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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, January 24, 1917, Image 1

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VOLUME 111 MISS DIX LEADS Y. W. C. A. Prayer meeting last week was con ducted by (Miss Dix. She spoke of the way in which students can bring Christ into their own lives. To show that this is a very vital question she cited as examples: Christ's answer to Martha about Mary's negligence of household du ties, His advice to the rich young man, and His solution of Nicodemus' problems. A good test in those doubting mo ments when one's faith seems to be tested, is to remember those words of our Master: "Love thy neighboras thyself" and "inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me." Men and women have remembered this spirit which Christ brought into the World and the fullness of their lives show how they measured up to the ideal. Miss Dix mentioned Jacob Riis, Frances Wi'lliard, Jane Adams and Anna Howard Shaw as exam ples. When troubles arise one should not assume a selfish attitude, but by showing mercy and not judgment rise above the commonplace. Everyone needs to pray that beau tiful prayer of DaVid with the accent on the me: "Create in me a clean heart, O God, anu 'renew the right spirit in me." In conclusion Miss Dix quoted from Edward Steiner: "The most valuable conviction that Christianity holds for me is that the task is un finished and it is my business to in vest my life in such a way as to make true the d;reiam of the son of man." All the girls went away thought ful over Miss Dix's well chosen re marks. OUR EXCHANGES. It is indeed a pleasure to the Guil ford ian to look over the various mag azines which our sister colleges send to our table. The editors seem to have taken up their tasks with re newed vigor after the holidays, and the January exchanges are brimful of good things. Our list is steadily growing, and the pigeon holes of our filing cabinet present an array of magazines which is well worth read ing. The January number of "The Uni versity of North Carolina Magazine" is a splendid issue, and possesses enough variety to make good read ing for all kinds of tastes, "What Next" under editorial comment says in a few words quite a good many things worth consideration. "Rem iniscences of Services in the Confed erate Army" is an interesting and in structive first hand account of his tory in the making. The Wake Forest Student contains a well written essay on "Thomas Jef ferson" and another on "The Non- Shareholders of the South/' which is (Continued on page four) (Fit? dattlforMatt GUILFORD COLLEGE, N. C., JANUARY 24, 1917. GUILFORD WINS OPENING GAMES HIGH POINT AND WINSTON Y. M. C. A.\S OUTCLASSED BY THE QUAKERS TO THE TUNE OP 51-19 AND 41-30. In the opening game of basketball on the home floor Friday night, Jan. 12, the boys wearing the Crimson and Gray easily defeated a quintet representing the High Point Aithletic Club to the tune of 57 to 19. Throughout the entire game the college te'am outclassed their oppo nents in every respect of play. D. Smith for Guilford displayed wonderful skill and a keen eye in goal shooting. He was able to locate the basket from any angle, and dur ing the forty minutes of play pocket ed ten field goals. Jones came second with seven field goals to his credit. Massey and Walser showed that they, too, were in the game by find ing time to enlarge the score as well as guard the opposing forwards. Smith and Welch featured for the visitors, the former securing eleven points while Che latter obtained sev en. Dine-up and scores: Guilford: Jones and Semans, for wards; Smith, center; Miassey and Walser, guards. High Poin't: Smith and RoChelle, forwards; Welch, center; Hardy and Kephart, guards. Field goals: D. Smith, 10; Jones, 7; Semans, 3; Massey, 4; Walser 2; Smith 4; Rochelle, 1; Welch 3. Foul goals: Massey, 5; R. Smith, 3. Referee, Stuart. Second Game. The Quakers took the second bas ketball game of the season from the strong Y. M. C. A. from Winston- Salem by the score of 41 to 30. As the final count indicates, the contest was closely fought though the locals were always leading after the first three minutes of play in which Win ston secured a field and two foul goals. From the time of their sec ond field goal, a moment later, the Crimson and Gray maintained a slight lead on the visitors which at times was uncomfortably close; the first half in fiacft ended with only a three point margin for Guilford. The second half opened in whirl wind style; Massey secured the ball near the Winston basket, dribbled through three of the Visitors, and on a neat Shot pocketed the ball for a field gQal; in a moment he repeated the same process and then to finish the game in good form shot a beau tiful basket from mid-floor. In the mean .time Semans had also escaped his guard and by tricky dodging to gether Wi'th some good passing by Jones and Smi'th had totalled five field goals for himself in this half. The entire team was Working as a unit, bent on adding another victory to their credit; the result was inevit able, Guilford had increased her lead eight points when the timekeeper's whistle closed the cleanest game seen on the local floor since the Trinity- Guilford exhibition here last year. The Twins put u,p a strong game. A't no time did the Quaker quint run away with the game as was the case in the High Point contest. Cash, the big center for t'he visitors, was a par ticularly dangerous man on the top off and a clever shot as well. Whal ing also showed good form and Baze more played a jamup .game at guard. The visitors were strong on passing but the close guarding of the Quak ers reduced number of shots to a minimum. Jones, who is scheduled to play forward in most of t'he games, temporarily forgot that he was supposed to shoot goals and turned out to be a regular old-time guard, breaking up any number of possible shots for the visitors. And it paid, too. Guilford, on the other hand, seemed to be able to get away from t'he visiting guards for consist ent shooting. The passing of the lo cals while not so brilliant and snap py as the work of the Twins was more dead'ly, due largely to the abil ity of a Crimson sh'irted lad to es cape the big Winston guards at the crucial moment, particularly in the second half. The team was hardly up to its usual form in the first half which may be partially explained by a severe fall w.hiich Captain Smith suffered in the early part of the game and which somewhat hamper ed his vork for a few minutes fol lowing. The work of individual members of the team, the summary below will hardly reveal. Team work featured the exhibition rather than individual shooting. The score-keeper's book records the following, however: Guilford Winston Jones R.p Rector Semans L. F Whaling Smith C Cash Massey RJG Morris Walser L.G Bazemore Substitution: Winston, Patterson for Bazemore. Pietd goals: Gu'ilford; Semans, 6; Massey, 5; Smith, 4; Walser, . Winston: Cash, 5; Whal ing, 3; Rector, 3; Morris, 1. Foul goals, Massey, 7 out of 14; Whaling 6 out of 1. Referee, Stuart. AN APPEAL. Our library is still in need of statuary—there are three niches still to be filled. Two cl'aisses have spoken for one each, but it was so long ago I fear they themselves have forgotten their good intentions. Would that the class spirit could crystallize on matters aside from life's verities and give us a comple ment to our "Hebe" or "Zeus" or the "Alexander Frieze." P. P. Oaproni & Brothers, of Bos ton, furnish these casts at a reason able price and we should be glad to furnish suggestions. When there is sufficient interest, $30.00 will buy a 5 ft. cast, and that is just about the height needed It would be very nice for the Li brary to feel a throb of the present prosperity in North Carolina. J. S. W. NUMBER 15 GIRLS' ATHLETICS AGAIN BOOMING Arrangements Made for Basketball and Tennis. Issuing from the deep silence Which for so many weeks has envel oped girls athletics at Guilford, one may now hear the first faint strains of what it is hoped will develop into a rousing song, enthusiastically sup ported by every girl on the campus. The athletic cabinet has recently been facing this question: Shall we, or shall we not, have a live, working, aggressive Association? The affirm ative answer was made, and is being backed up by the display of renewed energy in every department. The main effort of the cabinet as a body is being concentrated at present up on the* formulation of reasonable sets of requirements governing the winning of letters in the different departments. During the winter, the tennis courts can not be used, but with sipring wealther will come a tourna ment for tennis lovers, the reward of merit being a splendid racquet. On account of the soft condition of all paths and roads leading away from t'he college, walking is slightly discredited just now, but the cour ageous still trudge to Sunset in spite of "winter and rough weather." Next week the basketball lovers will resume regular practice, after a temporary check for examination week. Altho there has been a no ticeably lack of enthusiasm in this game previous to this, it seems that the fighting spirits which they so ad mire in t'he>ir college varsity team has in some ,way been transmitted ,to the girl®, and all the old players are expected to get out next week and test t'heir skill against the ten ( or twelve new girls who have been developing so rapidly into experi enced players. The requirements for monograms from the basketball de partment will probably be posted at the girls dormitories next week. The daites for class games will be announced later, and t'he season will probably be closed with a public game. A laudable step has been taken re cently in the appointment at the suggestion of t'he althlertic ca'binet of Hazel Armstrong as song leader for the girls, thus placing in very capa ble hands the responsibility for the enthusiasm displayed by the ladies' giallery at varsity games. Quite a number of Guilford stu dents and Alumni will be interested in the announcement of the marri age of Profesor Samuel Wood Geiser. of Independence, lowa, to Miss Bes sie Teeple, of Waukon, lowa. The marriage was solemnized on Decem ber 28th. Professor Geiser is re membered as t/he biology teacher here during the years 1914-1916.

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