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The Salemite. volume (None) 1920-current, April 20, 1921, Image 1

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Motto—“Sail on, Salem” Volume I Winston-Salem, N. C., April 20, 1921 Number 8 Elections Event of the Season; Results Please All; Excellent Spirit Prevails; Cabinet Chosen The most important event of the season is the election of the officers for the various college organizations and publications. The social and scholastic progress of any college de pends immesurably on the discrimina tion with which these officers are chosen, and the universal recognition of this fact made the elections the suc cess that they were. The first of these was held March the eighteenth when the new officers of the Young Women’s Christian Association were elected. The two nominees for president were Mary Shepard Parker and Elizabeth Gilles pie. After much discussion and con sideration Miss Parker was chosen, whereupon Miss Gillespie was unani mously voted vice-president. Annie Thomas Archbell, a member of the in coming Senior class, and Margaret Russell, of the incoming Sophomore class, were elected secretary and treasurer, respectively. Miss Parker is well equipped to carry on the work so well done during the past year by the ex-president, Hallie Ross. Since coming to Salem she has been promi nent in the affairs of the college. She has served as an officer in the Council, a member of the Cabinet, president of her class, and has taken an active part in athletics. The diversity of her in fluence bespeaks her popularity, ability, democracy, and faithfulness to those ideals which are the foundation of college life. The Association is con fident that, with such able leaders as have been placed in authority, next year will be one of progress and mid- ening influence. A strong and competent cabinet has been chosen by the old and new of ficers. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Mary Shepard Parker, President. Elizabeth Gillespie, Vice-President. Annie T. Archbell, Secretary. Margaret Russell, Treasurer. Eliza G. Moore, Undergraduate Representative. Cabinet Mildred Barnes, Chairman Music Committee. Maude Bissenger, Chairman Pub licity Committee. Edith Hanes, Chairman Religious Meetings Committee. Ruth Crowell, Chairman Social Committee. Alice Watson, Chairman Social Ser vice Committee. Georgia Riddle, Chairman Poster Committee. Hattie Mosely, Chairman Room Committee. Louise Pybus, Chairman World Committee. Student Government On Monday, March the twenty-first, the election of the Student Govern ment officials and representatives was held. The interest and realization of ]-e.sponsibility felt by the student-body were ervidenced by the earnest and thorouiih discussion which followed each nomination. Th-J ia’esidential nominees were Sarah Boren and Ger trude Coble. When the ballot returns were posted, it was found that Miss Boren would serve as president for the year 1921-22, with Gertrude Coble as first vice-president, Sarah Lingle as second vice-president, Edith Hanes as secretary, and Elizabeth Zachary as treasurer. Miss Boren has been a prominent council member throughout her college career, having been a rep resentative during both her freshman and sophomore years, and treasurer during the past year. She has also held an important class position, and is a gifted music student. Her strength of character, initiative, and power of leadership recommend her highly for the responsible position to which she has just been elected. The student-body is to be congrat ulated on such an able line-up of offi cers, whose policy will be conservative enough for safety and liberal enough for sane progress. Sarah Boren, President. Gertrude Coble, 1st Vice-President. Sarah Lingle, 2nd Vice-President. Edith Hanes, Secretary. Elizabeth Zachary, Treasui-er. The following girls were elected to represent the different classes in the student council: From the incoming senior class, Hattie Mosely, Mildred Parrish, Mary Sheppard Parker, Nina Sue Gill. From the incoming Junior class, Ruth Reeves, Rosa James, Rachel Jordan. From the incoming sophomore class, Marion Propst, Margaret Russell. Salemite Editor Chosen The slogan taken by the Salemite— “Vote for the girl who fills the bills”, was generally accepted and applied, and the results of the elections are highly satisfactory to every one. At a recent meeting of the editorial staff of the Salemite, Sarah Lingle was elected editor-in-chief to succeed the retiring editor, Marie Edgerton. Miss Lingle has had much experience in this line, and her unusual ability is recognized by the student-body as well as by her instructors. Her ability and poularity have made her one of the leaders in the affairs of the college. She has served as a member of the Student Council, a member of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, literary editor of the Salemite, and is now holding the posi tion of assistant to the head of the Department of English in the Aca demy. As well as being editor-in-chief of the Salemite, she is second vice- president of the Student Government Association. The Salemite very largely owes its commendable progress thus far to Miss Edgerton, who successfully en gineered its debut. Miss Lingle, with her staff of editors, is ably fitted to conduct its further career. The editorial staff is composed of the following: Sarah Lingle—Editor-in-Chief. Rachel Jordan—Managing Editor. Georgia Riddle—Art Editor. Elizabeth Gillespie—Business Mgr. Eliza Moore—Asst. Business Mgr. Grace Shepard—Typing Editor, and the following literary editors: Sarah Watt, Mary Shepard Parker, Eliza beth Connor, Alva Goswick, Maude Bissenger, Flora Binder. Several more literary editors are needed, but these have not been select ed as yet. The art department has just been organized, and under the competent editorship of Miss Riddle, it will add much to the attractiveness of the paper. Nina Sue Gill has been chosen editor in-chief of the annual. Sights and In sights, for the year 1921-22. Her com petence as an organizer and manager, her faithfulness and interest in college affairs fit her especially for this diffi cult position, which was successfully filled this past year by Mary Darden. The way in which Miss Gill has car ried out her various duties as a mem ber of the student council and as an officer of the Athletic Association is proof enough of her ability. She has alw'ays taken a prominent part in all athletic events, and is a council mem ber for the incoming year. The following is the staff for Sights and Insights: Editor-in-ChieaE—Nina Sue Gill. Business Manager—Mildred Parrish. Associate Manager—Alice Watson. Literary Editor—Elizabeth Gilles pie. Literary Editor—Sarah Lingle. Literary Editor—Isabel Spears. Advertising Editor—Helen Everett. Advertising Editor—Louise Cooke. Joke Editor—Margaret Mae Rob bins. .loke Editor—Anne Thomas Arch bell. Art Editor—Georgia Riddle. Art Editor—Martha Mathewson. Typist—Blanche King. ALL OUT FOR BASEBALL The Call of the Diamond Here’s something new! Baseball practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 o’clock. How about corning out and bringing your pep? NINA SUE GILL, Head of Baseball. It’s baseball season at Salem, and indeed ’tis time the girls worked up spring athletic interest and used their class spirit. There is nothing that keeps one so well up to the mark phy sically as just enough exercise to counteract the effects of the necessary mental work. Baseball is one of the most enjoyable of sports, and calls for development in vocal, muscular, and mental lines.

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