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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, March 01, 1995, Image 6

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Broncos' Voicc March 1995 REVIEWS By Jacqueline Haire The Bridges Of Madison County, by Robert James Waller. The only thing that can make this book better is a picture of the main character, but we’ll have that soon enough when Clint Eastwood hits the screen later this year play ing the role of Robert Kincaid. Until the movie comes out, the book will carry you along with its vivid and accurate descrip tions of this picturesque little town of Winterest, Iowa and the two main characters. Your imagina tion will do the rest. When I was first given this book, it sat on my book shelf for nearly two years. It was a going away gift. I was told “If you like romance, you’ll really enjoy this book.” Well, I had no idea that the book would bring tears to my eyes and a warm feeling to my whole being. But, that’s just what it did! It’s not a very thick book, only about 171 pages, but it holds the pro found love that two people shared deep within its leaves. Though the first few pages are a little slow, it grabs your attention soon after and you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. The book lures you into the lives of Robert were destined to love forever. You’ll share their sacrifices and feel their love, their happiness, and yes, their in tense sexual desire for one another. The Bridges of Madison County is a must-read book for men and women. The book, which has been on the book shelves since 1992, is no longer dis counted. It currently retails for $16.95 and c£in be purchased at Walden Books in Cross Creek Mall or check the local public library if your funds are a little low. MUSIC NEWS FROM UZI-D and Francesca. You’ll soon begin to understand the deep sadness of both characters and then the ultimate joy of two people meeting the person they By Gyendor Uzi-D had some professional business he had to attend to over the spring break, so he asked me to fill in for him for this is sue. The most powerful event to hit FSU was the performance of the Alvin Ailey repetory Dance Ensemble. To say that it was well received is an un derstatement: it was only the second time in recent memory that the Seabrook Auditorium was sold out! I was at the event myself, but rather than give you my account of what hap pened, I will instead offer quotations from some of the students that were also “in the house.” Jeff Cobb (President, Student Activ ity Council)-”This event gave me a lot of insight as to what events we should target [for FSU] in the future. It’s re ally incredible to see such support for m community and students.” Alicia Jackson (Senior, Criminal Justice)-”! absolutely loved it! It was moving, invigorating; I wish that more could have gotten the chance to see it [because the event was sold out, many students were turned away at the door].” dia Fakih (President, Freshman Class)-”It was breathtaking. It left me in awe. I look forward to more productions of this stature from FSU.” Hats off to Mrs. Olivia chavis, Pam Smith, and Juanette Council: they were the faculty personnel that were instru mental in making the event a true suc cess. Anyone else who helped but wasn’t mentioned, this shot out is to you. Big ups yet again to Tropical Im ages. They are continually making sure that FSU and community are availed of the latest and greatest African- American entertainment in America. They recently welcomed Joe Torry, Chris Thomas, Najee, and Naughty By Nature’s rotten Rascals and will be bringing in Nine (March 31) and Blackgirls (April 1). “Candyman” is a must-see event (we recently received the screenplay- -it was on!) as well as “Higher Learn ing,” if you haven’t already seen it. The bomb flick on the horizon has got to be “Panther.” Directed by Mario Van Peebles of “Posse” fame; it chronicles the rise and fall of the 1960’s revolu tionary organization The Black Pan thers from an African-American per spective. If you want to hear and see ' ‘It was breathtaking. It left me in awe. I look forward to more production of this stature from FSU. ”-Nadia Fakih (President, Freshman Class) Affion “Flex” Crockett (Dancer, Coreographer, and the reigning Mr. FSU)-”It was a complete display of true disipline and of a deep love for the art of dance.” Maceo Esquilin (Asst. Professor of Dance)-”[I am] exhilarated, ex hausted, and completely fulfilled. Our people’s spirit was in the house to night. I was dancing in my seat!” Laurice Evans (Freshman, dance student)-”I loved it. It was something different. I’m glad I came.” Eric Walker (Treasurer/Chaplin of Alpha Phi Alpha)-”I thought the po etic flow of the music and energetic, rhythmic body movements of the danc ers blended exquisitely.” Albert Johnson (Business Manager, Student Activity Council)-”! thought the performance was riveting. It took my breath away.” Chaka Khan Garrett (Freshman, Pre-pharmacy)-”Breathtaking, ener getic, entertaining; a work of art to which few can be compared.” Akia Victor (Freshman, Profes sional Entertainer)-”It [the perfor mance] left me spellbound. The fine arts is something not to be ignored, it didn’t make a statement, it made an exclamation!” the truth, peep this movie. By the way, the sound track is fatter than a Vick’s Chittlin plate on Saturday night (if ya don’t know, now ya know!). Mr. Carroway and the posse at the Rudolph Student Center should be commended for putting on one of the best African-American History Extravaganzas in recent memory. From the student performances to the FREE FOOD to the vendors, the event was a complete and total success. My out-tro has to do with our atti tudes in Fayetteville and at FSU with respect to Dres, lead rapper of Blacksheep. We seem to take the brother for granted now that we see him in the area on a regular basis. You need to understand that the brother is one of the most down entertainers in the business (you might not realize or appreciate this fact until you meet one of the “head trips” who happened to get put on). Dres is in the process of opening a production studio here be cause he recognizes the talent in Gotham City and the difficulty we have in getting put on. He would be the first to tell you not to kiss his hips, but come on people, respect due.

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