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Music And Fine Arts Week May 5-n, 1957 THE VOICE DICIEST OF STUDENT OPINION Summer School June T2-Jul. 20 VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2 FAYETTEVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C., APRIL 6, 1957 Founders' Day Observance Apr. 6-7 Elected Chairman DR. RUDOLPH JONES, presi dent of Fayetteville State Teachers College, was elected chairman of the Board of Direc tors of Hammocks Beach Cor poration at the meeting in Ral eigh on Saturday, March 23. As the newly-elected chairman, he will succeed Dr. J. W. Seabrook, president emeritus of FSTC and acting president of Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, N. C. Dr. Jones takes office on Ju ly 1. DR. RUDOLPH JONES The President Speaks I appreciate this opportunity granted by the staff of The Voice to thank the students, faculty, staff and friends of the college for your support and cooperation dur ing the year. While all the goals that we had in mind in September have not been reached, we feel that some progress has been made. It has always been the aim of Fayetteville State Teachers Col lege to send forth from its portals young men and young women up right in character, vigorous and healthy of body and alert and trained in mind. It is the sincere hope of the President that all stu dents who enroll here will be THEN ... and ... NOW w.,. .. K* The building and improvement program at Fayetteville State Teachers College is still under way. Just a few months ago Old Vance Hall was here, but today there are only a few bricks and dust remaining where this build ing, at one time the only dormitory on campus stood. Bids will be opened on Tuesday, April 9, for the furnishing of labor. materials and equipment for con struction of campus improvements. These will include “clearing and preparation of site; common exca vation; paved drives, parking areas and sidewalks; topsoiling; seeding; storm sewer; precast pre-stressed concrete channel pedestrian bridges, and concrete steps.” It is expected that work will begin soon thereafter. PUBLICATIONS EXCHANGE As a result of the establishment of an exchange of student publi cations, you will find in our Ches- nutt Library issues of student pa pers from many schools. In ad dition to those listed in the last is sue of The VOICE, you will find; The Gazette — D u B o i s High School, Wake Forest, N. C. The Living Stone — Livingstone College, Salisbury, N. C. The Newsletter—Elizabeth City S. T. College, Elizabeth City, N. C. The Shaw Journal—Shaw Uni versity, Raleigh, N. C. The Talisman—St. Paul’s Poly technic Institute, Lawrenceville, Va. The TSU Clarion— Texas South ern University, Houston, Texas. Tiger’s Paw—Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Hill Top — Howard University, Washington, D. C. The Talladegan—Talladega Col lege, Talladega, Ala. serious-minded and devoted to a purpose; and that they will always uphold and honor the traditions of the institution. Today more than ever before it is necessary that we develop in college a sense of per sonal responsibility as well as ability to think and discriminate. An effort is made here at Fayette ville to maintain a program that will produce well-rounded gradu ates. SCHOLARSHIP FUND PLANNERS—Pictured above are Mrs. Eunice Ferguson, Alumni Representative; Dr. Rudolph Jones, President of FSTC, and Roger Scales, Vice-President of the Student Council as they make plans for the J. W. Seabrook Scholarship Fund. Looking Back At Student Teaching Mary W. Robinson When I first began to look at student teaching I wondered just what it was or how one could ex plain it. Since that time I found it was best summed up by Curtis and Andrews in Guiding Your Student Teacher when they said, “Student teaching is a period (or periods) during which a stut ?nt receives guidance in learning to assume responsibility for the ma jor activities of teachers in the public schools.” As I look back on the beginning days of student teaching, I realize that for some reason or another I had butterflies in my stomach. I could recall all the helpful tips that had been given to student teachers; however, at first they were only recalled as groups of words. It seemed that I was the one being observed by the class in order to be taught. This I was to find out later was actually true. During my first two days of ob servation I returned to the campus determined to be more confident than ever on the next day. Then all of a sudden it became very clear to me that even though I had looked at student teaching as being on trial, I was actually going through the same stages of growth that I had experienced. From that day on I found myself in the midst of teaching situations which were beneficial tojboth the students and me. I feel that one of the most im portant aids that student teaching gives to anyone is the opportunity to strengthen his or her social re lationship. An individual is per mitted through this experience to actually learn about and work with different personalities often read about. This experience makes one desire to make a critic al evaluation of himself to see how his personality affects others. During student teaching I learn ed something different every day which attributed to a wholesome social relationship. I was able to give and receive pleasure and hap piness, relieve and be relieved of pain and misery, and to further aid the pupils in realizing and de veloping their individual poten tialities. Along with the many experi ences exchanged with the in-ser- vice teachers and students comes With the Rev. Marshall L. Shepard as principal speaker, the Annual Founders’ Day Program is set for the J. W. Sea brook Auditorium, Fayetteville State Teachers College, Sun day, April 7, at 4:00 p. m. Just over 14 years after Mr. Or lando F. Hudson (class of ’42) graduated from Fayetteville State Teachers College, he became pres ident of the August Alumni body, members of which are contribut ing to society in many jobs and professions but mainly as educa tors. Prior to becoming principal of Leonard Street School, High Point, N. C., Mr. Hudson headed the North Carolina Employment Office in Fayetteville and later served as a critic teacher at New- bold Training School. He succeeds Mr. W. E. Smith, class of 1939, principal of Magnolia School in Duplin County. Serving with Mr. Hudson are Miss Mabel Powell, only graduate of Fayetteville State Teachers College to become a member of its Board of Trustees, as vice- president; Mr. E. M. Ferguson, supervising teacher at Newbold Training School, as executive sec retary; Mrs. Annie D. Drane, teacher at Harnett County Schools, corresponding secretary; and Mr. B. H. McGeachy, supervising teacher at Newbold Training School, as treasurer. Recently the alumni received the Services of Miss LeGray Hines, a junior, as secretary in the Alumni Office, Room 101, Smith Admini stration Building. The general officers serve the local Alumni chapters throughout North Carolina, District of Colum bia and New York, and graduates all over the nation, in the Armed Forces overseas, and in Africa. The stated purposes of the Alumni As- Alumni Activities each year; these sociation are to establish closer re lations among the graduates, to tience of Job, the grace of God, and the persistence of the devil.” achieve ends of benefit to the col lege and its graduates, to provide scholarships designed to stimulate better work in class work by stu dents in college, and to help spon sor two special ALL Fayetteville State Teachers College and ALL two being Homecoming and Foun- the continuous development and strengthening of one’s capabilities. Even though student teaching was only a short period in my prepara tion for a desired lifetime career as a teacher, I feel that a perfect teacher is the person who is very plainly expressed in High Points. “The Perfect Teacher” must have “the education of a college presi dent, the executive ability of a fin ancier, the humility of a deacon, the discipline of a demon, the adaptability of a chameleon, the hope of an optimist, the courage of a hero, the wisdom of a serpent, the gentleness of a dove, the pa tience of Job, the grace of God, and the persistence of the devil.” ders’ Day. This group is endors ing the J. W. Seabrook Scholar ship Fund. With Homecoming behind, the plans are being developed for the biggest Founders’ Day ever. Prin cipal speaker on Sunday, April 7, at 4:00 p. m., will be Dr. Marshall L. Shepard, former Recorder of Deeds of Washington, D. C., and of Philadelphia, Pa., former Penn sylvania State Legislator, and now Philadelphia City Councilman and pastor of Mount Olive Tabernacle Baptist Church of Philadelphia. Alumni serving on that program are Miss Mabel Powell, chairman of the Founders’ Day Committee, Mr. O. F. Hudson, president of the General Alumni Association, and Bishop J. F. McLaurin of the Christ Disciples Church and prin cipal of Plain View School in Bladen county. Following the program in the auditorium, the annual pilgrim- mage will be made to the monu ment of Dr. E. E. Smith and that of Fayetteville State Teachers Col lege’s first president, Robert Har ris. For the Founders’ Day weekend, alumni and friends are being in vited to be guests of the college and reside in Joyner Hall, there to be given a reception. A ban quet is also in the making for the purpose of inducting juniors into the Future Alumni Club sponsored by Miss V. O. Windley. At this time seniors are to be inducted into the General Alumni Associ ation. Under the leadership of Mr. O. Uzzell and Mrs. N. T. Smith, a display is being arranged in the lobby of the Seabrook Audi torium of group pictures of faculty and students of prior years, build ings, medals, and materials bring ing back memories. Following the program, a tea is being arranged for all, in the building named for the wife of the person who served the institution for nearly 50 years and who herself was so benevolent for so long to so many—Mrs. N. L. Smith. Mrs. L. C. Carter is chairman of the committee on in vitations, inviting the alumni to the Founders’ Day festivities. Several members of the college family in addition to alumni are working to develop and carry out the program. Graduates and former students of the college now employed here at FSTC are: Mrs, Thelma B. Avent, Mrs. L. C. Carter, Mrs. Juanita Coley, Mrs. Eloise M. Haith, Mrs. Amy McM. Jeralds, Mrs. Mae S. Lindsey, Mrs. Mildred F. Miller, Mr. B. H. Mc Geachy, Miss Ethel V. Mclver, Mrs. V. J. Pace, Mr. L. Parker, Mrs. N. T. Smith, Mr. R. B. Smith, Mr. O. Uzzell, Miss Mamie Wil- kerson, Miss Vivian O. Windley. DON’T FORGET YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE J. W. Seabrook Scholarship Fund Mail to Business Office, Fayetteville State Teachers College, Fayetteville, North Carolina

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