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Voice / online resource (None) 1946-1986, May 01, 1963, Image 6

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Page 6 THE VOICE May, 1963 Sports Press Box PICTURED HERE IS FIRST FSTC — CIAA TENNIS TEAM Racket From The Tennis World MARVIN W. LUCAS Our newest athletic team is faring quite well. The Bronco Tennis Squad, under Coach Page Saunders, has made relatively good showing during its premier season. The team is composed of juniors Jesse Wil liams, Samuel Dove, and Marvin Stokes, sophomore Floyd Howard, and freshman Wilber Wilson. All are expected to be back next season and we anticipate a fine season. Through the first eight matches the Bronco work-sheet looks something like this: April 3 — Lost to North Carolina College — 6-0 April 8 — Won from Livingstone — 5-1 April 18 — Lost to Elizabeth City — 4-3 April 24 — Won from Livingstone — 4-3 April 26 — Lost to North Carolina College — 5-2 April 30 — Lost to Elizabeth City — 6-1 May 3 — Lost to Saint Augustine’s — 4-1 May 6 — Lost to Saint Augustine’s — 4-2 ' '-V ' 'I: ' , mr.- FAYETTEVILLE STATE’S BASEBALL PITCHERS — left to right: Key L. Holt, Wilbert Cotton, John Lucas. Scores Of 1963 Baseball Season OPPONET OUR SCORE THEIR SCORE Broncos Plead Support M. WALKER The non-support on the part of a good number of students at Fay etteville State Teachers College has recently come to the attention of several Bronco baseball players. After losing to AUen University of South Carolina, 13-3, a member of the team asked me, “Walker, did you notice how the students stayed until the last out? Even though their team seemed to have had the game won, they stayed anyway.” Questions like this have come from several players and a few student loyalists. As a member of the team and a lover of sports, I am asking on be half of the FSTC teams that you give us the support we need to rep resent you as best we can. Broncos Lose MARLYN WALKER The Broncos opened the 1962-63 Baseball Season by losing to Shaw University and to Maryland State by scores of 10-6 and 7-6 respec tively. Bronco pilot. Coach Hubert Doub, sent his knuckle-balling southpaw, James Whitted, against the Shaw Bears. Whitted maintain ed almost perfect control for six innings. Coach Doub then called curve-balling Johnny Largent. Then Shaw unleased its heavy artillery and took a 5-3 lead. The continu ous drizzle of rain and the muddy field had nothing to do with the spirited Broncos. Trailing by two runs going into the bottom of the sixth inning, the Broncos got two base runners by way of a walk and a single. Then glue-fingered Willie Woodard slammed a single to cen ter field allowing both runners to score and tie the score at 5-5. At this point the rain fell harder and the umpire threatened to call the game. But unfortunately for the Broncos, they agreed to continue for at least another inning. That additional rain-plagued inning was just enough for the Bears to score five runs and to take a 10 5 lead. The never-say-die Broncos scored one run in the last of the seventh inning. Then both coaches and the umpire agreed to stop the game to prevent injuries that might have been caused by the rain and the muddy diamond. In the second Central Intercol legiate Athletic Association outing, the Broncos lost a hear-breaker to a scrappy Maryland State nine. Fire-balling Willard Cotton pitched superb innings. Although the Bron co infield committed several costly errors. Cotton was able to hold a 6-3 lead going into the ninth inning. At one point, Maryland State load ed the bases with one out. Then Cotton settled down and ended the inning by striking out the next two batters. The ninth frame proved fatal to Cotton’s expert performance as Maryland scored four runs on two errors. So ends the story of the hard luck Broncos. “But,” as one team - member commented, “we never give up.” Track News MARVIN W. LUCAS Hats off to our progressive track team for it accomplishments thus far this season. The following is an account of some of the doings of our thin clad this spring. FSTC QUADRANGLE MEET Participating Teams Winston-Salem Teachers Johnson C. Fayetteville Livingstone Event :hers CoUege 54 points University 50 Points 39 Points 8 Points RESULTS FOR FAYETTEVILLE Smith State 100 Yr. Dash Mile 2 Miles 880 Yd. Run 440 Yd. Relay 880 Yd. Relay Mile Relay Shot Put Discus Pole Vault Javelin Place 2nd and 4th 1st and 3rd 1st 2nd 4th 3rd 3rd 1st and 3rd 3rd 1st 4th Time or Distance 10. and 10.2 4.38.3 and 4.47.3 10.44.4 2.09 52.0 1.34.5 3.30.4 42’9i;^” and 38^8’* 102" 10’6” 125’5’* Winner Maxwell, Dobbins Keys> Toone Keys Smith Hills, Woody Woody Clark Clark FSTC TRIANGLE MEET participating Teams 325 Battle Group, Fort Bragg 21 A. B. G. 504, Fort Bragg Fayetteville State Teachers College Event 100 Yd. Dash 220 Yd. Dash 440 Yd. Dash 880 Yd. Dash Mile 2 Miles 120 Yd. High Hurdles 1st 120 Yd. Low Hurdles 2nd 440 Yd. Relay Sprint Medley 880 Yd. Relay Javelin Shot Put Discus High Jump Broad Jump S. C. STATE COLLEGE 7th ANNUAL IN*VITATIONAL MEET Fartlcipating Teams North Carolina College, A&T College, Fayetteville State — 5th Place; S. C. State Bendict, Allen University, Fort Valley, Livingstone, Morris, Johnson C. Smith, Voorhees, and Florida A&M. Place Time or Distance Winner 2nd 10.1 Maxwell 4th 24.2 Ramsey 1st and 3rd 52.2 and 53.2 Conway, 2nd 2.10.8 Smith 1st 4.40 Keys 1st 10.49.2 Keys 1st 16.9 Sessoms 2nd 14.1 Sessoms 3rd 47.3 2nd 3.51.8 1st 1.34.3 2nd 3.44.8 2nd 149*10’* Hill 1st 45*9** Hill 3rd 117* 23^** HiU 4th 5*8** Keys 3rd 19*11* Woody IVESULTS FOR FAYETTEVILLE Event Shot Put Javelin Pole Vault One Mile Run 440 Yd. Dash Place 2nd 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd Time or Distance 44* 152’9%» ir 4.41 52. Winner Hill HiU Clark Keys Conway HAMPTON INVITATIONAL MEET Participating Teams Hampton institute 79 Points Virginia State 41 Points Fayetteville State 29 Points Elizabeth City 19 Points Virginia Union 9 Points RESULTS FOR FAYETTEVILLE Event Place Time or Distance Winner 100 Yd. Dash 4th 9.9 Maxwell 220 Yd. Dash 3rd 22.3 Conway 120 Yd. High Hurdles 3rd 16.1 Sessoms Mile 1st and 3rd 4.33.6 Keys, Toone 2 Miles 1st 10.37.3 Keys Shot Put 1st 46^4^” Hill Javelin 2nd 166*11” Hill Pole Vault tie for 3rd 10*4” Clark Mile Relay 3rd 3.34 FSTC THIRD ANNUAL INVITATIONAL TRACK MEET Participating Teams Fayetteville State College 72 Points Elizabeth City Teachers College 50^ Points Saint Augustine's College 41 Points Shaw University 31 points Livingstone CoUege 141^ Points FSTC PLACINGS Event Place Time 100 Yd. Dash 1st 10.0 220 Yd. Dash 1st 23.0 440 Yd. Dash 4th 51.7 880 Yd. Dash 2nd 2.7 Mile Run 1st 4.41 Two Mile Run 1st 10.24.2 120 High Hurdles 1st 16.0 330 Intermediate 4 th 17.9 Hurdles 3rd 40.6 440 Yr. Relay 4th 42.0 880 Yr. Relay 2nd 45.7 Sprint Medley 1st 1.31.1 Mile Relay 1st 3.44.0 Broad Jump 2nd 3.52.0 2nd 20*6** Triple Jump 3rd 38*9” Event Place Time Javelin 1st 179*10** Pole Vault 1st 10*6** Discus 2nd 123*4** Shot Put 1st 44*5** 3rd 38*P** Distance Winner Sam Maxwell William Conway Peter Baker Charles Smith James Keys James Keys William Sessoms Johnny Shephard Alfred Clark Willie Sessoms William Swift James Keys Winner Jimmie Hill Alfed Clark Jimmie Hill Jimmie Hill James Keys 13 14 3 12 6 10 6 7 7 14 7 5 3 14 5 4 3 9 4 6 2 8 11 2 12 10 7 6 OUR CINDERMEN TAKE FIRST PLACE IN FSTC ANNUAL INVITATIONAL TRACK AND FIELD MEET, PRESIDENT JONES PRESENTS TROPHY.

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