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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, August 01, 1994, Image 2

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Editorial Comment SEARCHING FORISOLID GROUND By Roger A. Harris There's probably no feeling more reassuring than the peace of mind of truly knowing who you are, where you're going,and most importantly, that you stand on solid ground. With respect to FSU, last year's staff writer Earl Moniz eloquently framed the ideal of what a university should be. Building upon the philisophical basis of "The Idea of the University," I will question and provide the focus of this editorial in coming editions. Put quite simply, I will try to examine and answer the probing questions "Where do we stand as a university?" and "What is it that we truly have and offer at FSU?" From Admissions to Financial Aid to Registration to Customer Service to Administrative Staffing, we've all heard the horror stories told of unfair and improper treatment-- some of them perhaps fiction but still some of them fact. It is with the cases of fact that I am most concerned. What happened? What was done to rectify problems? What will be done to ensure that these problems don't recur? These are the relevant questions that must be asked of situations that descend into the clouded arena of conjecture. To be sure, problem areas at FSU, as in any other business (yes, a university is yet a business), do exist, can be isolated, pointed out, and critiqued. However, these phenomena have more to do with the natural interaction of human beings than with any purposeful effort on the part of a business to deny service or hinder progress. What can be labeled purposeful intent is the action or inaction of those involved to acknowledge or rectify the known area of complaint. Timothy Bodkins (leader of MASK; reference your student handbooks!) has argued publicly and in private that students should concern themselves more so with self development and academic success than with the sometimes shadily perceived actions of a particular dean, faculty member, or campus administration. I see merit in his position but argue for a more balanced position and approach. You see, we students (not the administration, not the faculty, not the chancellor) are the single most important factor that will determine and ensure the present viability and future success of this continued on pg. 4 The Broncos’ VOICE Promoiinff ('ommuniculhm Wilhin the ('ommuniiy anJ ihe University Ideal Faculty Advisor Dr. Linda Barlow Staff Copy Editors l^ayout Jeff Anderson Kelli Cardenas Ogbonna Coates Tasheba Dukes Lishan Harrison Raymond Manning Jaime Cruz-Morelales Amey Pickett Lesli Sample Steve Sellers A1 Scruggs William Shelton AthinaWilliams Jackie Walker Christopher Johnson Natalie Rice Schaefer Office Managers Benetta Kingsberry Scheryl Davis-Johnson Business/Advertising Brad Wright Managing Editor Dennis Allman Editor Roger A. Harris The Broncos’ Voice c/o Fayetteville State University 1200 Murchison Road Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910)486-1357 email- Disclaimer Opinions expressed in The Broncos ’ Voice are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily represent the views of Fayetteville State University, its employees, the University of North Carolina, the Voice staff and editors, or our advertisers. Submission guidelines Submissions ot editorial material, news, and letters to the editor are welcomed. Any such submis sions should be typed and double-spaced, free from grammatical or typographic errors, and should include the name and telephone number of the writer. Announcements of upcoming campus events should follow the same format as editorial submissions and should include the name and telephone number of a contact person (for example, the president of a club). Where to submit your articles fypewritten articles may be submitted in person at the Voice office in the Rudolph Jones Student Center or mailed to the address on this page. If possible, include a 3.5" 720k disk with your document. Electronic documents may be sent through email.

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