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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, November 04, 1975, Page Page 2, Image 2

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Page 2 Boycott the Buy-Centennial America is preparing to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the war for independence from Great Britain. The high ideals and gallant spirits of the men and women of that era deserve to be examined and remembered. The deeds and misdeeds of that time are of enduring value. Somehow the serious reflection upon times past has been relegated to a back seat on the U.S. government's "Freedom Train". This brainchild of corporate America epitomizes the exploitation of the Bicentennial by "patriotic" businessmen. It appears that nothing is more sacred than the dollar bill. Christmas etc. fell victim to the almightly buck years ago. Avoid those businesses and products which exploit the Bicentennial. "Let us disappoint those who would raise themselves by the ruin of our country." Sam Adams 1776. Check out the causes of the Revolution of 1776. Economic oppression, unfair representation, and governmental interference with the rights of individuals. These same issues confront Americans today. We cannot afford, morally or economically, the commercialization of our heritage. D.A.G. THE GUILFORD IAN GUILFORD COLLEGE, GREENSBORO, N.C. 27410 "All the news that fits" Editor Pat Townsend Consulting Editor David Green Business Manager Bob Gold News Editor Leslie Zeldin Staff Chris Benfey, Cathy Flick, Edith Kurie, Susan Giventer, Annette Zltver Green, Ariene Hill, Forrest Hughes, Mandy O'Briant, Sally McAlister, Jeanne Ye. Pan Colbert Photographers Randy Catoe, Becca Enos, Don White Register To Vote A quarter of a million college and high school students are eligible to vote in North Carolina. But they can't vote unless they are register ed. The Campaign for Student Voters (CSV) will encourage these 250,000 potential voters to register before the North Carolina primary in March. Founded last summer by eight high school, community college, and university stu dent groups, CSV has the endorsement of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the State Board of Elections. CSV is only the second such drive in history to be endorsed by the Board of Elections. CSV will hold conferences where student leaders can learn about voting laws and how to organize a registration campaign on their own campuses. So far about 600 students from across the state have been invited to these conferences, said Gary Tho mas of the N.C. Student Legislature, coordinator of CSV. In some countries officials have made it hard for students to register. But with the help of the State Board of Elections, CSV hopes to break down those barriers and make it easier for students to exercise their rights as citizens. Individuals or groups who want to join CSV's effort may write coordinator Gary Tho mas, c/o Student Govern ment, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514. Editor's Note: Today, No vember 4th is Election if you hadn't already registered, it's too late now. However, it's certainly in plenty of time for next year, which will be a Presidential election year! jnj£_GuUfordl*n_ Dear friend, There are some misconcep tions about the vegetarian movement. A vegetarian eats no meat or fish, believing that the eating of animals is killing us, or the animals, or the starving elsewhere, or all 3. Killing us Meat has been named the no. 1 cause of cancer, for many reasons. Carcinogenic female hormones are given to animals. Cancer causing sodium nitrate makes meat red in color. Dead flesh has many times more insecticide concentrated in it than fruits and vegetables because an animal concentrates DDT, dieldrin, chlordane etc. in his tissues. The average meat- October 29, 1975 The meeting opened with a moment of silence. There was no old business. New business: 1. Dax Holsenbeck propos ed that George White Hall elect a temporary senator (with full rights) to represent them until the permenance of the dorm is established. The Senate approved this proposal on the condition that the Senator is temporary and the situation will be reviewed in January. 2. Eliott Good brought forth a proposal concerning the fees for the linen service being included in the full price for room and board. After some AH God's Chillun Got Guns Letter to t eater's heartbeat is 72 per minute, v&SB for a vegetarian. The bacteria in meat (a dead animal) can number as high as 2 billion per ounce causing 97% of the food poisoning fatalities yearly. Killing the animals Slaughterhouse suffering is hidden from us. In Madison Wise. 1100 pigs an hour are goaded onto conveyor belts with shocking rods. Vegetar ians believe that it is wrong to cause suffering to and to kill other creatures for our appetities, that it is a form of human chauvinism. Animals cannot speak, but they suffer. The short high shrieks in a slughterhouse give evidence of intensive suffering. Senate Minutes debate, the Senate recom mends to the Administrative Council that the linen service be itemized as a separate charge and be optional for students. This would result in greater costs for those using the linen service. 3. A proposal on the alcohol in the dorms and possible solutions was submitted by the Student Advisory Sub- Committee to Student Ser vices. This proposal was clarified among Senators and they are now asked to bring it to their constituencies for suggestions before it is voted upon. (PLEASE ASK YOUR SENATOR TO SHOW YOU THIS PROPOSAL!) 4. In order to improve November 4, 1975 Killing the starving 1 lb of meat results from 21 lbs of food given the animal. Dairy products re quire a loss of 2 to 4 lbs of grain per lb of dairy. Fruit per acre has THIRTY TWO times the yield that animal protein has. 32 fruitarians can live on the same acreage as 1 heavy meateater. Our organization is a non profit group in which people work for $5 a week and room and board. We are looking for vegetarian activists. If you are interested in helping, or want further information or free vegetarian recipes writd American Vegetarians at Box 5424 Akron O 44313. Sincerely, D Wilson, D Jani, N Shriver, R Karch communications between Se nate and Senate-appointed committees, a brief report from each committee is scheduled until the end of the semester. The following are reports given at the meeting: a. Student Sub-Committee on Promotion and Tenure - Generally, recommendations made by this committee are adopted by the Board of Trustees. This semester, there are a total of ten teachers in their second year of teaching that are up for review. They are: Pat McMillan, David Kingsley, Don Gibbon, Sheri dan Simon, Ritchie Zweigen haft, Jim Carver, John Cooley, Rudy Gordh, John Harlan and Jim Pope. Cont. on Page 4 i

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