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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, November 01, 1995, Image 13

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Broncos' Voicc -t ^ Honiccoinin5 1995 X Student Gomments How The Brothers Feel About FSU Sisters by Deitric Davis j In our last edition of the Broncos ’ Voice, staff writer, Delfrieda Hudson, was kind enough to give some female insight on the fellahs here at “good ole FS & U.„ It is now time for the broth ers to voice their opinions, and the fellahs were more than happy to give some insight of their own. This en deavor is not a deliberate attempt to ridicule or poke fun at our women. These are the honest opinions of the brothers interviewed. I took it upon tnyself to have a meeting of the minds with my broth ers and asked a few of them questions to hear what they had to say about our sisters. My first question was how the sisters here were viewed physically, since we get to see the physical side first. Most of you, my sisters got props. Robert McCall had this to say, “they [sisters]...generally [look] good in their appearance.,. Not everyday is going to be fiill of sunshine, fly outfits, and phat hairdos, however it’s up to you sisters to de cide what the rest of those days are going to be like. Suggestions were made about how to still look your best on bad days. One suggestion was “The Dime of the Week;,, adopting a new style for a week and investing some time to keep up that particular style. On occasions there may not be enough time to devote to a particular style, but some of the brothers felt that at least 3 days with a hairdo (without a baseball cap) wasn’t too much to ask for. There was a considerable amount of time spent discussing the issue of fashion or dress. A reoccuring request was for the sisters to stop dressing like “hoochie mama[s] and dress like ladies...[then] you’ll be treated like ladies.,, L.S. felt that the sisters were hiding their beauty behind their baggy pants. “It’s not lady like. Ladies, you’re very beautiful, please don’t hide it, let it show...It’s nice to see [sisters] wearing clothing that is comfortable to them, but when they start wearing baggy pants with a sag and you can read the “Hanes Her Way,, on the waistband [of their underwear] some thing is wrong.,. Brothers are saying that you shouldn’t show everything “ya mama gave ya.„ In fact, L.S. also commented on the fact that leaving something to the imagination might make brothers stop looking at sisters “as just some one to sleep with.,, Brothers will start stepping to you according to how you present yourself, because what you wear is an extension of your personal ity. Sisters should realize that we don’t live in a Utopian Society where guys will respect you regardless of your state of dress or undress, so please don’t put yourself in a possibly comprimising situation. Other brothers again gave the la dies props because for some, your de cisions in the area of fashion are well received by the brothers at large. The inner self was a strongly reoccuring topic with FSU men. They strongly believe that this is where your true beauty lies. Brothers commented that sisters at FSU had some work to do in this area. Many brothers were quoted as saying that the sisters here are really “sometimey.,, Many of you don’t speak when spoken to or give brothers that look that says, “Why are you speaking to me?,. Two brothers, T.D. and L.M., did admit that there are some brothers that don’t come correct when addressing a sister. For those FSU women who have been ap proached in this manner, don’t use that experience as a reason to be prejudiced against the rest of the brothers. Every body deserves a chance. As for the is sue of respect, most brothers feel that “if you respect yourself,you’ll be re spected.,, Pay attention and heed these words, ladies! On the topic of being “real,,, “real women get real men,, was the com ment made by L.M. and T.D. They had strong feelings about the ladies out there with the weave and colored con tacts. “Stop trying to be someone you’re not [physically and mentally], and just be yourself (the way God made you). On the issue of Love, the brothers feel that some of you are quite con fused about what Love really means. Surprisingly enough though, most of us (brothers and sisters) agree that Love should not be based on material things or those fantastic “feelings,, you’ve never felt before. Finding the “real deal,, will take all of us (sisters and brothers) some time. There are sisters out there who are very real and respect yourselves as well as us brothers. For this we ap plaud you. So as the men teach the boys and the women teach the girls, maybe within the mix we’ll find each other. If we’re lucky, we’ll possibly find peace and much love as well. How FSU Women Feel About Each Other by Nakiesha Melvin I really did enjoy reading the ar ticle about the way women at FSU felt about the men here. In fact, I enjoyed that entire issue of The Broncos’ Voice. I think the article addressed an important issue, but a more important issue is the relationship among the women here. It is evident that the women out number the men here. Yet, there are so many females here that cannot get along. Why is this? I am still search ing for the answer to this question. I feel that before we try to get the men to respect us, we must first respect one another. How can we expect them to treat us like we deserve to be treated if we cannot even speak to our sis ters as we walk this campus. So many females have said that the men here are trifling, but they only treat you the way you let them. We are so quick to fight because someone is “see ing,, the same man we are. In stead of confronting the man, we blame each other. The more we walk around here in dishar mony, the easier it is for them to do what they like. As long as we are fighting, the man never has to worry about us getting together and finding out the truth. A house that is divided cannot stand. It is time out for the attitudes around here. It should not matter that we are not in the same organizations or live in the same dorm, we are all black women. We need to start acting like black women. This is not to say that everyone has to be friends, but we don’t all have to be enemies either. The Social and Cultural Implications of the Uncanny X-]VIen b^JmneCn^Moj^^md^atashaE^m The Uncanny X-Men have ex isted for the past thirty-two years, but with the advent of the animated TV show, their popularity is at an all time high. The show has provided the X-Men, previously only known through their comic books, a broad and lucrative, fan base. TV viewers who frequent Saturday Morning car toons tend to place X-Men high on their list of favorites. In short, the X-Men are a hot commodity, with money-making power that rivals those Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. What qualities do the X-Men possess that allowed them to remain alive for the past three decades? Per haps we should look at two of the characteristics that have made the X- Men stand out over the years, the first of them being: The X-Men boast a multiracial membership. The X-Men were founded in 1963, but their first at tempt at stardom was shot down as the book was canceled after issue #66. In 1975, however, the X-Men were resurrected in the now classic Giant-Size X-Men #1. The original five members (Iceman, Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl, and Cyclops) had been captured by Krakoa, the living island. Charles Xavier, founder of and mentor to the X-Men, collected a team of mutants (our code-word for these super-powered men and women) from around the globe. Sunfire, a Japanese wielder of nuclear-based flame; Wolverine, a Canadian with quick healing, See X-Men, page 17 Relationships by Gamaliel Massenburg Male/female relationships is not a light subject. College is a new era in one’s life as far as relationships with the opposite sex are concerned. There are no more restrictions placed on an individual, and one is left to use his/ her own judgement as his guide. Oftentimes, freshmen women get caught up in the excitement of the new faces and places. Unfortunately, upper classman males know this fact and use it to their advantage. The end result, often, is a hurt, untrusting sister who may or may not have a bad reputation for the next three years. Who’s fault is this? Surely a young man would have more respect for his sister than to run a game on her. Surely a young woman would have more re See Relationships, page 20 Black College Day by Deitric Davis The fourth Annual Black College Day was held in Raleigh, North Caro lina on October 6, 1995. It was a meet ing of all Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the state to convene and show pride for our schools and our educators. It was a time for address ing and promoting the successes we have achieved. This year’s theme was “Black people united, will never be defeated! „ However, there was more to the agenda than celebrating; there was serious business to be addressed. One of the matters addressed included the spend ing of our tax dollars, which are being cut from the budgets of our Histori cally Black schools. That grant that barely got you over the hump this year may not be there next year. In addi tion, those 600,000 summer jobs from last year may not be there next year, making you reach further into your pockets for money to pay for school. The event began with a march from downtown Raleigh to the senate build ing, (the site where all the real deci sions a e made) where we assembled and heard from Dr. Julius Earl. Dr. Earl is a very feverish and accomplished speak^*r in manner and in lexicon. In See College, page 18

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