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The voice : Fayetteville State University student press. online resource (None) 2006-current, March 14, 2012, Image 3

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send news tips to the editor; | | March 14,2012 | The VoiCE, For Students, By Students 3 Left: FSU students Matt Campbell and Jason Bouley stand atop the roof of the Newseum with his torical buildings in the background Photo courtesy of Nikki Scott I Left: Sgt. Duane Whita ker and Terrence Autry inside a guard tower from the Berlin Wall now at the Newseum Photo courtesy of Nikki Scott "What struck me most about the meeting with Mr. Asendio and Miss Mathys was the way in which they connected for us where we are today and what we need to do to get to where they are. It definitely made me feel good to hear from them that we are on the right path." "I never expected to be in a real White House press briefing, much less be able to ask a question. But, the other students helped me to prepare the question and when Mr. Jay Carney called on me, 1 tried to calm my self by making myself be lieve that 1 was just one of the regular journalists. And that helped me to not flub the lines." -April Love Photo courtesy of Dennis McNair 1 never expected that 1 would get this opportunity. 1 was shocked, happy, sur prised, all kinds of emotions. 1 mean who thinks they are going to go to The White House and speak to the presi dent’s advisor. It was totally out of this world for me.” “I liked coming to the weekend meetings. Being a transfer student, I don’t know a lot of other students. So, this was an opportunity to share who I was and just be myself.” “1 believe that the trip will have benefits in terms of my other classes because it helped me to gain confidence in myself. 1 believe in myself and my writing a lot more than 1 did before the trip.” "To see the freedom of the press exhibit, and to see the big picture of the countries that don't and might never have freedom of the press, made such an impact on me." -Nikki Scott U Photo courtesy of Dennis McNair Photo courtesy of Dennis McNair “I never thought that I would ever have an oppor tunity to go to The '^ite House. It’s a once in a hfe- time type of a deal.” “The Newseum was awesome. 1 enjoyed it very much and would like to go back again. There was just so much infor mative that you could not get it all at one time. The campaign section was very information. And being a soldier, the 9/11 exhibits really hit home.” “To go to WAMU and get pointed from people who have been there and done that definitely helps.” “WTiat stood out for me in the press room was that they kept asking the same dang ole questions over and over again.” “One thing we learned was that if you get into the mass communication busi ness, you can go anywhere. You can be a journalist one day and be something else the next.” -Jason Bouley " I'm a Spanish major And also, when I joined The Voice, I did it to refine my writing skills. I never thought that I would get this opportunity to go the The White House. "My favorite part of the Newseum was the section on the Pulitzer and the award winning photographs from the past years." "I really respected Mr. Asendio's reasons for leav ing WAMU and I'm definitely glad that he decided to wait to resign until we had left be cause many of the things he told us really touched me." "When I was at the recep tion, I met two alum by the last name of Owens who gave me tips on how to afford grad uate school. So, that was ben eficial. And 1 met a radio per sonality by the name of Troy Johnson who told me that my Spanish background would be just as helpful as a communi cations degree in terms of get ting into journalism. So, that was insi^tfiil to hear. " "I wasn't expecting to be in a full fledged press confer ence. I don't remember any one telling us that in advance. It was definitely eye-opening. Being on the inside, I saw that journalists have to be very, very aggressive in terms of getting to ask a question and getting it answered." -Anna Lee Photo courtesy of Dennis McNair Photo courtesy of Dennis McNair "I never thought that I would get this kind of op portunity. Being at a small HBCU, I did not think that this imiversity had the means to offer something like this. So, it was amazing to first be chosen and then to actually participate. "It was amazing seeing all of the [international newspa pers] on the same spot. But, the photo exhibits themselves really opened my eyes as to what photo journalism was all about" "Because I work with the student internet radio station, visiting WAMU radio sta tion at American University was my favorite part of the trip. Especially seeing that an Afiican American woman ran the station made me real ize that I could do anything I wanted to in radio." "And for Mr. Asendio to stay because of us was really something. It showed that he really cared about us, about African American students coming to the stations. 1 com mend him for that, for stay ing and not resigning before we got there." "As far as hard core net working in one night, that was my first time doing that. But, it showed me that I re ally need to do it more often." "When we actually got into the press room, 1 thought it was going to be with just two or three people who we could ask questions about their ca reer. 1 was not expecting to be a part of the press briefing. And when we actually got back to Fayetteville, I looked us up on line and it was like Look at us in The White House, Fayetteville State University students. Wow." I was not expecting that." "When we met Jay Car ney, I found out that he's just a normal guy with a fam ily who happens to have this extraordinary job working with the president. These are real people with real lives. It lets me know that, hey. I'm a normal individual, but hey maybe 1 can have a job like that one day." "My favorite memory is just walking around George town after the reception and just seeing what Georgetown had to offer." -A.J. Hines

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