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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, December 09, 1914, Page 2, Image 2

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2 THE GUILFORDIAN Guilford College, N. C. Published Weekly BOARD. Katliryn Dorsett - - Editor-in-Chtof. Carl Stewart - - Business Manager. Maude Culler Robt. Mitchell Burtie Dlx Fred Morris Blanche Dixon Thomas G. Perry Gladys Highflll A. L. Riddick Alma Lassiter Troy Short SUBSCRIPTION PRICE SI.OO Address all communications to THE GUILFORDIAN Guilford College, N. C. HOWLING VS. CHEERING. On last Friday night the girls gave a splendid exhibition of bas ket ball skill in the gymnasium , on the same night, at the same time, and in the same place the boys gave the most uncalled IV. exhibition of wngentlemanly be haviour that hits characterized their conduct during the entire year. To any unbiased mind both statements will be recognized as true. Skilful passing, clever shooting, careful guarding, and all round fast work on the part ol both teams establish the truth of the first statement. Vociferous yelling, barbarian shrieks, wild animal cries, hoots and jeers were a partial return which the girls received for their skilful efforts • a fact which proves conclusively the second statement. Now against the well-organized cheering the GUILFORDIAN has not a word to say. Such was gentlemanly and respectful and be it far from the purpose of this paper to discour age any legitimate expression of athletic enthusiasm. On the con trary it greatly desires to en courage such expressions. But with quite a bit of the so-called enthusiasm which was expressed in certain parts of the cheerintr section in the form of shrieks, hoots, jeers and boorish rooting the GUILFORDIAN has no sympathy. Such conduct was not, to say the least, gentlemanly. No gentle man would give vent to such noises; they could only come from the animal, not the human ele ment in the crowd. And to any casual observer this fact was obvi ous. A sense of common decency, not to say a gentlemanly respect fo** the players would have p.e veated such an exhibition of + lie lack of culture. Who would think in a rational moment of putting a huge 3G-inch megaphone to a girl's ear and then howling with all the power of one's lungs? Truly the leaven of culture has yet to do Us work. A repetition of such con duct should be followed by the most stringent possible action on the part of Ihe Student Council It is not necessary to add that only a small part of our number indulged in such outbursts, but their actions were so violent as to characterize the whole crowd. Within a few days we are go ing to hold some mass meetings to arouse enthusiasm and organ ize our cheering for the basket bull team. Every man in Co-lege should be present, learn the y'iis, :inl take his part' in every otto of them. It is our team and let us make it realize that every single student is behind it every minuv; that its defeats are our defeats, ils victories, our victories. Lei lis refrain from all howling and jeering, all outbursts of a per sonal nature. Let lis follow the cheer leader, and cheer with him. as :i unit, not as an unorganized howling mob. With the entire student body cheering as one man our team will |>ul forth its utmost strength and skill, and realize that the honor of Guilford is in its hands, and we do not fear for the result. CALENDAR. Wednesday: 0.30, Sophomore class meeting; 7.00, Science Club. Thursday: 0.30, Regular mid week prayer meetings. Friday: 7.00, Literary Societies. Saturday: 8.00, Basket ball game at home, Greensboro V. M. C. A. vs. Guilford. Sunday: Regular religious serv ices. Monday: 7.30, First choir prac tice. Thursday: G. 30, Juriior class meeting; 7.00, second choir prac tice. LETTERS TO THE GUILFORDIAN. Articles Under This Head Do Not Necessarily Mean That Their Senti ments Are Endorsed by the Board. An Alumnus Approves of Student Government. I have noticed in the columns of the GUILFORDIAN that student government has been established in part at Guilford. This has been long needed, not that the governors have not been efficient, for they certainly have filled their post well, but that in such an in stitution as Guilford now is, the power of setting standards cer tainly remains with the student body. Guilford is not a "prep" school, and should not be govern ed as such. College we all admit is a train ing institution and certainly one should be trained to rely on one's self. At Guilford, the student is closely watched one day, and the next is given a diploma and is sent out into the world alone. If Guilford has faith enough in her sons and daughters to send them out as graduates, then why doesn't THE GUILFORDIAN "Get It At Odell's" Quality First Base Ball, Basket Ball, Tennis, Track and Gym Supplies Sweaters, Jerseys and Athlectic Clothing A Specialty Odell Hardware Company Greensboro, N. C. J. D. WOOD, College Representative BERN AU THE JE p w °L P E U a LAB Invites you to his store when in Greensboro Best stock of Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds. First Class Repair Shop. Medals and Class Pins made to order in shop. GREENSBORO, N C. The Charles H. Elliott Company desire the services of an energetic repre" sentative at this Institution on a commiss ion. Write The Chas. H. Elliott Company North Philadelphia, Pa. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK GREENSBORO. N. C. Cordially invite the Checking and Savings accounts of the Fac ulty, Students and Societies of Guilford College -4% Interest Pdid on Savings Accounts R. G. VAUGHN, President J. W. SCOTT, Vice President P. C. BOYLES, Cashier F. A. NICHOLSON, Asst. Cashier she trust tliem more in the class room? Confidence certainly should he; fostered in college life. All business is based on the con fidence of one man in another. If the student is suspected and con stantly watched while in the class room and during examina tions, he most certainly goes out a weaker man. The step made toward the Honor System is a good one. 1 believe that no great er good could come to Guilford than that necessarily following the adoption of the Honor System by the four college classes. I believe thai not only I lie over sight at athletic games and of the general deportment should be giv en into the hands of the Council, but that the class room work and examinations should also be based on the Honor System. Student government is a great credit and strength to any institution. The foremost colleges and universities of America have already adopted such measures. I hope the day is not far off when Guilford also will have faith enough in her stu dents to give them this cherished right. ALVA E. LINDLEY, 'OB. ELLIS, STONE & CO. Dry Goods, Notions Ladies Ready-to-Wear Quality y^Svv and • Satisfaction A. C. Spalding & Bros. 74 N. Broad St. Atlanta. Ga. DARKER BROTHERS Give a Special Discount on Picture Framing t College Students. 218 S. Elm St. Greensboro, N. C. W. P. Reaves, M. D. C. R. Reaves, M. D. Reaves Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Infirmary GREENSBORO, N. C. C. W. BANNER, M. D. Practice Limited to the EYE, EAR, NOSE & THROAT Hours 9 to 1 and 2 to 5 Banner Building Greensboro DR. J. E. WYCHE DENTIST Fisher Building Room 211 Office Phone 29 Residence 22 DR. J. S. BETTS DENTIST Cor. Elm and W. Market Sts. Over Greensboro Drug Co. DR. J. W. TAYLOR Specialist in Fitting Glasses. Relief or no pay Examinations Without "Drops" sth Floor, Banner Building GREENSBORO. N. C. Clifford Frazier LAWYER OFFICES 111 COURT SQUARE Plione 629 Greensboro, N C HUFFINE HOTEL Greensboro Also Yadkin Hotel, Salisbury, N. C. Stonewall Hotel, Charlotte, N. C. LaFayette Hotel, Fayetteville, N. C. THOMPSON SHOE SHOP 500 SOUTH ELM STREET Repairing a Specialty Special Rates to College Students

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