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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, October 01, 1995, Image 6

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Broncos’ Voice OcLobcr 1995 Nigga by Tonia Y. Clare-Jones See how we change everything into something you can’t understand? Under whips and shackles we ate those bitter words stinging us, leaving us immobile paralyzing us with perfect fear, and that word that you threw to us was like the feet and butt of swine and yet we seasoned our greens, made them bearable, tolerable, and ultimately, desirable And so your cruel word, which you can only whisper has been seasoned, yeah “nigga.” And we embrace it, yeah “crazy ass nigga.” And we empower it, yeah “that’s my nigga.” And it is on the swing of my hips, as I point one finger at my man and say, “Nigga don’t play with me” it is on those graphite, cement courts as brothers ’ bodies like great celestial beings rtlove in'v^ays that defy hatiire and they say', “Damn, nigga!” And we take from you this word, “nigger,” and give it a new social context, that can only be understood by us. We look at you and laugh, realizing, that your “nigger” has no hold on us no power over us, it does not move us. You look at us with envy as our “nigga” sends us into melodious laughter and you know that you have lost your word somewhere by the nile, by the ivory coast, in the congo and we picked it up in New York, Detroit, Carolina, and we said, “look at how our lips form when we say “nigga.” Watch our eyes gleam and our hands flail with a nigga’s energy. “It is now our word” Trmfty Anonymous 4 Once, there were two souls traveling in time toward the same destination, but on different paths. There was an awareness between these souls—each of the other, yet the souls never met, too eager to be on the way. After a time, just as the wind moves the leaves and the ocean brings the tide, nature reunited the souls at a second crossroad. Suddenly, time stood still. As these souls met with new awareness, the ground opened up and drew them in toward the depths of unleashed passions—unspoken realities. Led by human instinct, their beings explored ancient unions and timeless traditions. Neither soul understood the forces driving their beings, but each understood that the other was necessary in the present for the comple tion of their unknown destinies... Broncos Please Stand by Michael Rich [Conceived, bared, and born] by Nina Spicer Conceived, bared, and bom to a two-sided world Tears of joy, thoughts of sorrow Unleashed into an unsuspecting place Naive and full of wisdom learned through the womb The slant of my eyes The roundness of nose The fullness of my mouth Ail like daddy, powerful to the eyes. Full of ideas, bursting with dreams Thoughts on my mind followed by wisdom on my tongue All like mother, stronger of the two I am my mother from her womb ROBBS by Gyendor Rising like a smile to play On a sunny, fuimy, funny day - you say hello. And Before I can laugh, you still me now and again - your kiss. Inside you: this fantasy I wish and seek Next to you. Reach now and grasp the right hand of Love. The events on campus seem such a bore; So often upon leaving the games we don’t notice the score. We’re supposed to be cheering, but I can’t tell. You could hear a pin drop; it’s as quiet as Hell. It’s as if a football game is just another place to go. We don’t go for the game; we’re just there for a show. And at the basketball games we’re in the same kind of funk; We cheer loudest for the opponent when they get the dunk. About the volley ball games, I guess we don’t care. But that’s pretty evident when no one is there. At parties we represent, but it’s like we’re in a trance. I say this because so many people don’t dance. Now, Homecoming, boy, that’s a mystery to me, How we’d rather be at Central or even A&T. It’s not all our fault, this I cannot deny; We need more support from FSU alumni. How can I say this? What have I done? ^ While at Hampton University I had lots of fun. Here I can’t see it, I can’t tell it, I don’t hear it; Broncos the question is: Where is your spirit? The campus should be spirited—it’s supposed to be live. We can make a deference (SGA meetings are Wednesdays at five). So, to every woman and to every man: You’re a Bronco, be spirited, please take a stand!

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