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The Broncos' voice. online resource (None) 198?-2005, March 01, 1996, Image 5

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Bronco* Voicc ^ March 1996 J Our Voices Name: Nefertiti Elder Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Number: 27 Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza with Pineapples Hobbies: Listening to music, getting my chill on Personal belief: “What goes around comes around.” B-day: July 27 (Leo) Info: I’m currently a student at Seventy-First Sr. High School. I will be attending the Fall Session at FSU. I plan to major in Computer Science. I enjoy shopping and hanging out with the girls. The Food Service Dilemma by LaShanya Richardson For many residental students here at Fayetteville State Univer sity, the food service has become a major dilemma. There is no doubt in the minds of the student body that Fayetteville State University is capable of providing better food ser vices for those living on campus. The stu- dent body raises the question whether Fayetteville State University’s admin istration and the uni versity system are willing to provide better and more ad equate food for the on-campus student population. Each residential stu dent of Fayetteville State University automatically pays $625.00 per semes ter to dine in the H.L. Cook Dining Hall. Ob taining housing from the University is a choice; why then is food service not a choice? Maybe if the student body were in volved in lielping to choose a food service, the food and the service would be better. For years, Shaw Food Ser vices has not only pro vided the meals obtained in the Dining Hall, but has also given funds for the School of Business and Eco nomics. Could this be the rea son that Shaw’s contract is re newed year after year, despite major complaints from the students? Any individual who has ever had the unique opportu nity of dining in the H.L. Cook Dining Hall would agree that ... why does this admin istration ejgyect the stu dents to consume such non-bealtby slop day after day? the food served there is not at all worth $625.00 per semes ter. The food is not always well cooked and the diet is high in cholesterol in that the meats and vegetables are full of fat and dripping with lard. The bread, chips, and cereal are usually stale. Is there any administrator on this campus who would JiJce to dine in the Dining Hail three times a day everyday? Probably not, due to the lack of decent food served there. Therefore, why does this administration ex pect the students to consume such non-healthy slop day af ter day? Shaw Food Services’ con tract is up for renewal at the end of this semester. It is up to the residential student popu lation to decide if they would like to continue to digest food that is not satisfying, not healthy, and certainly not worth the money they pay. It is quite obvious that Fayetteville State University expects the residential student population to fund the food service program. There are many students living on campus who do not dine in the Dining Hall. If a student chooses not to dine there, then he or she should not have to pay for food that he or she does not eat. The administra tion refuses to separate housing and food ser vices (although it does appear separate on our bill and students at other state supported universities are able to receive it sepa rately). Therefore, if the resi dential student population has to eat food that the university provides, it should certainly be something worth consuming. It is quite possible for Fayetteville State University to raise the standards of the food service program. The students realize the change will not come overnight. This does not mean the administra tion should just sit back and twiddle its thumbs concerning this matter. Right now is the time for change. 2 Be A Queen by Yolanda Barnes I’m A Queen For The Simple Fact That I Act Like One. How Can You Be A Queen? By Simply Setting Standards And Taking Con trol. I Know I’m A Queen Be cause I First Set Standards And Then See If Others Can Live Up To Them. My Main Purpose In Writing This Is To Address The Many Ladies (If You Can Call Them That!) On Campus Who Think They Should Be Treated Like Queens, But Don’t Act Like Queens. What Do I Mean? I’m Talking About Those La dies Out There Who Flaunt Their Bodies, Yet Wonder Why They Keep Attracting The Kind Of Men They At tract. I’m Talking About The Sisters Who Have Had Many Sexual Partners And Wonder Why They Can’t Keep A Man. Let’s Not Forget Those Hard W orkiitg-GoW -Diggtrs'Who Are Out To Take A Man For All He’s Worth. Last But Not Least There Are Those Girls Who Are At The Party Always Wondering Where All The Good Men Are (“Right In Front Of Your Face”). IWant To Tell You Ladies: “Get A Grip!” Somebody Has To Set You Straight, Since Your Mother Didn’t Teach You (Or You Weren’t Paying Her Any Attention). How Many Of You Can Say That You Have Certain Standards When It Comes To The King You Choose? What, Ex- actly. Are You Looking For In A King? If You Don’t Know, Maybe That’s Why You Keep Getting Hurt In Re lationships. Like The Old Saying Goes: ‘Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold.’ So When That The Smooth Talk ing, Car Driving, Money Hav ing, Tommy Hilfiger Wearing Fine Guy Steps To You With " Mndi -GameT Aird You Doif’r' Have Standards To Judge Him By (Besides The Material), Then It Makes It Hard To Separate The Mess From The Best . Not To Mention The Fact That Many Women With No Standards Seem To Throw Caution To The Wind. I Have Heard Of Many Situations Where Women “24 Play” (Have Sex Within The First 24 Hours Of Meeting Someone) Everything That (fitters Ain’t Gold. This “Fly Guy”. Would A Queen Compromise Herself This Way? Then Again, There Are Some Women Who Have Low Standards And Seem All Too Happy To Have A Man (Any Man), No Matter How Bad The Situation Gets. They Would Rather Let A Man Run 'Th'e'm'Over Than Become “Concerned Women.” Per sonally, I’m Concerned For These Women. They Have Reached The Point Where They Are Trying To Tell A Man How To Be A Man. My Mom Told Me, “You Can’t Change A Man.” This Is True. All You Can Do Is Fig ure Out Just What You Will And Will Not Put Up With, Then Commit It To Memory. If He Is A “King” He Will Change Himself To Be With You. After You Set Standards, Watch—The Men Who Appeal To You _ Will Begin To Change And Your Outlook On Yourself And On Relation ships Will Broaden. Then You’ll Be A Queen. I Know I’m A Queen Be cause I Won’t Settle For Less Than The Best. For Those Of You Who Still Don’t Under stand, I Have Set My Stan dards In This Way: He Has To Be Smart, Funny, Hand some (To Me), Faithful, Open Minded, And Won’t Settle For Less Then The Best— That’ll Be Why He Chooses Me! Un like A Lot Of Women, I Don’t Need A Man With A Car Or Lots Of Money Because I Know Of Lots Places We Can Walk And Talk-There Should Be No Fee On Quality Time. See, I Have Set My Standards To Where If My “King” Doesn’t Measure Up He Can And Will Be Dis-Missed! So Ladies, Instead Of Do ing A Brandy—“Sitting In My Room,” Take A While And Think About You (As A ”Queen”) And What You Want From Your “King.” If You Take Time To Do This You Will Find A Lot Of Good Men--No, Great Men—On This Campus (Right In Front Of Your Face) Who Will Treat You Like The Queen You Are. But If You Don’t Set Stan dards Like A Queen, You Can Not, And Will Not Be Treated Like One.

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