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April 28, 1983 The Voice Page 3 suffered with Angel, played by Maricia (Rohari) Emerick, when she was taunted by Teddie, performed by First Lieutenant (P) Jody Wilkerson, little did they realize how much work went into preparing the cast and the stage for the production. The performers were long remembered after the final curtain. Every where they go on campus they are called by their stage names. Instead of Larry Boney, it is Stephen; and instead of Angela Johnson, it is Cheryl. The people who are long forgotten after the final curtain are the members of the technical staff. These individuals put long hours into preparing the set, insuring that the lighting and timing was correct; and seeing to it that the props were in place during the right scene; they also made sure that the publicity and announcements were made and that the performers make up was on. Credit should be given to Angela Collins, lighting and engineering technician; Marcia (Kohari) Emerick, wardrobe mistress; Kim Townsend, Angela Johnson, Assistant Director and props, Denise Williams, Sonja Thomas and Genevieve Jones, properties crew; Michael Moesey, make-up artist; Martin Ricks, David Lee Myers, Walter Seldon, Jr., stage crew; Genevieve Jones, publicity and programs; Vickie Rozier and Freeman Bunch, ushers; and Brenda Smith, programs and Marion Crowe, stage manager. This is not meant to take away from the members of the cast, for they did an outstanding job with their roles, but without the untiring effort and dedication of the personnel of the technical staff. Red Ryder may never have come home. Black '^Dropouts Are Decreasing The proprotion of blacks who have dropped out of school has declined over the past several years while that of whites has remained the same, according to a report issued by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau. Among black civilians 18 and 19 years old, 19 percent were not in school and had not graduated from high school, a 1981 survey shows. In 1967, when such date were first gathered by the bureau, the proportion was 26 percent. The proportion of white dropout was 16 percent in both years. That of youths of Spanish origin was 36 percent in 1981; no Hispanic figures are available for 1967. Total enrollment at all school levels remained about the same in 1981 as in 1980, but enrollment had changed markedly from 1970. The number of children in nursery school nearly doubled because of higher enrollment rates of 3 and 4 year-olds. The number of elementary school students dropped about 18 percent from the 1970 peak, and the high school total was down 9 percent from the apparent peak of 1976- 77. The proportion of elementary and secondary students in prevate schools was about the same in 1981 and 1971. About 11 percent of elementary school age children were in private schools in those two years and the percent has The Decline Of The Black Mind Cont. on p»ge 9 By Preston Imhotep Barnes This paper is concerned with the minds of the students and faculty of Fayetteville State University. I am talking about the Black man and women, and 1 start by asking: What has happened to our minds? Where is our vision? We are in a more critical of a period than chattered slavery because of our mental slavery. Malcom X called us “20th century slaves.” Bob Marley said “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; no one but ourselves can free our minds.” (Uprising LP, 1980) We are people who reject our cultural beginnings. If I call you an African in America, you would reject me. You might say, “I am not an African in America because 1 was born here.” But Malcolm X and Kwame Toure both said that if a cat has babies in an oven, you do not call them baby biscuits. Africans born anywhere are still Africans. Some of us really think that we are from New York or Atlanta. Some slaves were born on slave ships; what are they? Some slaves were born in Europe; what are they? Europeans? No, it is your genes that determine your physical and mental development. Africans' were the first people to give the world the calendar, mathematics, science, law, public administration, religion, and which now belong to people to whom any type of public policy can be used on us without us saying anything. We are like dust. A NUCLEAR FREEZE',! HOW CANTHEVASK N\ETDTAKETHE FOREIGN FDUCy I'VE DRAWN UP AND BASE IT ON ANIDEATHAT ISSO- ...SIMPLISTIC?.' Jesse Jackson For President?” Manning Marable/From The Crrois/’Oo^s/March, 1983 As 1 see matters, there are only two ways Dust is insignificant and unwanted. It is matter that has little or no function. When we see dust on our books, we blow it off; we just move it right out of the way. When it is time for urban renewal or a consent decree, we get moved away like dust. We rise up and stir for a while and then settle back down where the wind takes us. I go to the campus library, and 1 see an exhibit on Jesus which are pictures of white men, white models for the publication. The things that 1 have read tells me that Jesus was not...white until CA. 325 A.D. when the Council of Nicaea was held by Ruler Constatine; check it out! Research it! We are looking at Michaelango's cousin, who was the model for the portrait. The fact is that the Ethiopian Coptic Church, in Africa, is the oldest Christian church in the world. Any history source will tell you this. Also you can find out about the taking of some books out of the Bible the establishment of Easter and Christmas...the original color of the Madonna in Poland today. I should say that the Pope is from Poland and his country's holiest shrine houses a Black Madonna (Mary). “The Cathedral of Millau in' France, the Cathedral of Augsburg, Germany, the Church of San Francisco at Pisa, Italy, the Borgia Chapel in Rome, Notre Dame des Hailes in Belgium-all proudly display a Black Christ.” (Black Christian Nationalism, pg. 278, Albert Cleoge, Many Americans recognize that next year's pesidental race will be more than referendum on Reaganism. Properly understood, Reaganism represents an attempt by the corporations to accelerate captial accumulation at the expense of workers, an effort to reduce permanently the levels of social services and public programs at the expense of an unpredented arms buildup. In short, the basic tenor of our debate with the Right must be cast into three slogans — jobs, peace and freedom. In this regard, members of the Congressional Black Caucus have taken the lead in defining the pressing concerns which affects Blacks, Latinos, poor and working class people. John Conyers of Detroit is developing perhaps the most progressive full employment bill in U.S. history. Parren Mitchell of Baltimore has taken the lead in denouncing Reagan's economic austerity programs. And Washington D.C.'s Walter Fauntroy- was even arrested last year in a public demonstration against the dumping of toxic waste in a rural. Black North Carolina county. The problem before us, therefore, is making sure that these questions of jobs (a full employment economy), peace (reductions in both conventional and nuclear weapons) and freedom (affirmative action legislation, a restoration of human services, etc.) become part of the presidentla debate. to begin this process. One strategy would involve running a progressive Black candidate for the Democrateic Party nomination in a select group of ten to twelve states. The states should have either sizeable blocs of Black Latino, and trade union voters, or a tradition of political liberalism (for example. New York, Massachusettes, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, D.C.). The goal of this strategy would be not to win the nomination, of course, but to force the frontrunner, Mondale, to the left. Whomever emerges as the Democratic party's alternative to Reagan - whether Mondale, Glenn, or any of the other lesser lights - he will not respond to the demands of the Black Freedom Movement except in token gestures, unless he is absolutely forced to do so. This cannot be done unless a progressive Black candidate goes into the convention with 300 to 400 delegate votes, and when no single white candidate has a majority of delegates votes. This also means, of course, that Mondale must be denied a first-ballot victory at the convention. Unquestionably, the best qualified candidate for this strategy is Ronald V. Dellums. Since his election to Congress, Dellums has represented the most principled and progressive alternative available in American politics. His unique strength is his ability to relate to a diverse constituency: Blacks, trade Cont. on page 9 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiMiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jr., William and Morrow and Comp. physical growth i« controlled by foods Inc., NY, 1972). Well, you may say Christ had no color. 1 will say how did they see him? These citations are only used to show some cases of mental slavery. We run to foolishness and run away from truth. The intellectual is disliked in his own community. The layman is looked down upon by the college community because he gets dirty and cleans up after we leave paper, chicken bones, and our bottles in our own environment. Did not you read Booker T. Washington's paper on technology? We study how to build houses, and we need someone to put it into practice. We study methods of sanitation, and we need someone to provide their labor to keep our environment clean. Heads and hands work together; they both need each other. There should be as much dignity in harvesting an acre as there is in disigning the harvesting machine. Look at the minds of ourselves! Our we eat; and yes, our mental expansion is controlled by the things we perceive. What am 1 saying? Our environment is important. If we have loose women, we will have loose men. The intelligence of a nation is seen through its women. As a tree is known by the fruit it bears, so is the women. A wise woman will produce a wise child, and a foolish woman will produce a foolish child. Why? She is the first teacher and nurse. If she eats potato chips and drinks sodas then the child will do the same. She is the shaper of society, just as she takes the sperm and shapes it into a child. Why do I say these things. Because I love you, and somebody has to sound the horn. I do not like doing this! It hurts. Due to space I have not even began to develop the subject dealing with our minds and how it works. Maybe, if God permits, 1 will be able to develp it at a later time.

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