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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, September 01, 1995, Image 3

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I can understand the importance of guidelines for implementing and regu lating new policies introduced into the system; however, times change and as they do so must rules and regulations. Like myself, other veterans are expe riencing some difficulty in trying to understand why they have to pay back money that was promised to them by contract for serving their country. Why should the veterean be penal ized for participating in a program de signed to enhance academic achieve ment? Why should he or she be penal ized while in pursuit of an education? Could it be that we are simply victims of a conveniently blind system that is slow to update? William Watson, Msgt. USAF Search from page 1 process. In FSU’s case, a faction within the search committee wanted to select Dr. Willis Mcleod, Director of Public Schools in South Carolina, run ner-up to former Chancellor Hackley, and most importantly an alumnus of FSU. To this end, interviews were rigged, nominees were snubbed, and in some cases ignored. Indeed, in light of the nominees that didn’t make the final cut, it would seem that their downfall was not based on a lack of qualifications, experience, or ability, but based on the fact that they were not alumni of FSU. Word has it that Dr. McLeod met with UNC President Spangler a full week before his selec tion was announced. Put simply, the search committee ensured that they se lected exactly who they wanted as FSU’s next chancellor...but at what cost? Student, faculty, and community are dismayed by the process, not the selectee. THE REALITY Only time will be able to complete this drama. However, no one has the right to prejudge Dr. Mcleod’s abili ties or successes to be had at FSU. And if any question is posed, it should ad dress a more emphatic circumstance: did nepotism delay or deny this university’s accent to greatness. What ever perspective is ultimately assumed, realize that the gauntlet has fallen and a new era now awaits our anxious, united, and ready stand. And to that end, we offer welcome, love, success, and godspeed to Chancellor Mcleod. Senate from page 1 County Muslim Community, an affili ation that has since grown in number and faith. For those who ear that Mr. Muhammad will only be an advocate for African-Americans and Muslims, he states clearly in his Community Public Announcement that he is inter ested in, “...serving not only my reli gious community, but now [and] in the future, I must serve every one in the Fayetteville area of all races, economic status, and all monotheistic religions.,, Mr. Muhammad’s decision to run for the North Carolina Senate arose from his realization that Fayetteville needs more services and more unself ish politicians who will ensure that those services are delivered. Problems concerning the elderly, schools, pov erty, crimes, racial injustice, education, employment, government support, and economic growth are just a few of the issues that Mr. Muhammad has inten tions of improving. In addition to being the last living and active founder of the Fayetteville- Cumberland County Muslim Commu nity, Mr. Muhammad has also worked to establish the Afncan-American Cul ture Center, 25 Black Men of Fayetteville, and is a member of the North Carolina Black Leadership Coa lition (Caucus). He has also volun teered time to lobby N.C. House Speaker Dan Blue, and Representative Mickie Michaux since 1987. Attest ing to his belief in the uplift of our people, Mr. Smith has worked success fully to integrate some young leader ship into the NAACP National Office and conferred with NAACP Chairman of the National Board, Dr. Gibson when he visited Fayetteville. Although quite early in the process, it is still quite difficult to gauge the progress of Mr. Muhammad’s election campaign within the community. Many aren’t even aware of his cam paign, let alone of his efforts to better their circumstance. However, it can safely be said that Mr. Muhammad is a gentleman with a vision and a con viction; a man who is genuinely con cerned about all citizens of Fayetteville, and even the students here at FSU. Although his campaign and other social obligations surely keep his schedule full, he takes time out to come to our campus to keep up with what’s really going on. Mr. Muhammad was present at several of the Chancellor’s Selection Committee Meetings and Bronco* Voicc ^ September 1995 knowledgably spoke about the quali fications needed in a Chancellor. Were you there? Keep your eyes open. Imam Eronomy Smith Muhammad is on the move, and he doesn’t appear to be coming quietly! Otovo from page 1 Mr. Otovo did remark that his con nection with the students at FSU will be missed. “Remember that Fayetteville State University should not accept any mediocrity...We should always strive for the best...Make them [the students] remember that FSU is not a stepchild to anybody.,, Mr. Otovo’s philosophy and advice to his replacement is to remember that the students are the reason for the University’s success. As when Dr. Hackley departed FSU, Mr. Otovo too was very modest when asked to express his greatest con tributions to our development during his tenure. His strong-willed leader ship was the driving force behind many of the new facilities we will soon be enjoying at FSU. So, when you’re en joying our newly air-conditioned dorms, or lounging in the Olympic sized swimming pool, or enjoying a basketball game at our new sports fa cility, don’t forget to remember the man who helped make it all possible. Farewell and thank you, Mr. Otovo, for a job well done. 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