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The Wayne communiqué. online resource (None) 1968-1973, November 25, 1968, Image 1

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THE WAYNE COMMUNIQUE'^ Volume 1, Number 1 Wayne Community College November 25, 1968 THANK YOU! INTRODUCING THE WAYNE COMMUNIQUE Our staff wishes to thank Mr. Clyde Erwin and Mr. iValter ^ Brown, President and Dean of Faculty respectively, for their * blessings on our first 1^/ayne * Communique'^ * We wish to thank Mr. Bob Wal- ^ ler. Dean of Students, who gave ^ us so much help in "ironing out" * all of our difficulties. * We thank Mr. Jerry Medford for * helping us get our offset mas- * ters typed out and Mrs. Zo/i^o for ^ printing the Communique'^ so beau- ^ tifully. * As editor, I wish to thank my * small staff of writers, and all * students who contributed stories * and advertisements. * * OUR PLANET EARTH * * A photograph of the Earth * taken from near the moon shows * the Earth as a sphere. Accurate * measurements, however, reveal that* there is polar flattening and an * equatorial bulge due to the * Earth's rotation on its axis. * Earth is an oblate spheroid (a * slightly flattened sphere) and is * also slightly pear shaped. * % MESSAGE FRCM THE DEAN OF STUDENTS by Dean vJaller The Dean of Students' office is invariably striving to improve the services offered to vJayne Community College students. New activities are being sponsored and we encourage you to take advantage of them. If these activities are suc cessful, we will continue having them. So participate! Every student should take an active interest in the activ ities—not merely a vocal interest. Students, Wayne Community College is your college; what you make of it depends upon you. There is no limit to the accomplishments that can be made by you and WCC. The establishment of a student news paper is a perfect example of the accomplishments being made already. Support the Wayne Communique'' by serving on its staff or contributing worthwhile material. Likewise, we invite you to come by the Dean of Students office and offer any suggestions you feel may benefit the students and the college. If you have any criticizims concerning the college, please don't hesitate to let us know. We have made a fine start this school year, and with your help, we will continue in this manner. As editor of the Wayne Communique”, it is my pleasure to explain what our newspaper will stand for, to whom our news will be directed, and how the Wayne Communique will be of service to Wayne Community College. Communique'^Code. There is a free spirited theory behind the Wayne Communique. Our staff firmly believes in our con stitutional rights to freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. But we also hold true the right to reject mater ial which we feel might stain the Communique's character. No material will be printed without the examination and approval of the editor, the Dean of Students, and/or our advisors, Mrs. Mildred Councill and Mrs. Eleanor Powell. Our Readers. This newspaper is for everyone in this college; students, teachers, faculty and staff. Any member of the student body, any teacher, any member of the faculty or staff—anyone is free to contribute quality news stories, features, editorials and advertisements. The Communique' staff does not wish to be identified as a separate entity within this college, or as a special group of students who race around the campus gathering news. In stead, we wish everyone to feel they are part of a "commun ity project" where everyone contributes something. In fact, we will be expecting regular contributions from the English Department. Any high quality theme, essay, or report will be more than welcomed. Service. There is vertually no limit to the service the Wayne Communique'' can render. For example: a) If a student or teacher has books for sale, a car for sale, anything for sale, he or she advertises the facts in the Wayne Communique'T b) If a student needs a room to rent, needs to share the cost of a room with a roomate, or needs a regular ride to and from school, he or she advertises in the Communique. c) If the SGA, the Forestry Club, or any such organiza tion wishes to announce a meeting, sponsor a dance, etc., they will advertise in the * Communique'T Furthermore, any important news flash will be immediately relayed to the student body via a Wayne Communique'" special bul letin. Soon we will have perman ent distribution centers in the building where every student will be able to get a copy of the paper. For the time being, though, all matter pertaining to the Communique is to be submitted to the Dean of Students. In short, the Wayne Communique will be the most versatile method of communication this college has ever imagined. In time, our newspaper will look like a real newspaper. We will have real advertisements and our own newsroom somewhere on campus. We might even become the most popular college newspaper in the state. Nevertheless, the days of writing on the walls at Wayne Community College are gone forever. Now we * have a newspaper! Karen R. Overholt

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