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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, October 01, 1995, Image 11

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5ronco«' Voicc Oclobcr 1995 5. Provide more flexible payment options for the on-campus meal plan/more flexible dining hall hours. 6. Have campus police “walk” their beat at night. 7. Give 24 hour access to the library and gymnasium. 8. Initiate a more organized, structured, and “common sense” approach to class scheduling. 9. Provide on-campus housing for single parents. 10. Provide print shop with equipment they need to publish the Broncos’ Voice on campus. 11. Pay the Broncos’ Voice key staff members (as with other UNC system university newspaper staffs). 12. Get to know Roger A. Harris, our next SGA president! How Do FSU Women Feel About FSU Men? b^Del^iedafludson^ FSU men need to listen up, because I have news for you. I have just been informed, or let me say, I just got the low-down-dirty-scoop on you guys! If I were a guy, (which I’m glad I’m not) I would stop and evaluate myself. The women on this campus have some ill-feelings about you. I hear that the men at FSU do not respect the Black women on campus. According to M.R., “there are very few “men” out there...[and] those “boys”...are very disrespectful. They need to...learn how to treat the Black women at FSU as women. I think the women should do the same things to them that they do to us. Most are still boys trying to be MEN.” Most of the girls interviewed for this subject felt the same way. A.C.C. is quoted saying, “The males on this campus are split into two cat egories: men and boys. You can tell the men from the boys because they are polite to you by saying 'hello’ or good 'morning’ and not by staring at you and making sick guys will only wearing some- -those are the guys on this their priorities in to relationships, seeing sex slave, and Guys need to start see ing girls as people and not some sex slave... TO THE UNKNOWN CRITIC After our first issue was published, we received an edited copy of the Broncos’ Voice slipped luider our door. Not only were the edits on point, but also they were done by a Bronco who cared (and had a strong background in journalism). We want to thank you for the suggestions and hope that you (as well as the rest of our reader ship) continue to let us know what we can do to publish a better product. Again, thanks! Ed & Staff. ■ noises. Some of the talk to a girl if she is thing short and tight- boys. A lot of the campus need to get order when it comes Guys need to start people and not some vice-versa, because there are good guys on this campus too!” The question (in the title) made some girls want to just sit down and write a book of responses. W.M. feels that “FSU men have good and bad points. Some are motivated, honest, and worthy of being successful; while there are still some who drink and smoke too much, and [are] not doing the things they should be doing, such as studying, working, being responsible for themselves and their children...,[and] most of all showing us. Black women, respect!” The comments don’t stop there. M.Y. says “A lot of males have a lack of respect for women. Instead of approaching women by saying 'hey you’ or some thing obscene, why can’t they just say something like 'Hi, how are you doing’...If a male can be respectful to women then I’m sure they [males] will be respected.” These women seem pretty upset about the situation that you guys have be set upon them. They all agree that there are some good guys and some bad guys on campus. Yet, the old axiom rings true: “one rotten apple spoils the rest.” A.N.E. believes that “Some act like brothers, while others act like animals. Some respect women to the utmost. They treat you like a lady...Some just look at you as another victim (someone to sleep with).” Another young lady, who wanted to be referred to as “Me,” said, “We need some fine men here that are not so stuck on themselves [and] are looking for a real woman. Then if we ship them in, I hope they want one woman and one woman only. FSU “boys” need to use some protection and slow down.” It seems as if there needs to be some changes made on this campus. Guys, according to the women, you need to show more respect in the way you ap proach the opposite sex. You must remember to treat them as human beings. They do have feelings and those feelings should be acknowledged. By being courteous, you will be able to go further with the females, not sexually but mentally and emotionally. A friend told me that “It’s not that you don’t know how to treat women, but it may be that you are too scared to love them.” If this is true, then maybe it’s time for a reality check. We are not dogging you guys out, it’s just that we, as women, feel that it is high time for some guys to under stand that we want respect. To all the good men on campus, we commend you on a job well done and hope that you keep up the good work. You may also want to help your fellow brothers out by giving them a pointer or two. So, men and boys pull together to become more aware of the fact that women do have feelings and that they should not be seen as sexual objects. You would not appreciate it if someone treated your mother or sister in a degrading man ner. You should keep this in mind when approaching a lady on campus and maybe the response you get will be a good one. Did You Know... by Vadrin Colvin That in 1972, the African Liberation Support Committee (ALSC), sponsered a march on Washington. Over 50,000 African-Americans were in attendance, including, Ralph Abernathy, Amiri Baraka, Huey Newton, and Jesse Jack son. All helped to support a cause for liberation movements in African coun tries, especially South Africa. That the oldest Black church building in America is the African Meeting House located in Boston, Massachu setts. Built in 1806, it eventually be came a haven for abolitionist leaders during the Civil War. It is now a Na tional Historic site. )|( 9{c % That the word onomatology means the, problem of giving a name to the peoples of African descent in the United States and anywhere these people reside. Such names include, “nigger”, “kaffir”, “mu latto”, even, “colored”, and “negro”. :(ciie :fc }|s That Swahili is a mixture of Arabic and Bantu languages, as a result of Arabian conquest and slavery of East African people. ♦♦♦♦♦ Source: Williams, Michael. The Afri can American Encyclopedia v.l 1993 Magnify Him b^JCelvir^hompson Singing, shouting, and praying are all forms of giving God praise. Satur day, September 16, The United Voices of Praise, formerly known as The Fayetteville State Gospel Choir, did it all. Conducted by Miss LaWanda Carter, a junior, the choir performed at Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church aS part of their Anniversary Celebratory Program. The Pastor, Dr. Varnie Fullwood, greeted the group with open arms and high spirits. As Jimmy “Junior” Hindly accompanied the choir, every heart in the house of God was lifted that night despite the dreary weather outside. This was the first of many performances this sea son, which promises to be a reward ing one. The United Voices of Praise meet every Tuesday and Thursday night promptly at 7:00 p.m. and practice until 9:00 p.m. in the Rosenthal Build ing, room M-24 (the Choir room). The advisor is Mrs. Lillie Councel and Cherie Hinton presides over the group. Giving praise to the Lord is the choir’s main objective. They no longer just “perform;” they minister through mu sic. This being the case, a thirty minute devotion beginning with prayer is the first start of business. Though every one in the group does not proclaim to be fully attuned to the understanding of God, each is welcome and no one is preached to. If you have a need in your heart to become a member of one of FSU’s many extracurricular groups. The United Voices of Praise is one you may want to consider. They’re one group which you can really get your spirit on. YOU ARE NOT ALONE In April 1993 Sophomore Kiesha Simpson was murdered by Darryl Ashley Myers. Because “there were compelling reasons having to do with the Simpson family, personal and pri vate reasons,” Myers’ first degree murder and rape charges were plea bargained tp secjqnd^ciegree miircjef; The rape charge was dropped. The lesser charge requires serving one year, ten months, and fifteen days before consideration for parole. Because Myers (a former FSU student) has waited two and one-half years to go to trial, he is technically eligible for pa role. This atrocity of justice brings two points to light: (1) that FSU students must always think safety first and (2) that you are not alone. Hinging a door open after hours to ease access to a building or sneak in “friends” also leaves the door open for thugs, rapists, and murderers. Don’t be alarmed or enraged by this statement because it’s that real at FSU, in Fayetteville, and in America. Take note: Florida State University. A second year law student, Joann Plachey, was arrested and charged by state police for solicitation to commit first-degree murder. Apparently, Ms. Plachey had targeted a secretary who saw the student cheat. Ms. Plachey was being brought-up on honor code vio lations and feared the secretary would testify against her, according to a spokeswoman for the state police. Take note: Morehouse College. A student was shot to death at 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday as he left the College li brary to join a friend for a study ses sion. Police reportedly have no clear motive for the shooting. Take note: Central Michigan Uni versity. A 19 year old student reported to campus police that she had been See Alone, page 12

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