their brains are resting.” Dr. E. J. Kepler, of the Mayo Clinic, who has made perhaps the most ex tended study of chronic fatigue, has established that it is caused by leading an unbalanced life. After studying the effects of varied treat ments on hundreds of patients, Dr. Kepler has discovered the only meth od which the Mayo Clinic considers wholly effective. The afflicted person must rearrange his personal life so that it is equally influenced by four factors. These factors are work, play, love, worship (devotion to something bigger than oneself). No single one of these influences should be allowed to dominate at the expense of another. Where this rule has been followed, case histories show no instance where chronic fatigue symptoms failed to completely disappear. Also, Dr. Kepler’s records show no case where a chronic fatigue sufferer’s life was not decidedly lacking in balance. More often than not, at least one of the four factors was almost entirely absent. Science has given us the keys with which to conquer fatigue. The rest is up to us. I ITEMS & COMMENT TOP TURNERS NO. 2 Ask Myrtle, why did she raise the window, and stick her head out the door. Polly, what is wrong with you and your boy friend, Charlie. KNITTING NO. ONE Charlie Howard who has just re turned ot first shift wants every one on second shift to know that he enjoyed working with them. We will miss you Charlie and we want you to always feel welcome on the second shift ?or we enjoyed work ing with you also. Everyone is looking forward to the Christmas party. We hope it will be a big success. Well Christmas is almost here. We have stopped counting the months and started counting the days. Everybody who buys a ticket to the football game is expecting to win the automobile. Here’s hop ing someone at Melrose wins it. Finishing No. 1 We miss Bertha, she has been out with her mother-in-law. Hope she will soon be back. We welcome Sarah Hooper one of our old time employees. There is a backache epidemic going around in the finishing room. What’s wrong ? Does anybody know where Ger trude can find some brown sugar for her fruit cake? We hope Mrs. Maner has a nice Thanksgiving while she is in the mountains. Joyce Hedrick is all smiles these days, I guess it must be Luck. FINISHING ROOM NO. 2 Howdy Folks, Here we come around to see you all for a very short visit this month. I know everyone is busy plan ning for Thanksgiving holidays. Most of the folks in our depart ment are planning to spend a quite time at home. We hope everybody will have a nice time. Just don’t eat to much turkey. Dewey is taking a trip to South Carolina in a T-model. Hope you make it O.K. Dewey. Fred is leaving as soon as pos sible for Elkin. Don’t get strand ed up there like you did before. Zelma Varner lias got back from her trip. She wouldn’t tell us where she went. But she reported a wonderful time. Did you see Rankin, R. D. Freal and Dewey eat banana pud ding the other day ? Whata you say boys, “isn’t Mrs. Walton a good cook?” We thought at first we would get Lena some crutches. But now she can get around pretty good. Something new has been added to our department. Yes, new racks for our work. It’s not only handier but it makes our tables look nicer. One more thing Mrs. Deaton was sure thrilled over the lovely sun shine box that was sent to her. We will tell you, as she told us. “God bless every one of them.” We would like to express our deep sympathy to Mr. Bailey. Well folks that’s all for now, see you next month. Just remem ber there is only 2 more shopping days until Christmas. By now. Knitting No. 2—2nd Shift The second shift welcomes Grady Stafford and Guy Jones who came back recently. We hope they stay with us this time. We were sorry to have Frances Latta leave us. It’s nice to see Doris Hare back after her illness. We all sincerely hope that every one had a joyful Thanksgiving. So long until next month when we’ll be gushing over with all our Christmas news. A new all purpose household de odorant has been perfectd to spray garbage cans, iceboxes and the like. It is colorless and odorless.

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