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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, August 01, 1994, Image 8

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The Broncos’ Song Untitled By Jamiyla Sneed hot, sizzling steamy holes smoking stroking, back and forth on off evaporating drips, buttons pushed the right way, cords outlets electricity sparks pressed straight, wrinkles gone smooth pressed straight, wrinkles gone smooth silky hard iron soft cotton get a grip- six different speeds- don’t stop it’s time the shut off it’s time unplug it’s time cool down it’s over power-gone it’s over another day. No Face Nothing Like a Black Man ere is notkin^ liLp a Liack man VUitli itron^ LiacL liandi Vo help liii LrotLpr aion^ the Or to ^oid in ret/erence he Lneeii to pfcifj OLre 16 nothing iiLe a LiacL man l/iJillt itron^ LlacL liandi Vo for^e a nation, then Lid it riie Or to careiA a itron^ i>iacL Ais tak Witk tke ii^kt o^ ioue Lri^kt in kid ei^ei Yjo, tkere l6 notkin^ like a Liack man i3orn a leader Born a kuiider Born ji^kter Born a part o^a ie^aci^ Vkere can (e notkin^ like Bein^ k orn a ILI man WJitk dtron^ Liack kandd Viands u/i tk tke aLiiitt^ to cruik Vke aLikj to kill 'i^et tke6e are kandi tkat iove ^^nd kandd that keal Okere ii notkin^ iike a Liack ach man u/arrior Jp rince kin^ Wy dark LrotLe, ekonij iouer ‘^Jkere ktuA neuer I een a more Leautif u prai V commend F le (jou on (jOur beincj rioLie, proud, stronci ^^ndjust ^or keint^ ijou ^Lere i.\ notkin^ iike a Liack , DESYRES mirhct cLr^uiymyti, cvtlL t^T- CLU. lo-TlAl. 'TXLLT-iAJ^T«L Jix, ^O-'T- tA^ Lo^hd, fxAtivr}^ 'juAlA.TV ^T- ^0-7^ ttxAi^ fuxiirxA^ o^, Looin^ 'jKiA.rx, JL Mo'Uh thxvt Ih^ cltkL tthO. tur\A^'Tr\AL CLT\^rnxili(U^ J hxUl Wafh cvr^TAjil clI kAx/nL thxht cu/r^ o-rvoe- a-r^ rv^a> o-tv OAMlicVTXcdhQ, J fho-ld ^.iaU- LixilcLi^ cltkL dhQ. n-licovi^ 0^ my pAXCTL ^T^O-TTL OA- cvLL 'rru^ 're./e-oA®, a^t (^o^v- L-a^r-L-e^ cu/u-cJv LcvtuIa. cuitfh Um i-OKxru:^ Li^fiytTu-n^ cltixL lixjL. ^m^LL ^/ t/uATVc/e-T' Who om I? I om no focc Though over thou/onl/ of year/ I hove hod money I hove troveled through the clorkne// ond even through the light Still I om unoble to find my foce fHony hove colled me on onimol oniggo ond unfeeling creoture. But none hove colled me o king, o uiorrior, o man. I will continue to /eorch thi/ prejudice world until I find my face now I o/k Ulho ore you? Q^lho-'rn^ (XT^TTl^ (XT^o^AyTuL to- (jj-^Loo^r\^ iryjb LTvto- K^o-u/T^ Z^^/o/cX C.TTv/'-'PO/C^ J QAIXxJcJL'TL itAilL ^O-T- my. ^T'^UX/TTXit^ ^-vLl tihQ^ cLo^TUJi^ CLC^AlA.Th ty IhL Ihi^ TRUE LDVE By Gregory Morris Love is something that’s Hard to find. You’ve got to wait PATIENTLY And GIVE IT TIME. Love is something THAT IS Hard to explain. Many times it brings Sorrow and pain. Just when you think Love has been found. It will lift your spirits high Then drop them with A BOUND. It can leave you All alone in the NIGHT. Without any signs Of a bright light. This is the time You’ve got to think POSITIVE AGAIN. You GOT TO MAKE LOVE Your eternal friend. In spite of all the Pain and sorrow. Love is the key For the happiness of TOMORROW. Don’t let all the OBSTACLES Get you down. For when the time Is RIGHT TRUE LOVE WILL BE FOUND.

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