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The Guilfordian. online resource (None) 1914-current, September 13, 2013, Image 1

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n®®, nsswii s I gmpirBMBiiiB. ii®» s®n® Rebel vs. Syrian Forces 116,000 vs. 337,500 O.OjJJ3J3L^. Syrian Armed Forces 178,000 General Security Directorate 8,000 Shabiha militiamen 10,000 National Defense Force 80,000 I al-Abbas brigade 10,000 Jaysh al-Sha*bi 50,000 Hezbollah 1,500 OX>X3tM0S3k0S^ Free Syrian Army 50,000 Syrian Islamic Liberation Front U7 AfWI Syrian Islamic Front 13,000 @tS7n&H(§)ElS) 0 WWWo®tS7aiL19®EIS>EAiSFo§®m D ®EIlIiiSr@IB®E®9fi9S 0,371 killed ^ ^2,000,938 REFUGEES ^ » -r ■ ^ -«r jr ■«• . Guilford Al-Nusra Front 6,000 Foreign Mujahideen 10,000 I I. it it It If it it It it it 4 to 0 4 4 4 Situation NEWS BY REN^E DEHART m 4 bag lunch to discuss their feelings toward the dvil war in Syria. STAffWwTSi The event was organized by Max Carter, the director of the Friends Center and campus ministry coordinator. For over two years, the active Syrian government has been at - '"The main points were the personal anguish of (senior) Omar war with opposing rebel forces. Escalating hostility has pushed Hamad, who has family in Syria and is tom between his pacifist millions of refugees to flee the country. On Aug. 21 the violence leanings and the realities of a despotic regime, and the Quaker intensified when chemical weapons were unleashed, killing leanings of others in the room, who have a sense that when Jesus nearly 1,500 people - most of whom were' innocent civilians. said, 'love your enemies,' he probably didn't mean, 'kill them,'" While it is still unclear whether the government or the said Carter, opposing forces are to blame for these chemical attacks, this level Carter finds military intervention to be destructive and of inhumanity has left the world in shock. ineffective. Guilford campus is no exception. "It just doesn't make logical sense to throw a bimch of missiles The level of intervention that other countries should have in there when it actually won't do anything positive in terms of in this sensitive and complex conflict is still up for debate, and the real crisis in Syria," said Carter. perspectives fall all over the board. Guilford offered opportunities for the community to get involved with this overwhelming issue — even in small ways — without ever leaving campus. On Sept. 6 students and faculty gathered in The Hut for a brown Carter insists there are non-violent alternatives to addressing the See SYRIA | Page 2 The Infographic Explained: Graphic by Samir Hazboun, Layout Editor 4 The tanks on the left represent the army strength of the notable factions involved in the Syrian conflict. The green tanks represent the forces supporting Assad’s regime (the existing government). The brown tanks represent the forces belong to the Syrian rebels. The red gravestones represent the number of deaths from the conflict, proportionate to the orange people, who represent those who have fled the country. Statistics compiled fromiAgence France-Presse, CNN,The Australian,The Guardian,TheTelegraph.The Times of London,The Times of IsraeuThe Independent and Puk Central Council. WWWGimrORDIAN.CONi WEB- EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Campus address disqualifies STUDENT CANDIDATE FOR CITY COUNCIL RUN BY RENEE DEHART INSIDE THIS ISSUE NiWS I BAUMAN HYBRID CLASSROOM | Page 3 WkU i MIGRANT FARM WORKERS | Page 5 ilAtillllt { CALLING ALL MUSICIANS Page 7 WmmH i FEMININSM CONTROVERSY} Page 7

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