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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, May 27, 1963, Page Page Five, Image 8

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MAY 27, 1963 BASEBALLERS FINISH sth Sports Shorts by Hank Siegel There are seventeen lettermen returning for this coming fall. They are as follows: Larry Addleton, Bookie Binkley, Dwight Buffaloe, Lawrence Buffaloe, Buddy Dixon, Don Ferguson, Eddie Gore, Ken Griffith, Billy Joye, Dillard Nor man, David Odom, Roger Purga son, Andy Simmonds, Larry Wal ton, Jimmy Williams, George Wynne, and Gary York. a # a o Mel Gibson of Western Carolina has been chosen as the number two draft choice of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. O # # O Guilford's got six new cheerlead ers to distract the attention of our competition. Punkin Britt, Pat Cal licutt, Missy Mills, Mary Davis Riddle, Jeannine Voss, and Suzan Williams join Kay Stabler, Laurie Russell, Carolyn Kirkman and Dar lene Brigance to do next year's screaming. 0 * 0 0 The Guilfordian wishes to con gratulate Coach John Lambeth for his splendid job as intramural su pervisor this college year. o o Well, the first page of this issue says that Dean Appenzeller is leav ing us for a while so that he can obtain his Doctorate. When he re turns, students, no doubt, will be perplexed as to the title by which he should be addressed, Dean or Doctor? If I know that fella cor rectly he'll probably prefer to be called Coach. o Schedule March 21—Hiram College (H) 8-9 22—Hiram College (H) 18-10 23—Catawba College (A) 2-5 25—Williams College (H) 12- 4 26—Williams College (H) 3-7 28—Elon College (H) 4-8 April 3—Oberlin College (H) 5-4 4—Oberlin College (H) 23-12 18—Pfeiffer College (A) 2-10 20—Appalachian (A) 10- 3 20—Appalachian (A) 11-8 22—Atlantic Christian (A) 13- 7 23—Catawba College (H) 6-11 25—High Point College (H) 21- 1 27—Pfeiffer College (H) 5-20 29—Newberry College (H) 8-4 30—Newberry College (H) 6-3 May I—Elon College (A) 3-10 6—Western Carolina (H) 4-0 7—Western Carolina (H) 4- 5 B—High Point College (A) 1- 9 Final Standings W. L. Pet. GB Pfeiffer 13 2 .867 Catawba 13 4 .765 1 Elon 11 7 .611 3% High Point 9 9 .500 s}i GUILFORD 7 8 .467 6 Newberry 5 8 ,385 7 Western Carolina 4 7 .364 7 Appalachian 5 11 .313 8% Atlantic Christian 3 8 .273 8 Lenoir Rhyne 3 9 .250 8)2 Intramural Track Pitching Finals Holland 2-0 1.000 Linville 3-1 .750 Parks 3-2 .600 Buckner 3-3 .500 Herrin 0-2 .000 Miller 0-3 .000 11-10 524 What, me graduate? BBk MBLM. Barry Cook starts swing . . . On May 6 the Guilford College baseball team entered a crucial two-game series with Western Carolina College. At stake was fourth place in the Carolinas Con ference and a berth in the Confer ence tournament at Lexington. That morning the first five teams in the standings looked like this: Pfeiffer 13 2 .867 Catawba 13 4 .765 1 Elon 10 6 .625 3K Guilford 6 6 .500 5% High Point 7 8 .467 6'A Monday, May 6 Coach Maynard chose Kendall ■ Buckner, a sophomore righthander from Siler City, to open the two game series against Western Caro lina. The Quakers jumped to a quick three-run lead in the first and John son was walked, Parker singled and Gann reached first on an error to load the bases. Cook then singled in two runs. Foltz and Hampton next walked to force in another run. This was all that was needed for as the game progressed it became apparent that Pitcher Buckner was to be the master. He scattered six hits and struck out nine batters to shut out the West Carolinians. It was the third time in a row that Buck has gone the distance. West Carolina 000 000 000 06 1 Guilford 301 000 OOx 48 3 Batteries: W. C.—HILLARD and Go forth. Guilford—BUCKNEß and Cook. Tuesday, May 7 Randy Parks got the nod from Coach Maynard to pitch in the final game of the Western Carolina se ries. A win here would have put the Quakers in the Conference Tournament. Danny Tharpe (of Western Car olina Basketball fame) added a single and a home run to three oth er Western hits to move them to a quick four-run lead in the first two innings. After this early outburst Lefty Parks settled down to pitch seven innings of rimless ball. Composite Batting Totals The following is the story of Guilford's batting for the 1963 season. The statistic headed RP is Runs Produced. It is the amount of runs scored by a player plus his runs batted in minus his home runs. The statistic is designed to show a player's total run production. Pos. A.B. Hits H.R. B.A. R R. 8.1. RP Gamer—C 2 1 0 .500 1 0 1 Southerland—Ul 11 4 0 .364 1 1 2 Faulk—lß 85 30 1 .353 13 13 25 Parker—SS 89 31 2 .344 27 21 46 Medlin—LF 90 30 1 .333 17 15 31 Gann —3B 80 26 3 .325 21 22 40 Foltz —RF 61 18 0 .295 11 9 20 Hampton—CF 65 18 1 .293 15 8 22 Miller—P 8 2 0 .250 1 1 2 Johnson—2B 80 18 0 .225 18 6 24 Parks—P 24 5 0 .208 2 4 6 Buckner—P 29 6 1 .207 10 7 16 Cook—C 78 14 3 .180 14 17 28 Lvnch—UO 1 0 0 .000 0 0 () Holland—P 3 0 0 .000 0 0 0 Herrin—P 4 0 0 .000 0 0 0 Linville—P 5 0 0 .000 3 0 3 715 203 12 .284 154 124 266 * f * * ' u Johnson to Parker to Faulk . . . Double Play. THE GUILFORDIAN ay -4. . ■L. „ M. JHv •- Elivoocl Parker finishes it. The Quakers fought back dog gedly with one run rallies in the second, fourth and fifth innings. The Quakers were down one when they came to bat in the ninth. With two out Lee Johnson deliver ed a clutch single to tie the score and send the game into extra in nings. In the West Carolina tenth Will Parker singled Tharpe home with what soon proved to be the win ning run. Pitcher Parks had pitched well for the first nine innings but the Guilford batters could not help him. By the game's end they had left over fifteen runners on base. This game was the turning point in Guilford's tournament hopes. The loss necessitated a playoff with High Point for fourth place. West Carolina 130 000 000 1 510 6 Guilford 010 110 001 0411 1 Batteries: W. C.—Bodgers, HILLARD (9) and Goforth. Guilford—Parks, MILLEB (10) and Cook. Home Buns—Tharpe. Wednesday, May 8 Kendall Buckner, with one day's lest, was selected to go against High Point at the Panthers' home field. From the outset it was apparent that this was not the Quakers' day. Pitcher Buckner, still recovering from the Monday game, was not his usual self as he gave up five runs. Guilford managed to score only once in the first inning when El wood Parker reached first on an error and Mickey Faulk singled him in. As a result High Point went to Lexington while Guilford took fifth place in the Carolinas Conference. Cuilford 100 000 000 1 7 5 High Point 410 001 12x 913 1 Batteries: Guilford—BUCKNEß, Miller (2), Herein (4), and Cook. . High Point—STEWABT and Grant. Home Buns—Harris. Intramural Track Shot Put —1. Charlie Best (3rd N.); 2. Bowers (DH); 3. Hall (NN); 4. Holley (Eng.). 37 ft. 5 in. Broad Jump—l. Charlie Best (3rd N.); 2. Miller (Eng.); 3. Parks (YS); 4. Sim monds (Cent.). 19 ft. 5Ja in. (New Beeord. Old Beeord, 18 ft. 11 in. Chuck Trafford, 1954, and Dick Strine, 1959). Discus—l. Art Bowers (DH); 2. Moody (3rd N:); 3. Davis (Eng.); 4. Faulk (Eng.). 102 ft. 10 in. Javelin —1. Charlie Best (3rd N.); 2. Hall (NN); 3. Wells (Eng.); 4. Mattocks (3rd S.) 155 ft. 8 in. Pole Vault—l. A 1 Miller (Eng.); 2. Mc- Donald (NN); 3. Seidler, Ullman (Cent.) tie Jones, Cross (3rd N.). 6 ft. 6 in. High Jump—l. Boh Mackie (2nd S.) tie Bob Norflcet (3rd S); 3. McCorkle (Eng.); 4. Miller (Eng.). 5 ft. 4 in. 880 Yard Run—l. Steve Moody (3rd N.); 2. Munday (2nd S.); 3. Earp (NN); 4. Lodmis (NN). 2:19. 100 Yard Dash—l. Lee Johnson (NN); 2. Bob Bubin (3rd N.). 11.2. Men's Intramurals The intramural season has drawn to a close with Dick Ayers the indi vidual champ and English the sec tion winner. Richie Jones of 3rd North was chosen as the outstand ing section manager and Bob Gaul din of New North got the recogni tion he deserved as outstanding official. Individual Standings Ayers 153.5; Hall 141.5; Devault 107; Davis 99; Hampton 91; W. Brown 86; [ohnson 86; Pendry 85.5; Faulk 85; Seidler 83 Unit Standings English 204; 3rd North 133; New North 132; Center 128.5; 2nd North 90.5; 3rd South 89.5; Yankee Sta dium 73.5; 2nd South 68; 2nd North 68; 2nd North 66.5; Day Hops 65; Ist North 60; Ist South 49. Softball The final standings are: American League: English 7-1 .875 Third North 6-2 .750 First North 4-4 .500 Second North 3-5 .375 Yankee Stadium 0-8 .000 National League: New North 7-0 I.(KK) Center 5-2 .714! Second South 3-5 .375 Third South 3-5 .375 First South 1-7 .125 English won the play-offs by beating Third North 6-2 in the! - ■ :iiil jwfcs **• "-•"• nfc( H r gJi ** .*4; * ■ '"' .;*! One picture, they sat/, speaks a thou sand words. The above picture, taken hi/ Mike Holt of the Guilfordian, is con crete proof of that statement. The photo shows Mickey Faulk about to slide into home in the second Western Carolina game. It was the bottom of the fifth in J V Football Next Fall The Guilford College Athletic Department has announced the in itiation of a junior varsity football program for next fall. The purpose of this program is threefold. 1. It gives the coaches a chance to look over the freshman pros pects. As there are two J. V. games before the first varsity contest, Coach Stewart and his staff should be able to get a fairly good idea of which freshman can help us. 2. It gives the boys who normally would ride the b°nch a chance to play. It is hoped that this step 100 Yard Hurdles—l. Bob Baumgar ner (Eng.); 2. Simmonds (Cent.); 3. Mack ie (2nd S.); 4. Crotts (NN). 14.7. 440 Yard Dash—l. David O d o m (Eng.); 2. Baumgarner (Eng.); 3. Mackie (2nd S.); 4. Rogers (3rd N.). 59.1. 220 Yard Dash—l. Bob Rubin (3rd N.); 2. Bailey (Eng.). 25.5. Mile Rela> —1. English (Odom, Baum garner, Updegraff, Wade); 2. English; 3. New North; 4. 3rd North. 4:09.8. TEAM SCORERS AND LEADERS English 56 3rd North 37.5 New North 21 2nd South 12 Day Hops 8 Center 5.5 3rd South 5 Yankee Stadium 2 Charlie Best (3rd N.) 15 Bob Baumgarner (Eng.) 13 David Odom (Eng.) 10 Al Miller (Eng.) 9 Steve Moody (3rd N.) 9 third game of their three-game play-offs. English 4-1 .800 Third North 3-2 .600 New North 2-2 .500 Center 0-4 .000 The All-Campus Softball team consists of Dave Odom, Jim Pen dry, A. ]. Carr and Howie Krakow in the infield; Richie Jones, Eddie Giles, Joe DeVault and Jack Rey nolds in the outfield; Billy Flippin and Jack Binkley catching; and Jerry Hodge and Bob Weisner do ing the pitching. Golf The Golf Tournament Cham pionship and Runner-up position went to two Englishmen. Jack Hol ley shot a final round 18-hole total of 75 to beat out second-place Wal ter Brown. Luke Medlin and Ken Griffith finished third and fourth, respectively. Tennis The Intramural Singles Tennis Championship went to Bobby O'- Daniels of Center Section. He beat Elwood Parker of First South 6-4; 5-7; 6-4 for the championship. Bar ry Roth and Ed Gray both held third place. The Doubles Champs were Ay ers and O'Daniels. They beat Kemp and Edmonston of Second North in the finals. Kepler and Braxton of New North tied Pen dry and Johnson, also of New North, for the third spot. ning and Guilford teas behind four to two. Those at the game remember the argument that ensued as the umpire called Mickey safe. Close plays like this one marked the game which Guilford finally lost in the tenth inning, five to four. will raise morale and give experi ence to the new boys. 3. It gives boys who later hope to coach football an opportunity to play and thus gain a working knowledge of the game. The 1963 junior varsity schedule is as follows: September 14—Ferrum Jr. College . . (H) 19—Chowan Jr. College . . (A) 27—Carolina Military (A) October 4—Open 11—Gardner-Webb (A) Page Five

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