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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, October 01, 1995, Image 9

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broncos' Voicc CJ Octobcr 1995 All the Way Hello to my peoples! Here’s the 1025 on our Lady Broncos. On a day when the clouds abounded with grey and the smell of rain permeated throughout the air, I was hunting Eric Tucker, the Lady Broncos’ Head Coach. The interview was to start at 12 p.m. and it was already 12:05. Fi nally I had reached the bottom of the steps leading to the main level of the new Physical Education Complex, when a green and black Ford Explorer raced toward me with little intentions of stopping. Luckily it did. Coach Tucker: “Hey Deitric, we’ve got to do this on the run.” Deitric: “No problem.” CT: “Get in and Shoot!” DD: “Let’s begin with the end of last season.” CT: “Deja Vu! It was a disappoint ment to lose to Shaw two years in a row; especially that close to the cham pionship. I really thought that would be our year. Defensively we broke down and we finished 18-11.” DD: “So what about that this year?” CT: “With the ladies that we have as- sembled, we have the talent to finish better than last year’s record, which is two wins shy of a Division II NCAA Tournament bid selection.” DD: “Coach tell us your plan to get the big dance.” CT: “Something old, something new, and defense, too!” DD: “What do you expect from your veterans?” CT: “I expect for LaVonda DeLoach, Deirdre Justice, Amisha Johnson and Christina Hollingsworth to continue giving the offensive punch that they are capable of giving. My new recruits [7 total] will give us added depth at every position. We can score from any where on the court. Deitric, these girls have a lot of quickness to score in tran sition, our motion offense works very well, and we can come at our oppo nents from downtown [3 point land]. We just don’t want our opponents do ing the same. Hopefully, we can de velop as a team to the point where we can “slap the handcuffs” on any team we play.” “Deitric, if these ladies do the things that they are capable of, we could go all the way.” DD: “Hey Coach, can I go?” CT: “Sure Deitric!” On The Run At the beginning of this semester I was graced with the opportunity to talk with a member of the FSU Cross Country Team. Louis Strickland, a jun ior majoring in Criminal Justice is a character leader for the team. The oth ers look up to him for guidance and he gives that guidance by leading them with his examples. When asked about the outlook for the season his reply was, pausing for a brief second, “building on last year’s good finish, we’re looking for the team to stay consistently competitive in ev ery meet.” Staying competitive will come with being dedicated to the train ing, ranging from two hours of condi tioning exercise, weight lifting, and 45 minutes of long distance running. In order to become successful, one has to run with plenty of heart, like Kyle Baylock and Bobby Hostler. Last season these two men went beyond their personal expectations by drop ping time off their previous records. Strickland also dropped four minutes off of his time and commented that “the team as a whole will make major advancements in time through the training process.” When asked about his future thoughts, Strickland commented on the fact the he is grateful to his dedicated teammates, although he would like to field a larger team. He also spoke of the fact that there is very little support given the cross country team. A ban ner or a flyer will go along way in terms of encouragement, especially if you’ve run 20 grueling minutes and you still have 5 minutes to go with another opponent that you must catch in order to score points. It tends to be come more than a “wee bit” exhaust ing. Folks, it’s not everybody that can get up and run cross country, so sup port those that do because they repre sent you, not only as the members of an athletic Xeam, but also as members of the same student body. You know the flavor. PEACE! Just Win Baby The football game between the Broncos of FSU and the Panthers of Virginia Union (Va. U.) ended in dead lock 21-21. The game received its final score when Darnell Cox raced 85 yards on a Va.U. kickoff after their score in the fourth quarter. According to Larry Chance, “he just hitched a ride on a Concorde.” The tie was sealed when the Bronco’s recovered a Panther fumble. Offensively, “The Greatest Show on Earth”...not! However, it was a definite improvement. They scored fourteen points on offense which doubles their previous output of seven points for the last two games. Kickoff and punt re turns are listed as defense. There was one rushing touchdown by Luvie “let me loose” LaSane and one touchdown pass by quarterback Jermaine Bryant to Sedrick Utley. Also Walter Young, a freshman running back, had a nice jaunt of yards. Perceivably, there could have been an attempt for the go ahead score; however when one commits the Cardinal Sin of fumbling the ball (turn over), it’s usually hard to win a close game, which the Broncos proved. The Defense gave the crowd of 2,348 (band included) a solid perfor mance once again. Hats off to the guys on “D” due to the fact they are (at time of publication) second ranked defense in the CIAA. Translated: they’ve been playing “smash mouth” with their op ponents and winning. Don’t get the big head, guys! When asked for some inspiring words Wayne Hodges, SGA President said, “Just win baby!” FSU BRINGS HOMECOMING HOME! HOMECOMING ’95 f % % ipraymg are ‘aise. Satur- me Oliited Voices formerly known as The that yo' open a buildir leaves f and mi enraged by this statemer kut klose HOMECOMING ’95 Miss FSU Morrlsey ile State Gospel Choi^^:i:^,^^;ires^■^i real at FSU, m Fay lucted by Miss La’’ jjunior, the choir per iTake note: Florida Sta 1 Pleasant Missionary khey, was arrested an I Pleasant Missionary part of their Annn The SAC & SGA Invite You to Join Us for Octoiier l€th- 2£nd Monday. Oct 16tfa >MILUONMAN«USCH 12.-00 noon S6A/SAC Lead a tnarcti of Snpport froo ibt 4etftPMk aadltoAum. females 4reo tlie Mev £t«) to the Sttident Center, fiuy ¥«ur Sutton to sfaow .support >FAJAMA JtfffiHIEJAM &00pml:00 va feme-Aressed In four Arnilte FT*. fWO -Am WthlBattOQ 4-flreued >«ltiKrat Sattso 43)00 Tuesday. Oct 17th >BRONCO FEUD Studeat £eoter 7j00-9:i00 9 m ■Ctoqcos' joio togetlier to test 4lieir expertise on «UDpus pinions. ^frestaments.fiiies &ilore. ER£E ffednesdav. Oct. 18th >KARAOKEMGHT Student Center 7D0-9D0 f)m i^e to -Club Beodco aad4cick tack and relax f^d, fun & ilusic. Thursday. Octoter 19th > CORONSTION iJHy £ym 7:30 pm Xiome -^oard tiie FSU Jtoyal ■Cniise^Sfaip for an^eohig of 'tnusic and daoce ^4ve crowa MissflomecomiDg 1995.^er 30 of FSU's aostttaxaUogxaiDpus ^ueeos vid llieir ««corts will aisoi)e pregected-atahaAiDual homecoming ^kmuiaUoo. Come lire&sed to-iopress. TKEE (Patnli9ukacc*«U2^«nllabU for Friday. OctohertOth >C&EffiVAL Ttie 4uad (io Aiont of (be -CAF) 2^0-6110 pm Tbe 4uad4vill bt transfonned into a festival of lun L ^ood times. Hie -Camlval will feature tides. food.anusic. and -vendors, -firing -yoar «noaey. Jtems4rill vary in ftice. >sii:p SHOW Aimberiaodi^nty Arena pm ESD Students ^Snhfaers S12 ■Saliinlav. flelnber 21st >-nUUU)E saiam >£«ME 130|iai FSU -«£ Wsbocoa C. 4initJi >tONCERT New Spoils Complex 800 featunng: -AZ -4tong E ftesh ~*pt-Cose ~A^tm4iood4Un -ilad.grills~teMielan - ’fiCnrnmMraoif: Iretyonrticketsearty. fSDittideatsinay^itchaseStep4bowand£oncenTteltetsinliieSbidenlCenterftomSIMXlOpin,leloberl6di-l8tfcorMpedal ^tinteiitimte. AndeotssaystUi-vuitliasa tidtets oofMday, October tOtli In tlie Student-Center and at tbt door for the general admiuion^ee of S12j00. Hm fieaerallMlteaay pordMue ConeertHekets at fSU In ttie Student Center or at Fandise Aecoids on McPheison Onirdi fioad. Ptnrtlktota c* «B«aMiadar, OOifc» Sh. Stop AmttUMs L Note: Students idmj only vorctiase tvo tlekets at ibe special indent rate.

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