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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, March 23, 1973, Image 1

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Basketball Team Still "Soaking It In" by Jon Hiratsuka Saturday, March 17, Guil ford defeated Maryland-Eas tern Shore 99-96 to win the National Association of In tercollegiate Athletics (Small College) Basketball Cham pionship in Kansas City. Star Quakers included M.L. Carr (23 points and 16 rebounds) and Lloyd Free (30 points). In earlier rounds of the gruel ing six day tournament Guil ford defeated Keene State, N-H, Valdosta State, Ga., Westmont, Calif., and Augus tana, 111. Guilford qualified for the NAIA playoffs by de feating Barber-Scotia and Winston - Salem in District play. The Quakers are the first unseeded team ever to win a national championship. "Still soaking it in," said Teddy East referring to the team's recent national cham pionship. Several Guilford players offered their reactions to the Quakers' first NAIA crown and to their overall experience on the Guilford basketball team. While Lloyd Free, Teddy East, and M.L. Carr expressed surprise at actually winning the crown, they said they went to the NAIA tourna ment to win games and they always felt the team had a chance. "I thought the team would have a good year," Lloyd Free told a reporter after the deciding game, "but this (the title) it's kind of hard to say." Following the final victory. Free also con fided that he was too tired to even clap his hands. While Ted East still finds the championship "hard to believe," he claimed he thought Guilford could win after the underdog Quakers survived the third round. He was encouraged by seeing sev eral top seeded teams upset. "It will be strange to see Guil ford listed number 1 the next published National Ratings," East added. M.L. Carr said that at first the championship seemed like a dream, but now it seems more like reality. "You remember all the hard work you put into it." When asked what made the team a winner. East and Carr cited team closeness. "We became a more closely knit group as the year pro gressed," East said. "We got Dickinson Ticket Discusses Election by David Dickinson, Rob Newman, and Jean Johnson In reviewing the results of the recent election, we feel that there are several things we would like to say. First, we feel that though we did not win, we profited somewhat by the experience. We all developed a greater in sight into the workings of de mocracy, and must conclude that the differences between national politics and campus politics are not as great as we has previously assumed. Se condly, we at least managed to give vent to the feelings and hopes that many of us feel are important. Though we didn't win, the issues and problems that confront Guil ford have not disappeared, and we will continue to work for change, and for a better school for us all. better play out of everyone in Kansas City," Carr added. He cited the Quaker's ability to get back fast on defense as the key to stopping Maryland- Eastern Shore's running game in the deciding contest. Carr also mentioned the coaches, the type of players recruited, the hard work as factor's in the Quakers' success. The coaches have something which makes the players put out, Carr suggested - "It can't be explained." Lloyd Free, the tourna ment's most valuable player, is a Freshman from Brooklyn, N.V., East and Carr are sen imSm fir H JfU t9 I ■! ■■ |H ■fc-®®™ It&W' *&*':. : -f v B s SH m3HI ,.*-*- m? HUP 1 - > W? OT^fIHHI " Winm photo by Dally Ntw* Shore As Co-Ed: Proposal Explained by Jim Baxter Although the final vote on whether or not to transform Shore Dormitory into an ex periment in co-ed community living has not yet been cast, arrangements for this change are now tentatively being made, pending the final deci sion. The final decision will be made by the Board of Trus Part of the problem we faced in getting elected was that our ideology did not dif fer too greatly from that of Kris Rice's ticket. As a result, our vote was split, almost on an even keel with hers. It should be remembered that these votes, when combined, surpass the vote of the third candidacy. It becomes obvious then, that if these two electo rates combine in the run-off, victory would be a distinct possibility. What we are pro posing is clear Kris Rice's ticket best exemplifies what we feel. If the students who voted for us are serious in their intent, we must not let a temporary defeat keep us down. Let us not give up we can win we can change things. Vote in the run-off it means a lot. iors from Winston-Salem and Wallace, N.C., respectivley. Both seniors plan to play pro ball; Carr plans to go into the clothing business after a pro career. M.L. Carr called The Qutiforbion arc FRIDAY. MARCH 23, 1973 tees late in April. Students in terested in making an applica toin to join this experiment should go ahead and do so, and these applications will be held until the final decision is made. The idea behind the con version of Shore Dormitory is to create a living community that would increase the feel ing of concern and involve ment among those students participating in the project. The attempt will also be made to create an atmosphere con ducive to study. All those stu dents who apply to live in this co-ed community will be asked, by their application, to show an interest in working for the success of the project and an acceptance of the res ponsibility that will be a large part of living in this dormi tory project. All students par ticipating, for example, would be expected to attend weekly group meetings for evaluation, discussion, and planning. The dormitory would be self-go verning, within the confines of the regulations of the col lege at large, with the princi pal governing representatives made up of students elected from within the project, also including the residence co-or dinator and intern(s). The current project began last November, as a number of interested students began in quiring as to the possibility of those in the college athletic department fine people, though their programs could use more money and facil ities. "We could use a new gym in which to hang out making a dorm or a small sec tion of a dorm into a small, co-educational community. Their inquiries led them, as the number of interested per sons grew, to discover similar attempts made earlier and to develop the project now waiting final approval. SAC approved the conception of such a co-ed community early last year, but no definite plans were made and no efforts were made in time to be im plemented, so the project lay dormant until this fall. Since then, the project has gone through a number of stages, and through the assistance of a number of the faculty and administration, has developed into the current project. The efforts for this current project were almost too late for im plementation next fall, as the final decision, to be made by the Trustees, could not be made until late April. Natural ly, housing assignments have to be made much earlier than April. Circumstances being so, the people in charge of hous ing, principally Ken Schwab, have agreed to the extra work entailed in making preliminary arrangements for the dormi tory, pending the Trustees de cision. Otherwise, the project would have to wait another year in order to be implemen ted. Many attempts have been and are being made to revive championship banner," he said. Referring to the NAIA crown and his four years at Guilford, Carr concluded, "I know that four years ago I chose the right school." sun GREENSBORO, N. C the sense of community at Guilford College. The Shore project is only one of them, as the people involved well know, and this project is by no means exclusive. This is not the first attempt to make either a co-ed or community situation in a dormitory here, but this project has developed, combining and supplementing previous efforts that laid the groundwork for this project now under consideration, and as such, hopes to reflect the needs of all students for a wide choice of living styles. If passed, the dormitory hopes to sponsor various activities aimed at drawing together those living there and the en tire campus as well. These ac tivities would hopefully in clude such areas as lectures, workshops, crafts, and semi nars, involving both faculty and students. In addition to the body of interested stu dents living in this co-ed com munity project, there would be a board of interested facul ty to evaluate and advise the project, and help those invol ved to achieve the goal of the dormitory group: to be a ben etif to those living in Shore and to the Guilford commu nity at large. If you are interested in living and working with this project, applications are avail able from the Housing Office.

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