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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, October 01, 1991, Image 2

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f 'w>*>W!iS ^rtT .nariot-’O Page 2 The Broncos' Voice October, 1991 From The Desk Of The Editor This issue of the Broncos Voice, entitled "Battle of the Races: Nobody’s Winning, Everybody’s Losing", deals with racism and race relations. It is far from inclusive or conclusive, for that matter. However, it is an attempt to deal with the angers, frustrations, problems and hopes that (1) are an inherent issue on an historically black campus progressing toward multiculturalism and (2) are an ever expanding road block toward unity in the world. What I have found most compelling about compiling this issue is the lack of truth, bravery and communication necessary to deal with racial issues. I’ve found many ’groups’ of thinking, with people unwilling or unable to commence and sustain dialogue with those of other races or with those whom they disagree. Having one’s racist or misguided notions of others constantly validated by those in kind does nothing to advance the struggle toward what Nelson Mandela calls "a non-racial democracy." Quiet as it’s kept, nobody is winning from racism. Everybody is losing. Blacks who consistently talk about ’whitey’ or the perils of racism only with other blacks are just as thwarted as whites who group together because they "don’t understand or have anything in common with them." Asians, Latinos, East Indians, Native Americans who permit others to speak as experts for their concerns are just as misled as liberal whites who claim to know what is best for what they seemingly believe is a monolithic group called "the blacks," As the human race approaches (incredibly) the 21st century, it seems apparent that racism must end for humanity to survive. Racism is not innate to the human species. Only humans, through struggle and communication, can eradicate the evils of racism. I look forward to the day when judgement is based on the content of one’s character and not the color of one’s skin. Surely, with Martin Luther King only 20 years dead, we have not forgotten this goal. Let us develop ourmanhood, not by folding our arms together and keeping out of sight, while all the oppressed Nations of the earth are struggling to be free, but let us re- meber that "They who would be free. Themselves must strike the first blow. - Frederick Douglass, 1855 Albert Johnson has writer's cramp. Check out his piece on Na'im Akbar and miseducation. Timothy Jessie discusses the originals of Racism! Tim also has cartoons featured this month. - Stephen Charles (L) is our in-house artist. Check out his cover. Heawatha Sanders (R) is responsible for all photos that appear this month (except public enemy. Check out his work. His also is a sports writer. Wayne Hodges gives his opinions on Racism In Education." A MAN DIE FOR SOME^f^S NOT FIT TO MARTIN LUTHER KING, 1961 Live Simply So That Others May SirriDW Live. Recycle. . . Reuse. . . Consume Less. EDITOR: Barbara Beebe (also typist, copy writer, layout designer, advertising manager, distributor, proofreader, all-around woman in charge) STAFF WRITERS: Albert Johnson, Wayne Hodges, Kimberly Smith, Heawatha Sanders, Crystal Totten, Timothy Jessie, Jason Pierre, Miriam Levy, Ritchie Parker CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Dr. Tom Hennessey, Dr. Daniel Campagna, Manning Marable, Dr. Lloyd Hackley, College Press Service writers STAFF ARTISTS: Stephen Charles, Timothy^ssie CONTRlBfffiNG ARTIST: Clem Doniere PHOTOGRAPHER: Heawatha Sanders FACULTY ADVISOR: Dr. McShane The views expressed in the Broncos' Voice are those of the writer in kind. They do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, student body, or FSU admuBistration. -ja LETTERS POLICY: The Broncos'Voice urges all of its readers to submit letters to the editor. Letters must be typed and double spaced and must not exceed 200 words. They must be signed, dated and must include the author's class or department, phone number and local address for purposes of verification. The Broncos' Voice will not publish anonymous or form letters or letters that are promotional in nature. The Broncos' Voice reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity and style, and to withhold letters based on the discre tion of the editor. Letters should be mailed to 1200 Murchison Road, Fay etteville, 28301, or delivered in person to the Broncos'Voice office in the Student Center.

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